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  1. k.g

    Mellow Yellow

    Thank goodness you are here to give us your expert opinion on style, everyone holds your taste in high regard! I think it looks good!
  2. If you want to save money, don't get the venti mocha peppermint frappe on the way to the track. But don't ever buy something of questionable quality and safety just to save a buck.
  3. 1986 Honda xr80. It was Mike Brown's pit bike. A friend of my dad helped Mike at Kenworthy's back in the 90s and gave it to him as reimbursement.
  4. k.g

    Help us improve this DR-Z400 product

    I had mine anodized blue. Looked pretty cool. Would look even better if you anodize, then etched the TT logo in.
  5. Ask a republican during the bush term whose fault it was for not getting bin laden. As a democrat during the Obama term whose fault the recession was. As a republican during the trump term whose fault xxxxxx will be. It's all silly partisanship. That's exactly my point.
  6. Just as anything Bush did was Obama's fault, so will it now be Trump's.
  7. KTMs don't leak enough to be built by HD.
  8. Though it won't be affected, I'd better buy that Triumph 800xcx I've been eyeing.
  9. k.g

    IMMIX Racing

    You’re all ready for that big day of riding. Your bike is prepped, gear is packed and the truck is fueled up. Just one last thing, load the bike. If you’re like me, you use the same old ratchet straps time and again, and once you secure your ride, you check it a few times and tie up the excess strap. You do tie up the excess, right? I once almost lost a bike on the interstate due to the excess strap wrapping around my truck’s driveshaft, leading to a damaged bed and a bike that was hanging off the side. But what if you had a tie down that eliminated that issue? For years I’ve wondered about that, and finally there is a product that solves that issue. IMMI CargoBuckle The IMMI CargoBuckle G3 and G3 Mini are automatically retracting ratcheting tie downs. They can be used as a traditional strap with two hooks, or permanently bolt them down. IMMI does more than just tie downs for off road use; they do restraint systems for everything from school buses, military, marine and farm equipment applications. IMMI was the first company to create a retractable ratcheting tie down. In fact, the newer John Deere tractor I drove recently had IMMI seat belts. The product The G3 and Mini G3 CargoBuckle are beautifully simple. At first glance, they appear to be an extremely well made product, built sturdy and ready for heavy loads. It looks, feels and functions like the seat belt in your vehicle. The frame and handle is steel with a soft rubber protective coating. The strap automatically retracts with no excess, which is extremely handy when you have to balance a bike while trying to keep tension on the strap. The S-hooks are thicker than the average ratchet strap, and are vinyl coated so they won’t scratch your ride, and the keepers will keep your hook attached to your tie down point. Both the 2” wide G3 and 1” wide Mini G3 have 72” of strap length and can hold up to 3500 and 1400 pounds, respectively. The G3 is priced at $82.99/pair and the G3 Mini is $63.99/pair. Watch the linked video. No gimmicks, it’s as easy to use as the video portrays. The Test I loaded up the 900 RZR for a weekend trip to Michigan. To say securing the machine was a breeze would be an understatement. There’s not too much involved with a traditional ratchet strap to begin with, but the CargoBuckle makes it so much simpler. Hook one end to a secure base, hook the other end to the machine and ratchet. Simple as that. No pulling, not tying loose ends, no binding at all. After 600 miles and terrible Michigan roads, none of the straps came loose. After the incident I described earlier, I’m a bit paranoid and check the straps often during a trip. I felt much more confident with the CargoBuckle than other straps I’ve used, mostly because of the build quality of the units. Pros: Super easy to use Sturdy and built strong Retracting, meaning no loose straps Cons: No cons to speak of Final thoughts The CargoBuckle is a great product. It’s well built and easy to use. At first I was going to put the price in the Cons section, but I got to thinking about how many cheap straps I’ve bought and broken over the years. None of them had extensive safety testing. None of them were particularly convenient to use. All of them got tangled with each other on regular occasion. Knowing this, I have no issue with the price. If you’re going to secure your expensive toys, do you really want to use cheap straps? You can find the CargoBuckle and IMMI’s other products here: http://www.immioutdo...ts/cargobuckle/
  10. 1 review

    Whether you are hauling gear for work, or you are heading out on a new adventure, CargoBuckle is ready in an instant when you need it, and neatly tucked away when you don’t. No more fighting with a tangled mess of straps. With CargoBuckle by IMMI, when it’s time to leave you simply Hook, Ratchet, and Go! > Tie down everything from motorcycles to lawnmowers > Weather resistant > Longer, stronger, and more durable than any other ratchet tie-down > Can be permanently or temporarily mounted on your truck or trailer Flush mount and ladder rack systems available
  11. Just what is the point? Is it private property or not? If it is and you don't have permission to be there, then you don't have a right to be there. It's as simple as that.
  12. Unwritten social contract. There's your kicker. It means literally nothing.