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  1. eddychecker

    Fatty Shinko or Goldentyre front tires

    I have used both riding in the black dirt of the Midwest and the Adobe's in Montrose and they actually work about the same on initial use. Over time, the GT is better. I prefer the GT over the Shinko for longevity but the Shinko over the GT in price.
  2. eddychecker

    XCRW 450 Oil Screen Bolt

    There are a whole host of mods you should be prepared to do to make sure your new bike lasts. It will cost a few hundred $$ but it will be worth it. Do a google search to find them all but here are a few. Camshaft has the decompressor reversed so it doesn't work, replace with a new cam from a newer model. Crankshaft seals go bad due to poor design, replace with superseded model. Oil pump gears fail, replace with superseded model. Oil jet too small, replace with superseded model. Lastly, order a new gearbox drain bolt. :') Enjoy your new bike, I love my '08 450 XCWR.
  3. There is also a auto-decompression problem with the '08. I installed a '13 450 cam on mine and hard starting went away. I recommend you look for the mods that year bike needs and perform them as you get used to your new ride. I've had mine for years and still love it. Enjoy!
  4. eddychecker


    A new cam from one of the later bikes will help for sure. My '08 450 has a '11 530 cam with a lithium battery, it starts like butter. There was also an issue with adjusting the starter clutch. A little research here goes a long way. There are plenty of threads about the fixes our bikes need and how much better they are once done. With a little tweaking, you'll be as happy with your as I am with mine.
  5. eddychecker

    advice on buying(or not) a 2011 txc 250

    I bought my son (15) a 2011 TXCi250 in December. He was riding a Honda CRF150 and needed a big boys bike. I bought it from Hall's and also got the lowering link from them. This bike has transformed his riding. We ride trails mostly. He'd go with me but complained when the going got tough. I thought he was just being a .... well let's just say he needed to grow up. Then I rode his bike to "show him how its done" and OMG it was awful! Hence the Husky. It has been rock solid reliable. It tuned easily with the iBeat software. Parts are easily available at Hall's. It handles great, and it's quick. Can you tell yet that I'm jealous? I ride a KTM 450 and love how light this bike is. While it doesn't make 450 horsepower, it makes plenty. The suspension is fantastic and responds well to adjustment. My son now knows what he wants from the bike because each click gives him good feedback with how it changes. I recommend it. Good Luck.
  6. eddychecker

    2008 KTM white & chrome graphics kit?

    What is the right part number? I like it!
  7. eddychecker

    2008 ktm 450 exc r help with info!

    The 450 is a reliable bike if you fix those early engine issues. On KTMTalk, there's a lot of advise for what needs to be done. Once done, these motors are excellent. My '08 has 300+ hours and is still going strong.
  8. eddychecker

    2009 450 EXC-R idles high.

    On this I agree, well done dkwkid! I was frustrated with this exact problem and removed the return cable to fix this. When that worked, I realized that both just needed adjusting and now it's perfect.
  9. eddychecker

    iBeat V.2 & aftermarket cable - an OPTION!!

    You do not need the semco connector, one from amazon works every bit as good, but it's only $8.00. My amazon adapter has the output capabilities required for the iBeat software. Looking at the output for ISO9141, the K Link (post 7 on the OBD2 connector) is the very one we need for the iBeat software and Mikuni EFI. On the TXCi 250, the diagnostic plug has five wires attached to it, however I used only three of them. Pins 1,5 & 6 are the ones needed. 1 is for the computer interface, 5 & 6 are for the power coming from the bike. On the OBD2 connector, pins 5, 7 & 16 are the ones required. 7 is the interface wire, it connects to 1 on the bike. 5 & 16 are for the positive and negative from the bike (5&6)
  10. eddychecker

    KTM's UST or user tool - Must read

    Excellent! On my Husqvarna, I used a similar setup to connect to their software and figured it would work for the KTM. My KTM is carb'ed and thankfully well jetted.
  11. eddychecker

    KTM's UST or user tool - Must read

    Jim, there are other options to consider when tuning the KTM ecu. Here is an option I'm familiar with as I have an Aprilia with a Sagem computer. It is also tunable using this software and connection method. The nice part is that it is freeware and the connections can be made on a more modest budget. http://www.tuneecu.com/TuneECU_En/KTM.html
  12. eddychecker


    Fast shipping, easy to install and their customer service was fantastic!
  13. 1 review

    GENERAL INFORMATION Our state-of-the art digital printing process ensures a HIGH DEFINITION, long lasting product that will stand out from the others. We use supper aggressive adhesives along with ultra-thick over laminates to create extremely durable graphics that are guaranteed to stay where you put them and scratch free even through the toughest riding conditions. We use premium UV resistant inks that keep your graphics from fading for up to 8 years. IF YOU ARE PURCHASING NUMBER PLATE GRAPHICS WITH YOUR ORDER, WE WILL PRINT ANY NAME AND/OR NUMBER YOU WANT ON THEM. IF YOU DON'T WANT A NAME, TYPE- "BLANK" IN THE NAME FIELD. SAME GOES FOR THE NUMBER. WHEN YOU ARE SELECTING THE BACKGROUND COLOR- WE ARE REFERRING TO THE SOLID COLORED AREA IN THE CENTER OF THE NUMBER PLATE. THE DECALS WILL HAVE THE ARTWORK AND WILL MATCH THE KIT REGARDLESS OF THE COLOR YOU CHOOSE. YOUR NAME WILL BE PRINTED ABOVE THE NUMBER UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. All of the graphics kits that we sell are available for every make and model on our website. Check out our gallery to see our graphics installed on our customers machines. All of our graphics are custom made to order and may take anywhere from 3-5 business days to prepare for shipment. If you have any time restrictions, please contact us prior to purchasing. If you have any questions or problems ordering from our website, feel free to email us at sengegraphics@hotmail.com or call us at 412-760-6718 M-F 9AM-5PM EST
  14. eddychecker

    KTM 450 XC-W 2008

    Great woods bike
  15. eddychecker

    KTM 450 XC-W (2008)


    Great woods bike