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  1. Daver

    Blasted Spark Plugs

    The media you used to blast the plug was most likely Aluminum Oxide or glass bead. Both are very hard materials - much harder than regular sand and will not melt or burn at combustion temperatures. Buy a new plug, you would not put sand in your cylinder would you??
  2. Daver

    This is hard to believe

    Now that was funny
  3. I ride a Harley and make it a habit to ackowedge all my fellow riders. I notice that the fewest return waves are from crotch rockets
  4. Daver

    My Sons 1st MX race video

    Great video yzman Tough kid you got there, looks like he has what it takes !!
  5. Daver

    have to know!!!!!!!!

    Yea....... Whatcha talkin about Willis
  6. Daver

    My video...insane things in it!

    Good stuff - well done
  7. Daver

    What's with those "Venom" Bikes?

    What the hell is that thing I hope its not important because its gonna get ripped off real quick...
  8. Like this ?? all I did was add the following. IMG]http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y252/BCRider/irons1.jpg[/img Make sure to add a begining and end bracket. I had to remove them so the picture did not show up twice. PS Nice tire irons
  9. Daver

    Short Video of me riding!

    Nothing wrong with your riding Nice video - good job
  10. Daver

    Messy Garage Contest

    Holy Crapola CRFboy Nice collection you got there. Looks like a rummage sale gone bad
  11. Daver

    Messy Garage Contest

    Ok.... top this one
  12. Daver

    Small Clip of My Friend's First Race

    that was pretty funny
  13. Daver

    Rough sunday:My son is hurt

    NOMADAK, I feel your pain.... I have been in your shoes before with my son. I have felt the broken bones and stopped the bleeding... I feel your pain.. Hang in there my friend.. give it some time before you make any decisions. We chose to continue to ride, one of the better decisions we have made. Your son with be in our thoughts and lets hope for a speedy recovery... remember, kids heal a lot faster than us old folks !!!!!
  14. Great control - that could have gotten ugly real quick