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  1. jespertheil

    Anyone mail order east coast wheels?

    DO NOT USE THEM!!! THEY ARE THE LOWEST AND SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS!!! I ordered a set of wheels - Money was withdrawn from my account shortly after - No order confirmation on mail or anything, so i emailed to check up on it. Recieved a mail shortly after telling me they would ship a few days later. - Mailed them 5 times since them with no answer at all. And as a bonus they have withdrawn money from my account again. So total 5.000 $ out of my account and no wheels..
  2. jespertheil

    Great pictures

    Geeee, i normally clean my bike before taking the engine apart....
  3. jespertheil

    Magdeburg video..

    Ja hej danskere... Det var sgu da minus 8 her i Herning forleden.. :-) We are going this weekend.. We will be riding from thursday till sunday. The track has a reputation for kicking your bones. But damn it is fun.. My friend ended up in the hospital last winter. He hang the trottle after a double and took the next jump which also happend to be the biggest with full trottle.. He dropped the bike in the air (sad but thrue, it was my bike....) and landed on his back. Lucky him he only broke a collarbone.. Let´s not talk about my bike. A heli came to pick him up. Don´t know if it is normal for that kind of tracks, but the ground is so hard in there that you leave tyre marks braking/accel in/out of the corners...
  4. jespertheil

    Magdeburg video..

    I live in Denmark with no place to ride during the winter. It´s -8g cel at the moment.... Therefor me and my friens hit the road as often as possible in the weekends driving the 9m truck to Magdeburg in Germany.. Cool place 650km away. Open every day from 10-20 for 20 euro pr day.. Here´s a vid from the place to be during the winter.. http://www.realmx.com/english/inside/site/framesets/index.php?lfdnr=1016
  5. jespertheil

    do oversized rotors help

    I wouldn´t ride witout my steel braided lines.. The best way to explain that it works is to try this. With ome lines you can feel on the lever when the ome line can´t hold the pressure and starts to expand a little. With steel lines you reach a point with the lever were it just stops. Even though i must admit that the difference isn´t so big as when i did it on my R6, that was really amazing....
  6. jespertheil


    You guys have NOTHING to complain about... Here in Denmark a new CRF450R would cost 9.600 USD. A CRF450R road legal with plates and tax would set you back 20.700 USD!! A brand new Honda CBR600 with tax, 28.400 USD.. Here in Denmark we pay 25% in vat and after that another 180% in tax in order to be road legal and get the plate. If you want the CBR for track use only it´s 9.000 USD.. Hey almost forgot.......... WE pay 1,5 USD for ONE Liter of 95 octan.
  7. It´s a must see... Words can´t describe..
  8. jespertheil

    Transmission Problem!!!

    Use diesel.... I did that once when the yamaha i was riding back then dropped a srew from the ignition magnets into the crankcase. Remove the clutch parts first and clean them all. Then take one of those air spray guns you use to maintain cars with preventing them from getting rust. Here in denmark we often use a chemical in them called "tectyl". Fill that sprayer with diesel and spray that thing inside with 5 liters or so of diesel. Just lean the bike over allowing it to run out at the same time, hopefully with all the leftovers of water and dirt. Now take the cheapest motoroil you can find and fill it, still without the clutch parts. Shake the thing for some minutes and turn the engine a few times without starting it. Drain it, install the clutch and put it all together. Fill it with the correct oil, remember to install the plug... Go ride it and change the oil again right after you are done and it is still hot.
  9. jespertheil

    03 dry Transmission

    My friend also lost oil in his 03 because of a damaged sealing. All the oil went in his crankcase. He had to replace 5 gears and bearings.
  10. jespertheil

    1st rebuild options

    Send the top to Pro Circuit... They do magic.!
  11. jespertheil

    More low end power on a 04?

    I have the same setup plus a vortex cdi box. Standard gearing. It pulls like a tractor, even tight corners in 3rd..
  12. jespertheil

    Fork Twist

    Hey champ. Just do what they say, that´s the way.. But about you never dropped the bike.... Hmm then you ride it like a biatz.. :-) It´s a must to be in the dirt a couple of times during practice.. You need to touch the limit and learn to move it.. Yeah.. :-) Cuz not during table double or so, atleast not to often... he he.
  13. jespertheil

    90 hrs

    Last time i checked was at 70h and everything looked like new!!
  14. Try the Hinson oil. Ok, price and will prevent clutch slipping.
  15. Hi you guys on red.. Short story. Did some road racing and wantet to try out the mud. Bought a 2001 YZ426 last year as a start. Love the mud, hate the bike. I have changed several gears and shafts, clutch basket, head, valves, piston, fork seals and teflon rings, plastic several times due to crashes even at low speed, radiators ( my mistake), cams, wheel bearings 2 times, link bearings, bla bla bla bla.... Blue out red in.. My friends are all riding CRF450´s, 03-04 and 05 with öhlins and race tech. They rock! So i am looking to buy a 04 with low hours. It has complete ti akra, complete Hinson, black excel and talon, power blade and a lot of extras. The price is 5400 usd which is a very low price here in Denmark. A brand new 05 costs 11.000 usd. I need to now what to look out for. I now about the gearbox seal problem, my frinds on the 03 and 04 had the same issue, one with gearbox probz as a result. The 04 had a waterpump seal problem that allmost drained all water from the engine. Those are the things i now about. What else should i pay attention to? Thanks in advance.