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  1. That spring is longer than normal 130mm and rate is 22N. Measured rate 21.5N Jusa
  2. Jusa

    CRF 250 2018

    Thanks for posting those stacks! Are you 100% sure about the mid valve setting? 3 - 12mm x .1?? normally should be 1-12.1 & 2-12.3. Was there 5.65 slide collar? Do you have shock stacks also? Jusa
  3. Jusa

    2018 KX100

    Thanks for the link! 2.9N/mm spring equals 0.30kg/mm spring.
  4. Jusa

    crf 450 2018 fork

    Spring rates 5.0N / 56N ? Pressure spring rate? Do you have oil level and clicker settings also?
  5. Jusa

    Kyb a-kit freepiston?

    They use plastic ones.
  6. Jusa

    2017 YZ250FX

    4.4 N
  7. Jusa

    WP AER Problem

    Have you released outer chamber pressure? Is there coming out lots of air? In that case it's possible that your cartridge seal is leaking pressure to the outer chamber and make the fork feel hard.
  8. -15 and -16 there is only one shim difference between these two. On reb side 250 has two 12.11 shims and 125 only one 12.11.
  9. 2008-2014 125 valvings are identical with 250. Clickers, oil levels and spring rates differ.
  10. Jusa

    WP conevalve suspension setup question

    4.6N springs should be ok (L=488mm). You can go up to 420ml and and normally should be 390-400ml. I think there is something wrong with the settings or cartridges not bled correctly etc. And of course you still have those preload adjusters and com clickers.
  11. Good point and you really have to do it.
  12. Jusa

    2016 YZ250X Stacks

    Float is around 0.15~0.20. Thats is more GNCC setup than woods setup. It's not bad but little bit too stiff for woods. Fork feels stiffer compared to shock.
  13. Jusa

    2016 YZ250X Stacks

    I measured everything myself and all peenings were still there. Bike is 250 wr 2t 2016 EU model. Actually it is X US model but they put all lights and enduro stuff afterwards in Italy.
  14. You don't need glue just put new one in. Make sure it goes straight. Don't use too big needle when pressurizing the bladder.
  15. Jusa

    2016 YZ250X Stacks

    shock com 40.2 (11) 34.11 38.2 36.2 34.2 32.2 30.2 28.2 26.2 24.2 22.2 20.2 reb 36.15 (9) 25.11 36.25 34.3 32.3 30.3 28.3 26.3 24.3 23.3 22.3 26.4 48N hc 1 5/8 lc 11-14 reb 10-13