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    a bit of faith needed but when I did mine I put the Eagle Mike sticker right on the side case. Maybe look for that?
  2. tas7107

    thinking of getting a 09 klr 650

    Well, I just turned 40 and have had my '09 KLR for about a year and some change. I have ridden it on freeways and fire roads. I've camped off it. I toured on it. I love how it handles in town. Very nimble As you have read on here and other KLR forums it has a few niggles to wok out. Nothing earth shattering. I sometimes think about selling it for something more powerfull. For the most part that means heavier. Then I ride ole red and love it all over again. Terry
  3. tas7107

    Case for Doin the Doo...

    Installed the Eagle Mike doohickey up grade on my 4000 mile 2009 KLR. It had zero tension left on the spring. Its quieter on that side now.
  4. Fixed!!! It turns out the FET was bad. The newer kits dont have one. The solution was to just remove it . Thanks 3inthedirt for pointing me to the troubleshooting guide.
  5. Thanks 3. I didnt see that on there. But its nice today so its time throw it back together and go riding!!
  6. I was looking on there but didnt see one. I might just give them a call..
  7. The bulb is good. The switch doesn't seem to have power. I guess it's gonna be the tedious way. One section at a time until I find the problem. Thanks for the replies.
  8. Hi all, I have an older Baja Designs dualsport kit on on my '99 XR400. I cannot seem to get the headlight to work. There is not any voltage going to the headlight. I have voltage coming from my stator. The battery charges. My turn signals work. I have checked connections. I dont have a wiring diagram for this application so if anyone has one.... The headlight did work and I also noticed that the power light on the Baja Designs kill switch is not working. Any Ideas on things to try?
  9. tas7107

    Oregon repair shop recomendations???

    Just as an update, I ended up having D&S in Aloha install the new shift spindle. I pulled the engine and brought it to them. I also asked that they inspect the top end while it was apart. They ended up putting in new valve seats, the shift spindle and a new clutch for $396. They work was prompt and she runs right. I think I got my money's worth
  10. tas7107

    Testament for keeping the swingarm bolt greased

    Just sat down after pulling the engine out of my xr400. Yes the swingarm bolt was A BITCH!! Following suggestions on TT, I used alot of heat and an air hammer to break it loose. Unfortunately I mushroomed the threaded end of the bolt and had to cut off the head and push the bolt through the other side. Now to get that shift spindle fixed
  11. tas7107

    Oregon repair shop recomendations???

    As i have been thinking about it, instead of some threaded rod I could possibly use a socket head cap screw then the lever would have something to clamp on..
  12. tas7107

    Oregon repair shop recomendations???

    The repair that I was thinking about trying was to drill and tap the spindle after grinding the break flat. Drill a hole through the knurled end piece that is still clamped in my shifter. Insert some threaded rod or bolt. Then use some sort of lock nut arrangement to hold everything in place. I could then score the threaded rod so that if the shifter takes an impact it breaks or bends the rod in such a way that I can remove the piece and install a new one trailside.. Plausible??
  13. tas7107

    Oregon repair shop recomendations???

    thx I will check them out.
  14. tas7107

    Oregon repair shop recomendations???

    If I end up taking it to a shop I probably will call around for a few quotes..Just was hoping to find someone with experience with one shop or another. Thx for the replies ..
  15. Yet another victim on an IMS shift lever here. Sheared off my shift spindle this weekend. I have gathered a couple of possible repair ideas off of TT. If these fail I was wondering if anyone can recomend a shop to install a new one. I live in Woodburn, OR. Just south of the Portland metro area. Looking for reasonable $ and reliable work. Thanks,