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  1. That sounds awesome, I'd probably have a better time if i could get hooked up with a local or two. But i know most people have busy schedules too. I've tried to talk my friends into going out there with me but they all have excuses why they can't go, so I've decided to just go it alone if i have to. I'll definitely get with you when the time comes, I've been looking forward to it since I got the idea stuck in my head!
  2. Thanks everyone! Right now Taylor Park seems to be where I am thinking. Single track is what I prefer and it sounds like they offer plenty of that. Probably won't be till the middle or so of summer before I can even think about going. Right now it sounds like I need to focus on lodging, ORV stickers, and food for the time I'm out there.
  3. Right now I'm thinking late summer or early fall, or maybe even wait till next spring. I want to make sure I have plenty of resources and information before I just take off into the unknown haha.
  4. So i can't get it out of my mind that i want to ride somewhere other than the same ole' stuff I've always rode. We have some great riding here in Missouri/Arkansas/Oklahoma but I think Colorado or possibly Utah would be an amazing place to get some great scenery and have an amazing time. I've tried to google best single track destinations and tried to find more info on whats required but the information seems to elude me. Where would you guys recommend starting? What does it require (i.e. Permits, bike regulations, etc.)? Also any recommendations on equipment? I know i'd need to change the jetting on my bike and whatnot, and maybe put on the oversized tank. Thanks in advance everyone!
  5. I couldn't find Microsoft Movie Maker, but found one called Movie Moments by Microsoft, is this the same one? I was in the Microsoft app store. BTW I am on Windows 10.
  6. it was a blast, super fast trail which isn't to my liking as i prefer the tighter, more technical stuff but man what a day. Met some pretty great people and saw plenty of of old friends. Our team ended up 38th out of 82 teams which I was pretty happy about since I haven't raced in about 3 years but I'm starting to get back in the swing of things. Definitely recommend going next year if ya get a chance!
  7. YZdirtboy

    STIC metering block?

    I'm interested in this thing as well, So far i see pretty great reviews. Where can you pick one up at?
  8. YZdirtboy

    YZ 250X 2017

    I've had my 17 250x for a couple months now and other than armor the only thing I've had to do is adjust the rear shock to my weight, but even then it was very minor. The bike literally is amazing right out of the crate! I wouldn't mess with it till it needs messin with!
  9. The race is actually in Arkansas but there wasn't a thread on it the south section either. I plan on making it this year and would be my first year, looks like a pretty fun event and for a great cause!
  10. Thanks guys, I'll try it next time. I've also been debating on buying the Corel or Cyberlink video editing software, they've had pretty good reviews from what i can tell.
  11. YZdirtboy

    Attn. Racers, free stuff!

    I don't know if I'll ever get a photo better than this, Sasquatch himself decided to come watch me race! Reed's Spring, MO Hillbilly GP, what a fun place it was to ride. Unfortunately the place sold this year and we'll no longer be able to race there in the comming seasons .
  12. Here's the link to the video: https://youtu.be/MBx-t9aLQZE So like I said it's nothing fancy just wanted to get out and test the waters but the final quality looks horrible? I used GoPro Studio and chose to use the "youtube" export quality, maybe I should have tried the 1080p quality? Just started getting into filming and editing my rides. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips? How about better video editing software?
  13. YZdirtboy

    T.M. Designworks Case Saver

    Thick, hard plastic and looks awesome!
  14. YZdirtboy

    T.M. Designworks Case Saver

    3 reviews

    This lightweight but strong TM Designworks Integrated Case Saver and Sprocket Cover will give your bike that factory look while protecting your valuable ignition and center cases from damage. > FIM Legal new product protects valuable ignition and center cases from damage > Reinforced front portion butts solidly up against the case to support and prevent the case saver from breaking the sprocket cover bolts from ripping out of the case on impact > Designed with large multi stepped holes to eject mud or dirt
  15. YZdirtboy

    YZ250X Owners, what fuel mixture are you running?

    Awesome input guys, looks like everyone is different and I say I'd have to agree with Doc_speeder so long as it's reasonable and the bike is running right. I was just kinda curious what others had to say about how they ran their X's.