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  1. SuperChief

    RV license and Doc Fees

    I e-mailed them back and told them never mind. The price dropped 4k because of a "rebate" they missed, but fees are non-negotiable. Not believable. Plus they kept trying to up what was "in" their fees such as free LP gas fill and 2 night stay at their campground, and BEST of all a 1 HOUR indoc on the camper I bought. It was entertainment worthy, but I passed. Don't need to go camping that bad I guess. I'm 50/50 on getting an e-mail saying something has changed in the next few days, if they don't sell the left over by this memorial day weekend. Still probably won't buy it then either. Thank you for the advice.
  2. SuperChief

    RV license and Doc Fees

    iOS a new camper, but a left over 2014 one.
  3. I'm looking into getting a camper and the quotes I keep getting from the dealer keeps tacking on $1100 for license and doc fees is a little hard to swallow. Not to mention they "missed" a rebate that lowered the price from 18.9k to 14.9k. I get dealers fees and either don't pay those or nit pick like crazy. This dealer is a bit ways away so I don't want to drive and haggle. So I'm looking to the experts to chime in. Thoughts....
  4. SuperChief

    Fantasy SX 2015 season

    Merge it with the TT website. Make it a tab above. That would be AWESOME!!!!
  5. SuperChief

    Please! Helpp Needed

    Take the spark plug out leave it hooked up and either find a gullable friend or use the cooling fins to rest the spark plug on. Kick the bike over and see if you have spark. If no spark then new plug or start researching electrical system. I would want to know WHY gas is spitting out of the carb. That is not supposed to happen. Gas spitting out of a carb indicates the bowl is over flowing with fuel. You can hydrolock your engine if your cylinder fills with gas. But again stick with the basics first.
  6. SuperChief

    Please! Helpp Needed

    How did we go from checking spark to bent valve? Start with the basics first. FIRE/AIR/FUEL. Check those before you go pulling your motor apart chasing a "happened to me once" scenario. If you suspect your carb is bad (AFTER) you check for the threee majors, then look on youtube on how to clean your carb. Start with the basics and go from there.
  7. SuperChief

    pee-wee fourm

    Ktm talk is where I get/give information on my Son's KTM and lots of other mini Dads in there as well. Here the KTM questions are few and far between.
  8. SuperChief

    I need a Grille.

    But did you ever get your grille? Is this Rob Ford?
  9. SuperChief

    Can you skip the ktm 50 when racing?

    No worrys Issac, I have been lucky in our riding experience. I am a maintenance FREAK though and love to tinker in the garage. I also have spent hours on ktmtalk researching and learning. I love the KTM's in that they are far superior to the Hondas, and PW's in both HP and suspension. I see so many kids pushing the limits of PW's and CRF50s at our track that scares me so much. Now if we were just out trail riding then that is a different story, but on a MX track my Son won't be on anything other than a KTM. I hope you enjoy the KTM experience as much as I have, wish you all the luck. Elpato
  10. SuperChief

    Can you skip the ktm 50 when racing?

    One of the first things I did was get some pro-taper bars, motion pro throttle with custom fit cable from them made. It cost a little more, but I KNOW it's right and it is so much better than stock. BUT it is also a 1/4 turn throttle and not for the faint of heart. Isaac, On my 2008 on the right side of the carb there is a vertical black tab that looks like it is stuck into the carb. Inside the slide that is the tab that the slide rides up and down and keeps the slide straight. It backs out a little and allows the slide to hang up on it thus keeping the throttle pinned when the throttle is released. Scarry stuff, but super easy to fix. I will try and snap a pic tonight, but it is well talked about on ktmtalk. Congrats on picking up the '09 bike. '09 is the first year they changed from the stacked washers. You are lucky!!!!
  11. SuperChief

    Can you skip the ktm 50 when racing?

    The small tab on the side of the carb needs to be glued or peened. Sorry about the bad luck.
  12. SuperChief

    LED light setup

    Holy Fook thats sexy as shit!!!!
  13. SuperChief

    Some kid I met in Florida...

    Aaaahhh the good ole' days, back before everyone got a trophy for participating. I miss the old days.
  14. SuperChief

    2003 Suzuki JR50 - Float Removal?!

    No ideas on the JR's. I had a KDX-50 but only for a short time before I sold it and picked up a KTM Mini adventure. Never stopped riding KTM since then. Easy to work on and cheap easily found parts. Perhaps another exhaust gasket. Isn't there a rubber one that goes on the inside? It's probably gone.
  15. SuperChief

    When to move from CRF 50 to a KTM 50?

    I'm going to vote the opposite here, BUT I think a junior would be to small for a 7 year old. My Son is on the small side and about to turn 8 and he is on a Pro-Sr. I would find a regular SX for him to ride. I am a fan of KTM through and through. Ours is a 2008. I have not done a top or bottom end on our bike. The piston is starting to show wear and will be changed soon. I have springs in the thing and it refuses to wear the clutch and does not over heat. The only thing I do have a problem with is that I deploy for 7 months at a time and after sitting in the garage for 7 months I have to change a couple of seals. Good luck on what ever you choose and stay with it.