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    Chain reliability

    Ash, I have been running DID 520 X-rings on my '03, '07, '12, '17 CRF's (also put one on my '11 KTM). Things take a beating and don't need much adjustment for a long time!!!! (assuming you lube < only use dry lube > it before and after riding). I also run SS rear sprockets on the bikes too!!
  2. Went to see a "thumb" specialist (hand specialist actually) and have my Left thumb checked out. He says I have OA bad and the X-ray showed bone on bone bad (I looked and was like hymm) and he says you must be in a lot of pain (I said it just hurts after MX'ing mainly). He proceeds to grab it and move it in/out and all around (now it is hurting constantly!!!). I had asked him what the solutions might be and he says we do 2 things: 1. Cut the nerve at the base of the thumb (I was like so I'll have no feeling in thumb, "yep", well what happens when I jack my thumb up good and don't feel it?, "deer in headlights look") 2. Remove the trapezium bone (he says that could take up to a year to heal, rehab!!!) I find it hard to believe those are the only 2 solutions??? (can the bone-s be ground away a bit to provide a gap??, can something be put in there for cushioning??, etc.) I know I'm getting on near EOL (end of life for you non acronym types) but dang I can't believe we don't have more options. BTW Dr. Mark, the ACL knee job is still going strong!! (13yrs now)
  3. Ok, the clutch toasted at ~30 hr's and now the top end after about ~100hrs (guessing here since I haven't rode as much over the last year). I usually get about 2 yrs out of a TE (from my 2003, 2007, 2012 CRF450R's I've owned and "raced" - the 2017 has never seen a race!!) before replacing, but this 2017 is really getting disappointing to me. Maybe I just got a bad one off the assy line or maybe I've just got faster at riding and ripping the chit outta the clutch and TE!!! (don't think so). Anyhow I'm really disappointed in the quality of this bike this time around seeing how I don't do anything out of the ordinary to destroy them.
  4. DonO

    New to Honda is this noise normal

    G, I've had an '03, '07, 12, and now a 17 and I posted in this forum about how disappointed I was in the 17 (clutch toasted less than 30 hrs, new top end like 2 weeks ago). I think (and mechanic thinks) I got a lemon (poor workmanship from what he can tell after replacing parts) since this bike has never seen a race (yet) and all the others I raced HS and MX (full seasons here in FL). I usually get about 2 yrs b4 a top end and never had a clutch go on the others!!! (I did have the cam shaft tensioner go on the '07 - mechanic said he's never seen a Honda one break- Suzuki yes, Honda never, until me Change your oil often, like every 3-5 rides, keep the air filter spotless and keep the bike clean and you should have a great bike!!!!
  5. DonO

    New to Honda is this noise normal

    Yep, sounds normal since you have it up on a stand (pushes sound upwards). Used to get a lot of post when folks would put a metal skid plate on and you would hear all kinds of crazy sounds coming up!!!
  6. Hxr650R, Both the mechanic (like I stated above he has worked on every bike I've had for a long time!!) and me think I got a bad assy'd bike since he was like no way should that top end have looked like that, especially as me the rider!!! (he said laughing pretty good) Anyhow new top end did well this past W/E so time will tell what else happens. I can say the Hinson clutch assy is nice and performs well for me.
  7. Dr. Mark, I just can't see where the removal of "that" bone is not going to be a problem riding? I have looked at where the hand/palm/thumb area sits at the grip and the forces that are placed on that area (say from jump landings, front end sticks, etc.) and it just (in my engineering mind) seems that removal is going to cause more trauma right at that spot and with no bone there I can "imagine" more issues arising??? So answer me why grinding a bit of each of the bones away at the joint where its bone on bone doesn't make sense? (all the tendons/muscles would hold the bones in place still) And why there is nothing to simulate cartilage, meniscus, etc. that can go in there? (they got that crap for back vertebrae?) Or is it that you can't get to that joint easily or ????? Don
  8. ED, I rode one I think it used to be called Mossy ??? (this was totally vacant and over grown way back when and had an old style cracker house sitting at the entrance, out in the middle of nowhere) and then there was another one that was down a dirt rode and was like in a clay pit area (don't remember the name). Rode Panama city one as well. Used to ride, as a kid, our minibikes in a pit not far from my parents house off Jackson St. we tried climbing vertical runs up clay cliffs on minibikes (DOH!!)
  9. SM, For the most part the OP (Me, Me, Me) is keeping it on track ( you know most threads, minus the political BS one's, on TT go off topic!!!) ED, I'm hoping this will be it for the repairs on the bike. If not then she/he/it (gotta be PC these frikkin days) is a goner!!! I'm off Satellite blvd about 3 miles west of I-95, dirt road (yes N of SR520). Had me a small circle/fig 8 track, w/1 jump in my back yard (little over an acre) for a while. Do you remember a track down off I-95 and Eau Galle blvd (I rode it when I first got here in '90), rode the pits off Murrell Rd (Rockledge) too. Used to ride Brown/Brushy like 1/year and also Durhamtown and Highland park (when I was big into MX and HS's years ago) so I know what its all about. Tooled around all over the SE when I was just a bit younger. I can claim that I rode every MX track in the state of FL at one time back then!!! (some had gone under but I still went out and rode them - abandoned!!!)
  10. ED, Clutch was way last year (he sported me a good Hinson replacement, much smoother for my old back). Top end is everything (he said I was lucky - I know him and when he says that he means $$$$$$ wise), Valves were at 0, piston was like somebody took a hammer to it, the rings (top ring fell apart when he had it out, he has never seen that before!!) are shot. I will make another wind chime out of the parts (like I did the clutch). So I really am thinking I got a lemon, but he will fix me up and keep me in the game. BTW, I really would like to know who rides these bikes in Map 3 Aggressive mode (DEATH MODE) I tried that frikkin mode 2 times and nearly killed myself. Its like full on twitchy whiskey throttle!! I live in west Cocoa, out in Redneck land off SR520 (I'm anti suburbanite). I mostly grew up in P-cola (navy brat). Were you at NAS or NTTC (Corry field) I need to make a trip up to there (Hickory,NC) and hit Brown/Brushy again (its been like 3-4 yrs now). I 'm sure the guys miss me!!
  11. Dk, Got it. don't fret, we'll get back on topic. I was a loyal Suke rider up to 2003, had a DRZ400 that was rock solid (even took on MX tracks). I felt when I was looking for new bike (really wanted to get back into racing MX) the Honda was at the top of the game. Had absolutely no problem with them over the years I owned the model (03, 07, 12, now 17) and even strayed with a KTM 350 in 11 (good bike for HS's, just the design issues were nuts!!!!). If this CRF keeps giving me fits I will certainly be thinking about switching. Thanks for the input and your bike review!!! I assume you only get to ride like 4-6 months out of the year (unless you got one of those front ski/rear track conversion kits)??? (come to FL, 365/24/7 ) don't worry 'bout spelling, I got's me a 5th grade education and can figar it out - name the show?? donO
  12. SD, Ah a good one, that's been used b4 (same with Dandy Don - Dallas QB). Actually he made a couple guest appearances on......wait 4 it.....wait 4 it......................Hawaii 5 0 back in the day. Dang, I don't think you got enough bikes!!!! (wanna buy a 2017 CRF450R) No problem, as Mr. ED doesn't hold up to much (whew another satirical comment)
  13. Mr. ED, (now there's something that requires a , but you won't get the 2 jokes on that huh??) First off stating things like "stupid old people..." will get you no where in life youngin" (I presume you are between 20-30 from your comments, namely the "dude" one). But then again the young folks now a days don't "respect" their elders or for that have any frikkin' manners AND think they are entitled to everything!!! Second, did you have to take "READING COMPREHENSION" in school?? (probably not, because if you had you would have known that most of my responses were satirical (oh wait, big word for you, I mean funny!) in nature. And so you can go back and read my post I never said I was better than anyone else, here is the quote for you, please read it sslllooowww and consider what "each" word means. And please notice the emoticons (smileys and such) on my post too!!! "I do consider myself probably better than 60% of TT'rs of my age (60)" And let me guess, at your work (I assume you work?) you probably know it all, huh??? Respectfully, DonO
  14. DonO

    What class should I enter in FTR harescrambles

    JB, Well get to a track and turn some laps. And if ya can, head over to Croom or ONF. And maybe some tips for you. (you may have forgot these) 1. Breath (sounds funny but I bet your exhausted your first couple of races 'til you figure that out) 2. Look ahead, like 20 ' (don't be looking down at what is right in front of the front wheel) 3. Hydrate (I used to drink so much the night before and before the races I was livin' in the portalets)
  15. SD, I'm an engineer so I'm anal about maintenance (maybe it was over-maintenance, fresh oil every 3 rides, new air filters, wash after every ride no matter what, etc.). And seeing how this is da Internet (created by Mr. Gore of course- do you know who he was?), I do consider myself probably better than 60% of TT'rs of my age (60) FTUO, What you talking 'bout Willis? (Crap you might be a youngin' and not know what that phrase is from) Who replaces air filters? complete waste of time, this is 2019. G, Yep found that out from the mechanic, but he's fixin' me up like he always has (he likes my $$$) Yeah, must be nice to be a pro and have the bike basically rebuilt for every race!!!
  16. DonO

    What class should I enter in FTR harescrambles

    JB, Since you have "some" experience in racing I would suggest going into the "C" class for your age group. I am assuming you haven't rode the bike a lot so you would fit right into that class. If you find that your up in the front (1st thru 3rd) for the races you can always move up a class to push yourself to get better rather than stay put and get the wood!!! DonO
  17. Jake, NEWS FLASH - FTR announces new race class .............Ride whatever class!!!!! Just please stay away from Bithlo Mx on the W/E's, I don't need your butt showing up and smokin' me on a tricycle or some other crazy azz machine Probably when you was a youngin' (early '90s) I took my DRZ400 to the "old" bithlo track (Lou owned it then), road it around and hit most of the jumps then (took my mirrors off though and didn't use the horn). You should have heard the voices and seen the expressions!!!!! I'll check the channel out if you give me the link??? (DOH!) DonO
  18. Jake, You a crazy young man!! (what was the damage??) I didn't hear the horn once (Sunshine MX on XR650)!!! you better get that thing repaired. I miss those HS's (been 3 yrs now) but I enjoy my MX time and Sunday's more. DonO
  19. DonO

    Motocross and age

    dirtboy88, Quit whinning. Pull your baby pants up, get on your bike and ride!!!! All BS aside, still ride MX almost every W/E and once in a blue moon come out of the closet and go ride the woods (got out of HS racing like 3 yrs ago). Thinking of racing the local tracks XMAS race this w/e!!!! Yeah, I just turned 60 too!!!! Ride street and dirt when I can.
  20. DonO

    Tracking bikes in woods racing

    ohgood, The OP was looking for "suggestions" (I was never fortunate to have a pit crew when racing HS's). So one is to "assume" you have actually used those devices I spoke of for the OP's intent??? btw, you can replace the batteries in them, just saying!!!
  21. DonO

    Tracking bikes in woods racing

    I saw a small quarter size device on a shark tank episode. I believe it used GPS for tracking. Took a look, it was TrackR, there's also tracker pad, bravo, tile out there.
  22. DonO

    Ladies I need help

    Use the corn starch version. Go to the Anti Monkey Butt website and read all about it!!!
  23. Oldest and Oddest - well chit that's easy ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. DonO

    What's in your water pak

    Try coconut water (good coconut water, not the mixed with other crap kind). Recommend Coco Joy brand.
  25. My lady friend and I decided to go zip-lining and I new about The Canyons up in Ocala. So I get on their website and there is a video of the GOAT and his friend riding the zip-lines and dropping some water balloons at a target. Lets just say the GOAT needs to stick to riding and not being a bombardier (we would have lost a war or to if he was one!!!). Anyhow if you have a desire for adrenaline rushes, I highly recommend this place (ask for Kendall as your 1 guide, I think Jennifer has left for Oregon) !!!!!!