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  1. acer01

    Centrifugul Timer Failure on 2013 KTM 300 XCW

    Which spring are you running and how far is the adjuster turned in?
  2. acer01

    Don't do this!

    They spared no expense- used the Hi Temp Silicone.
  3. acer01

    01 KTM 200 what is this hole for?

    Yes it can. All open area for the control arm to exhaust valve control. The newer models are closed off and vent from the left inspection plate.
  4. acer01

    01 KTM 200 what is this hole for?

    It is the pv vent for the older 200's. Should have a vent hose. Do not plug.
  5. acer01

    Fuel boiling

    Reflective tape helps. That is why you have it on the interior of the side panels.
  6. Are you sure they didn't say impact driver? Most Japanese bikes need an impact driver to install/remove the philliphead bolts for the stator. I believe KTM uses hex head for the stator mounts. I could see using an impact gun to remove the flywheel nut but not for installation.
  7. You can straighten the stock pipe easily using a hammer end and prying into shape. SMALL moves. It bends easily. Like I posted earlier, if your X dim is off(negative) you can jet, rejet, clean and polish until you are blue in the face. It will continue to run bad like an old air cooled open bike. IMO the 200's are pushing it with 93 Pump fuel. With just a slightly thinner base gasket, the compression becomes just high enough to cause problems using pump gas. Hope you get it fixed. KTM's 200 is an excellent bike.
  8. Did you check the x dimension? If the base gasket is too thin (negative x dim), it will knock no matter the amount of jetting change.
  9. acer01

    200xcw, need cylinder help?....a WTH moment!

    That is the one.
  10. acer01

    200xcw, need cylinder help?....a WTH moment!

    FYI- If your friend still has his tool kit that comes with Ktm's, there is a wrench for the 12mm base nuts. I believe it looks like a bottle opener & also used for torquing. Works similar to motion pro's box end torque extension wrench.
  11. Not sure about other models of the era, but the '03 200sx had a pds6.
  12. It could be many different things. The fit between the shift forks and drum is very tight. Could be a loose shaving trapped in the groove causing trouble. Just a shot in the dark but I would button it up in any gear but first. Put in fresh oil and warm it up . Shift back and forth several times between...let's say 2nd and 3rd. Drain the oil and refill. Maybe clearing the shift groove at 1st gear location. I would at least try that before digging any deeper.
  13. I have never been into the 250's tranny but it sure looks like the shift drum is hanging. The shift stopper should spin the drum until it seats in neutral or the next shift seat. It is hanging on the peaks.
  14. acer01

    front wheel speedo spacer

    There is a drop down list. A dozen different bikes listed as well as the KLX 450.
  15. acer01

    front wheel speedo spacer

    This is what I use on mine. http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop/5/22/260.shtml