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  1. 07 crf230f

    Buy my Yamaha yz250f...

    You posted this in the wrong section. Good luck selling it.
  2. 07 crf230f

    CRF250 - What year to buy?

    I would look into the 08 as it comes with the steering damper and can be found in your price range.
  3. 07 crf230f


    I run stabil in everything and have no problems. I would reccomend stabil to anyone who wants to winterize their bike.
  4. 07 crf230f

    Buying a used truck...

    I would look on craigslist for a truck with low miles. Try looking into repo trucks as they can be bought for cheap.
  5. 07 crf230f

    Dune Trippin!

    Well i have never had a boring ride:ride:
  6. I would say to buy a better backpack as that one barely looks good enough for school.
  7. 07 crf230f

    Who has put the most hours on a bike this year

    Right now im at 41 hours and hoping to put on a couple at the dunes this weekend.
  8. 07 crf230f

    2007 crf250r

    When i had that bike i ran castrol in both the trans and engine
  9. 07 crf230f

    when is your bike too old

    Rebuild the thing and go have a good time:ride:
  10. 07 crf230f

    Over a barrel, Help!

    I would go with the 400 as it is lighter and if youre just going around town and not freeway the 400 will have plenty of power
  11. 07 crf230f

    Went to buy a 4-stroke...

    Im a 4 stroke guy but thats a great looking bike:ride:
  12. 07 crf230f

    07 yz 250f

    91 octane Clean the air filter and change the oil regularly Check the valves and you will be fine
  13. 07 crf230f

    f150 or toyota tacoma

    I would say you need a 4x4 mutalbill
  14. 07 crf230f

    bent header yz 250f

    Would go with the Fmf product or stock if you can find one
  15. 07 crf230f

    Epic Father/Son Battle @ The Ranch

    Great looking battle bet somebody was a little sore after that one.