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  1. The only berm photos that I thought were the best were of the 'Straight Legged Swirlers'. The Swirlers posted their photos a few weeks ago on Thumper Talk. Click Here to see the Straight Legged Swirlers. These Guys Rock! I refrain from rating the pictures on this thread.
  2. The video was edited well. There are a lot of shots of riders in action and the photography is good to excellent. I'll give it four stars. The novice photographers can view this video as an example of how the camera is used and the how editing makes the pacing of the video interesting. If the video had a few quick cuts from the rider's perspective, such as from a go-pro helmet cam, the video would be even better.
  3. The video is rather lengthy. Some good helmet cam shots and special effects. I'll give it four stars. If it was cut shorter I would probably give it five stars.
  4. Not bad. It's upbeat. Could use editing. I'll give it four stars.
  5. I'll give the silhouette photo five stars. Best Always - Middleweight Sam
  6. The video is too long. The first minute can be eliminated completely. The remainder an be boiled down to to no more than a minute or minute and a half. A good effort was made in the editing department. I didn't care for the music. I'll give it three stars - Average.
  7. Nothing works on the page. Only a picture of a motorcycle in the air and crappy music. One star.
  8. Nothing special. The music is terrible. Maybe you'll make a better one next time. I'll give it two stars.
  9. Too Long, too dark. You did some editing that was OK. Basically boring. I'll give it two stars.
  10. Some good photos of the environment. I would like to see more journaling. For almost 2000 miles you don't have much to say. I'll give it 5 stars for the photos.
  11. One has to have athletic abilities to ride as in the video. Five stars for unusual and different.
  12. People clapping when riders get injured? I don't see achievement. The Navy should pull their advertising from events such as this. The Surgeon general should make a statement.
  13. The best helmet cameras are built into the helmet. You can't even see them.
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