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  1. malachi

    Enduro Race?

    Absolutely correct sir:thumbsup:
  2. malachi

    Post pics of your DRZ on the MX track!

    I ride track with my son (KX 65 & RM80), it does just fine as long as you remember what it is...and that it's heavy compared to a full on MX bike. I weigh 170 and have the suspension set up well...I'm quite surprised at how well it does really....it truly is the jack of all bikes:thumbsup:
  3. malachi

    2010 Rmx

    Well as soon as they've come up with a larger tank alternative.....I'm looking at the bike to replace my DRZ!
  4. malachi

    My first husaberg! :)

    ...not a chance. Husaberg is it's own entity, even though it's owned by KTM.
  5. malachi

    Mileage Life of Thumpers..

    the DRZ is not air cooled, it's a modern liquid cooled design and it is leagues ahead of the XR in technology but just as reliable.
  6. malachi

    RM85 side panels/# plate

    thanks for the input:thumbsup: Those are great pics of your sons bike, your side covers look different than my sons 97....are they the original style or are they off something newer.....the reason I ask is because they look alot different than mine...and and mines newer....lol. The side panels on mine are really thin and floppy....
  7. malachi

    RM85 # plastics on a 97 RM80

    Will RM85 side panels and the number plate bolt up to a 97 RM80? It looks like the frame is the same (I know the forks are different)...so it should, but I thought I'd ask the powers that be for input
  8. malachi

    RM85 side panels/# plate

    Will RM85 side panels and the number plate bolt up to a 97 RM80? It looks like the frame is the same...so it should, but I thought I'd ask the powers that be for input
  9. malachi

    1997 RM 80 question

    found one....it's on order!
  10. malachi

    1997 RM 80 question

    I've found a 97 RM80 that's in unbelievable shape, the only problem is that it doesn't have the left side rad shroud. I can't seem to find a used/new or whatever. Will any other newer years fit....will the 85 shroud mount up?
  11. malachi

    Trakmaster II paired with ... ?

    I run both 760's front and rear....and have for 4 years....awesome tires, and the front is equally wicked.......too much gossip about it not being so. I have ridden in every terrain possible and the front has always held things true. I will not run any other DOT knobbies period.
  12. malachi

    Free Power (Electrical that is)

    ok, I'm glad I've read this thread now. I just got my 04 DRZ home (in my truck) after troubles started on the way to work. I turned my key on....nothing...did this a few times...then the instrument cluster came on. Started the bike and rode to work. On the way I noticed my instrument cluster coming off and on, as well as my head light. I got to work and at lunch looked at the bike. On top of the battery there is the main fuse(?) in the clear/white cover...it was good. However there is what looks like a separate smaller fuse tucked in behind. I untucked it and noticed it was all green inside. Moving it around, the instrument panel would come on...then go off. The little fuse then did a little smoke puff and nothing is coming on now. If I do this power mod, is this little "fuse" in behind bypassed? Or do I still need to get it replaced?
  13. malachi

    2000 kx65 tranny

    old post but......GM Autotrack II is by far the best. Used for years in trials bike transmissions, as well as the LEM, KTM 50cc mini's. It's "smurf" blue in colour but it is works extremely well at heat control.
  14. malachi

    Lazer ProDuro Exhaust - DRZ400sm

    nice pic of the Laser pipe, I like it:thumbsup: As for all the comments of Yosh this Muzzy that, and the Akro.....sorry BUT the full stainless Hindle is the way to go. I have the quiet core insert, and run neck for neck with my buddys DRZ..(but I have more bottom end)..who has the exact same carb/airbox mods as my bike...except he has the RS-3. My system is quieter and the quality is top.....and the Hindle is Canadian