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  1. nbrege

    Picked up a new 97 klx 300

    Tops out at 75 mph with 13/51 gearing? I find that hard to believe...
  2. nbrege

    KX fork swap questions

    Looking good bob. How does the KX setup compare to the stock setup?
  3. nbrege

    KX fork swap questions

    Thanks Brewster. Do you know if the spring rates are different between the KX125, 250 & 500 forks? Which one would work best on the KLX? Also, is there any differences in the internals that makes one more desirable than the others?
  4. nbrege

    KX fork swap questions

    bob ... how does it look with the blue tubes? Can you post a pic?
  5. nbrege

    KX fork swap questions

    Do you happen to know what other specific years/models will work, such as 95 KX250, 94 KX125, etc? Also, 43mm is the OD of the lower tube, which is irrelevant. It's the OD of the upper tube that matters, as it needs to match the stock KLX forks to mount in the clamps, which is 52mm & 57mm.
  6. The PlanetKLX article uses forks from a '94 KX250. Are there any other years or models that are known to work, so that I'm not limited to looking for just '94 KX forks? Is it absolutely necessary to use the internal spacers to shorten the travel? Couldn't you just mount the forks higher in the clamps? Also, will the stock KLX caliper bolt right on to the KX forks & align properly with the brake rotor? Thanks for any help or advice...
  7. nbrege

    what year is it

    You sure it's a KLX???
  8. Here's the website: http://bandbcyclerestoration.com/
  9. nbrege

    KLX300 chain removal

    So how do you find the master link? is it easy to spot? Can it be replaced with a standard removable one?
  10. So I went to remove the rear wheel from my KLX300 tonite, but the chain has no master link. I think it's still the original chain. Is that how they shipped them, with no master link? I was able to get the wheel off, but find it odd that there's no master link.
  11. nbrege

    KLX fork upgrade questions

    Thanks for the comments. Where do you guys get your RaceTech valves from?
  12. I'm thinking of having my stock KLX300 forks rebuilt & revalved. Just wondering what my options are for new valves. I know of Race Tech Gold valves, but are there any other manufacturers? If so, how do they compare? Is RaceTech the best? Any other things I should consider? I would probably buy the components myself & have a local suspension guy do the work. Thanks...
  13. nbrege

    KLX250SF Turbo Build

    Just curious as to what the turbo unit is that you're using. Is it part of a kit or something or is the whole thing home brew? I remember that Honda made a streetbike a long time ago that had a turbo. Can't wait to see a video of this thing running.
  14. nbrege

    Need help timing klx 300r

    Just thinking about the nail polish trick mentioned here & wondering if it's possible for the timing chain to lose its position on the bottom sprocket once the cams are out & the chain is hanging loose. If the chain happens to jump a tooth & you re-assemble using the nail polish marks to align the cams, your timing would be off. Never had mine apart so I dont know if it's possible for that to happen. It seems that using the lines on the sprockets would be foolproof.
  15. nbrege

    Oil question

    Thanks for the comments. I didn't want this thread to be a "Which oil is best" type thread, there are plenty of those floating around. Just wanted some thoughts on synthetic blends. Sounds like semi/full synth is OK as long as it's made for bikes.