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  1. el chupacabra

    second hand sm bike

    seeing as i have no sm experience, and want a bike i was wondering if you guys could help me out? -a bike that can be changed for on and off road -under 250cc as the law dictates this -decent rebuild intervals (e.g one year based on 10-13,000km or 8125miles approx) would you be able to point me in the right direction? is it as easy as just changing sprockets and wheels?
  2. you could say you got shafted lol oh the irony.
  3. el chupacabra

    Top end road time?

    hey guys, i was just wondering, how long would a top end on lets say a Ktm 200 exc last if the bike was kitted for the road, i know my neighbour gets 353 hours on his :worthy:300 exc-e with an immacuate piston. Cheers, just wondering weather it is just worth buying a sports bike and a trail bike or just getting two sets of rims for the dual sport.
  4. el chupacabra

    If you could have 5 dirt bikes...

    Yamaha tz 750 1975 kTM 200 exc 2010 Honda xr200 1980 Suzuki Rgv 500 1993 Honda NSR 50 2004
  5. el chupacabra

    Do you believe this?

    :crazy:look at these claims, i am miffed by the idea of doing 100km/h on this thing! http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motors/Motorbikes/Motorbikes/Pocket-pit-bikes/auction-274586795.htm
  6. el chupacabra

    local suurban single track

    cops told me to get lights to ride my un regod pit bike on the road when i got caught, its slack, btw you just pull over and people scowl, thats about it. anyway if its there it should be used. especially when there are 40,000 cops for 4,000,000 people with 1/4 in auckland. our bikes don't get confiscated here it's a fine. if you are like 20, if you are under it's a warning mostly.
  7. el chupacabra

    local suurban single track

    lol. how do you upload pictures?
  8. Me and my friend got a pit bike and we can not believe how many tight single tracks there are on the local golf course. walking tracks are perfect. they are rarely used like abandoned and really steep, though now im not sure weather to buy a pit bike before upgrading. have any of you rode singletracks on a pit bike? right by the cityin the centre of a populated area.
  9. el chupacabra

    energy drinks,

    Maybe just maybe it's because they sell graphics as an optional extra hats gear etc, think that is going to mkae some dough
  10. el chupacabra

    I love my motorbike as the next guy but. . .

    thanks guys i will probably get the dirt bike then.
  11. Well, the other week my friend purchased a new bike. An fxr 150 sports bike, it's by no means huge but! it is sure as fun as hell. now i have an xr 200 and a scooter. At the moment i am not sure which to upgrade first, as the dirtbike is only a weekend thing and the sports bike will replace my scooter as an everyday get to school thing/cruising thing. I am not sure what to get, i can get both, a KTM 200 EXC or a Aprillia RS250/Suzuki RV250. it just means i will have to buy one first and then wait a while for the other. My mind keeps saying once a week or everyday, so i think the sports bike is more practical though my heart says dirt bike as i love doing it though i don't do it as often. Can you guys please help me out? I want some reasons for each decision. Tell me what you would do. Thanks.
  12. el chupacabra

    Exposure to used motor oil may cause cancer.

    i always have oil on my hands (when working) and wash my air filter in petrol and always will and will probably die of something else.
  13. el chupacabra

    cutting piston skirt

    I was just curious on how this works? Dad was telling me how years ago, the mechanic was cutting the skirt off his piston. it was a yz piston in a it250,
  14. el chupacabra


    lol only if you are skillful or really up youself (bots)
  15. el chupacabra


    i ride alone in still conditions. btw not orange sand, heavy black sand.