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  1. Chizzholm

    400ex Winter Action Shot

    ... im not sure how to link pictures onto the fourms. sooo heres a linky. http://s1111.photobucket.com/albums/h471/chizzholm/?action=view&current=DSCF3080.jpg
  2. Chizzholm

    Honda 400ex Winter Action Shot

    Me drifting my 2001 400ex in a snowy field back in the winter. The harbor in the background is just starting to freeze, I thought it was a nice picture, so i shared it here. Enjoy
  3. Chizzholm

    00' rm 250 kickstart fit a 96 rm 250?

    by the way, im talking about the kick start lever. and would a 92 or 93 kickstart lever fit?
  4. My kickstart broke off my 96 rm 250. would a 2000 rm 250 kick start fit it?
  5. Chizzholm

    1996 rm 250 kick start lever

    looking for a kick start lever for my 96 rm 250, if any one has one laying around. my snapped off yesterday :/ Thanks, chizzholm.
  6. It has a very little oil leak on the left side. Seems like its coming from the sprocket area. Or the shift lever. Is it a seal most likely?
  7. Chizzholm

    1996 rm 250 parts

    Just picked up a 1996 rm 250 today. and i got a few questions about it. What gas mix should i use, and what ratio? And what kind of transmission oil should i use? What kind of tires (front and back), ill be riding in the woods. Thanks, Ryan
  8. could i ride a rm 250 1996 as hard as a modern day bike? im only woods riding it, not going to be on the track Thanks
  9. Chizzholm

    1996 rm 250 too old for the woods?

    ohh, i've ridden dirtbikes since i was a little kid. i undestand that
  10. Chizzholm

    1996 rm 250 too old for the woods?

    sweet, im stoked to get it. should i buy a fly weight wheel for it? what size of one if so?
  11. im going to trade my 2001 400ex thats smoking for a 96 rm250, the bike looks great. ill only be useing it for woods riding, or very small tracks. is it too old?
  12. Chizzholm

    Honda Canadian sites to buy parts?

    Whats a good canadian website i can buy parts such as exhaust pipes?
  13. Chizzholm

    Which bike?

    This 2003 kx250 http://novascotia.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-ATVs-snowmobiles-ATVs-kx-250-W0QQAdIdZ254837102 OR This 2001 cr250 http://novascotia.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-motorcycles-dirt-bikes-motocross-2001-Honda-CR-250-1900-firm-or-trade-for-something-of-interest-W0QQAdIdZ229580263
  14. Chizzholm

    Which bike?

    This 2001 cr 250? http://novascotia.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-motorcycles-dirt-bikes-motocross-2001-Honda-CR-250-1900-firm-or-trade-for-something-of-interest-W0QQAdIdZ229580263 OR This 2003 kx 250 http://novascotia.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-ATVs-snowmobiles-ATVs-kx-250-W0QQAdIdZ254837102
  15. Chizzholm

    2001 400ex Smoking Problem

    Thanks for the replys guys. And it also seems like it doesn't have as much power as it should... but i also drove a yz250f before i go it. Could there be something wrong with the bike power wise? or is it just me?