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  1. jlmotox

    Kennedy Meadows: Jun 28-29 2014

    Was shooting for this Saturday... I saw a couple of videos from people camping back there and one car was a Mercedes SUV also a Acura Suv... I hope my lifted diesel 4x4 can do it if a Mercedes or Acura can. Lol
  2. jlmotox

    Kennedy Meadows: Jun 28-29 2014

    Has anyone driven a truck out to Monache meadows? Xtreme 4x4 or easy 4x4? Or wife's mini van? Thinking about tent camping out there... Is there only one way out there? Looks like I can take forest route 21S36 to a 4x4 road...or is there another way? Only been out there on the bike and rode single track 95% the way there... Thanks guys!
  3. jlmotox

    1 ton or 1/2 press

    Get it real tight with the threaded rod then use a propane torch and heat up the surrounding part and it should pop free.
  4. Manual was $5 from tradebit.com
  5. jlmotox

    Seized up! after bottom and top rebuild

    Head gasket issue?? Have you pulled the spark plug?
  6. jlmotox

    Turning down stock hubs?

    Why do they need to go on a lathe? Are you doing a clear/transparent color over polished for the anodized look or just a solid color? PC will cover up and smooth out the surface a lot if you just wanted a painted color hub.
  7. jlmotox

    So sad

  8. jlmotox

    05 rm85 device manual needed

    Pm me your email address
  9. Yea I used to do the same with the panty hose but switched to "dew rags" because they fit better and you don't have to stretch them out as much to fit without deforming the filter as much, and the mesh is tighter filtering better. You can find them at any beauty shop or even Walmart in the hair section. And you don't have to feel as weird when buying them. Lol
  10. The grease and panty hose trick, Take some panty hose or a "dew rag" (like the brothers wear on their head) and stretch it out and wrap it around your air filter for extra protection. Then grease the rim of the filter where it seals to the air box. Also take some foam or rag and put it in the bottom of the air box to help keep sand from coming in the bottom. (Some bikes it's not needed due to they way the air box is made but if it has a large hole cover it) Take off your shock mud flap or chances are your paddle tire will do it for you! Also get a shock cover or cheap and dirty wrap a tee shirt over it with a few wraps of duct tape. Also get a flag as most dunes require them and find a way to mount it. I prefer to drill a 1/2" hole in the back fender about 6-8" from the end and mount it there. But there are many ways to do so.
  11. I wouldn't go to the dunes without one! A paddle in the dunes gives you traction like you are on pavement, Bring the front end up anytime you want! 6 paddle = 125 or 250f 8-10 paddle = 250 or 450f
  12. jlmotox

    cr125 power issues

    Clutch slipping? Does it rev but not feel like it's doing anything?
  13. Sums it up pretty well! Actually to a T! I've been riding the area for 30yrs and this is exactly what has happened. The place used to be hours and hours of riding and now has turned into a 45 min lap and getting your balls busted every time you go near a staging area.
  14. not sure if anyone here has seen this so I thought I'd post it... http://www.signalscv.com/section/36/article/115522/