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  1. Hill_Pig

    Getting your 2-Smoke started... advice.

    Try squeezing the front brake lever while kicking, it will keep you from cracking the throttle open. I usually just turn the gas on and a couple of quick snappy kicks gets it fired up. Sometimes needs choke, but never throttle.
  2. Hill_Pig

    Symptoms of ACL injury?

    Good to know. So, basically, you cannot ride too hard for rehab sake, correct?
  3. Hill_Pig

    Symptoms of ACL injury?

    Dr. Mark: Regarding staionary bikes following knee surgery: I know to keep my heart rate in my age target zone for cardio reasons, but what about tension for building strength and endurance? I am 9 weeks post-op, and I ride every day between 1 to 1.5 hours. I make the point of pushing the tension to the point where I am exhausted when done. I do not drop below 80 RPM at any point during my ride. My PT said there is no problem with this, but she does not seem to be a believer in the bike as you are. Do you see a problem with riding this hard? Should there be less tension and more RPM, or am I on the right track? So far, my leg is regaining size, strength, and this is my daily fix for keeping my knee feeling good. Even one day without the bike and my knee is stiff like you would not believe. Thanks.
  4. Hill_Pig

    Tore My ACL

    Mikie - is your LCL tear giving you significant pain? I did my ACL / LCL with a tibia fracture about 4 months ago. The tib has healed, my ACL was repaired, but the LCL still to this day nags me quite a bit. Its really my only source of residual pain. Just wondering how it affects you. It mostly hurts me on extension, not really on flexion.
  5. Hill_Pig

    healthy drink ?

    I'm not defensive, just realistic. Diet pepsi probably won't take me to the grave any quicker than say...motorcycles, excessive sun exposure, sitting to close to the TV, smelling gas fumes while at the pump, the occassional party cigar, etc. I just beleive that its pretty tought to find anything in this over analyzed world that cannot be attributed to rising health care costs anymore. I do beleive that people should be educated, but not to the point where they cannot enjoy a can of soda without fears of what is inside. Hell, soda is bad for you, we all know that. But that is also the case for so many items we encounter in daily life. I'm more of a quality vs. quantity guy when it comes to lifespan issues...sorry
  6. Hill_Pig

    healthy drink ?

    I think if you "google searched" everything you consume, you'd be surprised. Diet soda most likely will not be the death of me...
  7. Hill_Pig

    healthy drink ?

    I switched from Pepsi to Diet Pepsi a couple of years ago. At first the taste kinda sucks, but after a while it becomes the exact opposite. Now if I happen to taste full leaded soda, it seems as sweet and thick as pancake syrup.
  8. Hill_Pig

    My shins are killing me!

    Stretching is critical for you prior to running. I used to get shin spints really bad, even when playing sports on grass fields. The best way to prevent shin splints is to avoid running on asphalt / pavement, and always stretch prior to. If you find that it hurts post run, ice your shins down for 10 - 20 minutes and take some motrin. For a brief while I had to run every morning, sometimes up to 8 to 10 miles. I had no choice in this matter if you get my drift. The pain got so bad that I finally resorted to wrapping my shins tightly with an ACE bandage to simply get through the run. I hate to think what that might have done to my legs, but at least it did not hurt while I was running and getting screamed at for everything along the way...
  9. Hill_Pig

    ACL 5 month mark

    I had my ACL surgery on June 7. Nothing to be afraid of (even though I was), as the sedation is nice and relaxing, plus its like taking a good long nap. When you wake up, its all buttoned back up and wrapped tight. Not much pain, only about 1.5 days of discomfort for me. Two weeks post op, walking with only a tiny twinge of pain (I also have a strained LCL) and I am glad to finally get to a point where I am progressing forward for good. Don't sweat the surgery, its really not bad. Scar wise, the longest one will only be about 3 to 4 inches long. Good luck, don't sweat it too bad, you'll be needlessly worrying if you do.
  10. 2004 DRZ 400E, California model (Mikuni BSR-36) carb. Sold the bike about a month ago to a friend. He's since called and asked why the bike is stalling on him when he pulls in the clutch going down hills. When he picked up the bike, it had some old gas in the tank that was in there prior to my getting thrashed on my other bike. Since I never got around to it, I told him to drain the gas and put fresh in. He did this prior to his first ride. He says the bike runs well otherwise, such as mid and top end acceleration, bottom end acceleration, etc. For some reason or another, it just developed this stalling issue that is definitely new to me. NEVER did this while I owned it..EVER. Carb's been Dynojetted, Twin Air filter, Yoshi pipe, all in excellent condition. He asked about the fuel / air screw adjustment, which makes me think he might have tried tweaking it. At this point, for troubleshooting sake, where should I recommend him to start looking? Does this sound like a jetting issue, stuck float, etc? Any thoughts much appreciated.
  11. Hill_Pig

    DRZ stalling when clutch pulled in

    Good question actually. He's new to riding, so I really don't know all that he does while on the bike. That's why I assumed he was rear braking w/out the clutch. I'll ask next time I see him and see what he says. Since he's new, and from what I've seen of him around bikes (with his kids), that tank is probably topped off every twenty minutes or so...
  12. Hill_Pig

    DRZ stalling when clutch pulled in

    He says its happening when trail riding, such as coming down a steep hill. He pulls the clutch in to brake, and the motor stalls. To me, not a bad thing (maybe a little frustrating), and it starts right back up if he lets the clutch out. I asked him if he's rear braking without clutching, and he says it only happens while coasting under braking power on trails. That's what led me to believe that it was a low end jetting issue. I'm just not the greatest carb guy, so I was looking for a little direction. The bike did sit with some old gas for a couple of months prior to being sold to him. I unfortunately went down on another one of my bikes and was tore up to the point where I could not get to the DRZ prior to selling it. He drained the old gas out as I told him to, but is sounds like some of it might have still been in the carb, causing it to run a little crappy down low. He says throttle response is still crisp and no issues mid to top end. The steering is self explainatory, I was just wondering if re-packing with fresh lube will clean up the problem for now. It mostly just happens after the bike has been sitting on the kick stand, wheel turned to one direction. Pick the bike up and straighten the wheel and that's where you feel the slight stick.
  13. Hill_Pig

    DRZ stalling when clutch pulled in

    Theoretically, yes they are now his problems. However, I sold it to him and told him that it ran perfect, which it did. That was the beauty of this bike, it ran spot on no matter when or where. If it was not a friend, I'd not even give it a second thought, but since it is, I don't want him thinking I stuck him with a potential problem. If I could help fix the issues, I will do so just to help him out.
  14. I sold my "flawless" 2004 DRZ (California model) to a friend a couple of weeks ago on the premise that it was in excellent condition and did not need any maintenance. Now, the friend has called and reported a couple of issues that I need your direction on: 1. Bike is stalling when clutch pulled in and coasting. Never had this problem before, sounds like jetting, but maybe someone could direct me to the exact source. (Air filter is clean). 2. Notchy steering. I know it at the mininum needs lube, but if this just started, will that automatically mean a bearing replacement, or will a lube job of the head race suffice? Thanks, all opinions welcome (and I'll even field the insults for not lubing the front end when it was my bike)
  15. Hill_Pig

    Dr. Mark ? - LCL vs. Lateral meniscus

    I'll pass it on for sure. If that's what's causing my pain, I'll say anything to get it right. The pain sometimes borders that of the day I actually did all of this damage, along with the tibia plateau that got all of this started