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  1. I was riding my bike fixing to hit a tabletop I was in like 3rd gear almost pinned. It suddenly just shit off then wouldn't start the rest if that day. I took it home changed the oil and air filter (there was little tiny metal flakes in the oil) it started back up first kick. I rode it around my house a little bit and when it got past like half throttle it would die. Now when I start it, it feels likes its grinding and when it starts it runs for like 5 seconds then dies.

    Bike wont start!!

    I was having trouble with my 2008 rmz 250 idling, it wouldnt even idle for like 15 seconds and it would died. And when i rev it it just boggs like no other, it ran fine wit the choke on its just when i take it off im having problems. Then the other day i changed the spark plug and put new gas in it and now it wont even start. Any suggestions?

    Jetting Issues?

    If i go up one size on my main jet do i have to go up one size on my pilot jet?
  4. I have a 2008 RM-Z 250 and its bogs so bad that i cant even ride cause every time i give it a lil gas it dies> i have changed the spark plug and cleaned the air filter. it works fine with the choke on but as soon as i take it off it wont idle very good and dies. Another thing is when i gas it with the choke on it backfires and flames come out in excesive amounts.

    New cams

    if i install new cams will they reduce the engine life causing me to rebuild the engine

    more power

    is ther anythin i can do to make my 2008 rmz 250 have more power besides performance pipe and cams, that wont cost me thousands?
  7. i was just wondering if running unleaded instead of premium will hurt your your engine. i dont think it makes it perform different i jus want to know if it is bad for your engine?

    Red or Black?

    i just a 2009 black it looks F****** awesome i love it

    2008 otd price

    just bought mine brand new for 3600
  10. HONDAF

    FMF Header

    Will a FMF header fit with a yosh slip-on?
  11. HONDAF

    fitting pipes?

    does anybody know?
  12. it does it whenever hot/cold sitting still/moving
  13. Im 15 i went from a 150f to a 250r took a little getting used to. my friend just got a 2009 150r and it has a LOT of power(way more than my 150f had lol) for how small it is. good bike powerful enough i say you should get it
  14. That happened to me once and I had a pinched wire in between my kill switch and the bar.
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