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  1. Do you need a new front wheel right away? I am switching to a crf250x front wheel and axle on my ohlins fork setup and will have spare. And I may have a spare lying around on top of that I won't need any longer since I am switching. Jeff
  2. oregon_rider

    XR400 suspension, where to start?

    Yes. Ohlins forks are from cannondale liquidation/closeout that happened after bankruptycy of cannondale. The ohlins shock was harder to find - they were no longer being made - I found one for a japanese 250 motard model and removed lowering spacer to make it fit off road model.... jeff
  3. oregon_rider

    Beta Forums vs Facebook Groups?

    Chris, I am the admin on betarider.org. I guess one man's "tap on the shoulder" is another man's "blasted by the admin". As a reminder, this is the PM I sent you that you characterize as 'blasted by the admin'... "Why is it that you feel the need to provide a response to so many threads? I suggest you take a break and exercise your listening skills and learn..." Everyone on betarider.org seems to play well together. There aren't even any moderators right now - that's how civil it truly is. And this is with over 1500 members with over 19,000 posts. On an average day - there are 5-10 members joining from all parts of the world... I rarely post or participate at all on the forum - I created it for GMP (glenn) here when he purchased his new beta. I only approve registrations, maintain the server, and back up the database. So your characterization that I argue with others on the forum constantly "like a girl" is very clearly "less than truthful". It's a shame that you feel the need to lash out and denigrate betarider.org (and myself, and GMP...) simply because you were asked to "take a break". jeff webmaster Beta Riders Club www.betarider.org
  4. oregon_rider

    Beta Forums vs Facebook Groups?

    Betarider.org is on own it's own linux web server at my home. Unlike other forums, it is community owned and not for profit... I am the "webmaster" for this forum and make zero off of it... So we don't pay a host service for disk space, band width or cpu time.. You can attach photos to posts on betarider.org. And since bandwidth or disk space isn't an issue - the size of the photos in both dimension and file size are not restrictive - e.g. you don't have to scale it down to 16Kbytes before "it will go" - I have 'cranked it up'...
  5. oregon_rider

    Beta Forums vs Facebook Groups?

    Hi Lennie, My apologies. Replied to your e-mail and forum will be back on line tonight so I will straighten it out then.. jeff aka webmaster betarider.org discussion forum.
  6. oregon_rider

    Beta Forums vs Facebook Groups?

    Sorry for the problems. Google (and maybe others) started blocking the e-mails from the forum web server. So the approval confirmation e-mail is not being received by the user. I will work to resolve this issue this weekend. Thanks, jeff aka webmaster betarider.org discussion forum.
  7. oregon_rider

    What happened to gasgasrider????

    The GasGas Riders Club website is back up now.. www.gasgasrider.org It was down due to a database corruption that I didn't have time to address until today... ;-) jeff
  8. oregon_rider

    XR250 /CRF

    Not too many parts crossover. The speed drive is completely different and will not fit. Axle diameter is bigger on the crf.... I went to a bigger front axle for my upside forks on the front and used a crf axle and speedo drive along the way.. The only parts that I can think of that might "cross over" are brake pads & front brake master cylinder. Can't think of anything else off of the top of my head. They are completely different motorcycles jeff .
  9. oregon_rider


    www.gasgasmotos.us jeff
  10. oregon_rider


    Yes. I have been running upside down forks on my XRs since 1988 - started with the same setup that Scott Summer's raced with WP kit from White brothers in california. Later I mounted KYB and currently have ohlins front and rear setup for my XR250. i have run WP or Ohlins in rear - neither are made any longer for the bike. Transforms the bike. Much more stable - corners more precisely. Set up properly - can be very plush and still handle big stuff.. Emig Racing makes a "stem" that allows you to bolt up CR forks. http://www.emigracing.com/xr-conversion-stem.html You also might need to do a little work to get the steering stops worked out. A CRF-X front end might work well if you like a mechanical odometer - if this isn't important to you then get a CR front end. To make it easy - I would suggest getting entire wheel assembly/axles/spacers, etc. Everything will bolt right on. You will probably want to have the forks shortened slightly to balance front and rear - have the rear shock revalved and get a rear spring if you need it for your weight and to balance with the front. jeff
  11. oregon_rider

    looking for a single carb xr250r head

    Double post. Please delete
  12. oregon_rider

    looking for a single carb xr250r head

    I said 95 in my post above when I should have said 85... 84 and 85 xr250r came with twin carbs. The 86 to 95 cylinder head probably fits.... not sure though..... it will be the closest.... Jeff
  13. oregon_rider

    looking for a single carb xr250r head

    The one's on e-bay will definitely not work on your bike.... Back to '85 or '86 - I think '85 '86 XR250L might have used twin carb setup from '95 XR250R for another year... Does you bike have red motor and twin carbs? (my memory is vague on this - my friend had one back then...) What will probably work will be a '86-'95 cylinder head - but you may need to go back to an '84-'85 XR250R if you have a twin carb setup. jeff
  14. oregon_rider

    Airbox mod. 03 XR250r

    Odd, I would expect better throttle response - even with stock jetting. suggest you go up one on pilot and adjust your fuel mixture screw using "idle drop method". Drain all old fuel out of carb too.. Ethanol is evil... jeff
  15. oregon_rider

    Airbox mod. 03 XR250r

    I have to ask - when was the last time you cleaned your air filter? And have you removed the backfire screen from the filter cage (or picked up a Uni filter that comes with it's own air filter cage? jeff