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  1. caronabus

    Bolts stuck in petrol tank.

    I stood for a while at the shop choosing a suitable glue. They didn't have TankWeld. The Marine one seemed the most suitable that was available.
  2. caronabus

    Bolts stuck in petrol tank.

    The drill and the glue work well. Thanks for everyones advice. Photos below. Before drilling I put a bit of oil around the nut and plastic to stop it melting the red plastic cause the inserts get really hot. I managed to pry the bolt and inserts out by using two screwdrivers. Getting the inserts back in was the tricky bit. I had to cut the whole open a bit more with a craft knife and belt the insert, including the bolt, in with a hammer. I think I’ll just tighten the bolts up finger tight from now on!
  3. caronabus

    Bolts stuck in petrol tank.

    Sounds like the drill and some glue is the way to go. Thanks for the advice. I’ll let you know how I get on.
  4. I am trying to remove my 2013 Husqvarna petrol tank. However 3 of the small bolts holding the plastics on won’t wind out, they just turn in place. I suspect the brass threaded sockets are turning with the bolts. I don’t think the treads are stripped otherwise the bolts would just pull out. Any ideas?
  5. caronabus

    Different Husky manufacturer's preference

    Thanks Edgecombe. I will feel a lot more confident 'sending' my bike now, knowing that some decent plastics are still available.
  6. caronabus

    Different Husky manufacturer's preference

    I am not too sure that UFO do the pre 2014 Husqvarnas. Can you recommend a website?
  7. caronabus

    Different Husky manufacturer's preference

    I have a TXC250R 2013. I came from owning a DR350 so this is a lot lighter. I love the hydraulic clutch, e start and top end power. The down sides are; brittle plastics, e start is not that strong but better now that I have replaced the original gears, parts are available but they take a while to travel to NZ.
  8. caronabus

    Can anyone help me identify this DR250?

    I agree DR350 mid nineties. Great bike for casual off road with lots of bottom end power. Watch for the steel stand slowly cutting its way through the aluminium swing arm, and the carb needle snapping.
  9. caronabus

    1993 DR350 compression test...etc...

    Try taking the carb apart. Mine did this to me during a trail ride and I later discovered the needle had snapped. I found I could get it to rev high by turning the choke on and twisting the throttle.
  10. caronabus

    Wr 300 clutch cover

    http://shop.italhusky.com/en/products/2010/wr-250-300-4/crankcase-covers-69 55 Euros. But it has to come from Italy.
  11. caronabus

    Husqvarna TXC 250 efi 2010 model wont start.

    I have a 2013 txc250. I found the starter motor faded after about 60hrs. A few forums suggested I replace the starter gear off the electric motor and check the valve clearances. About $600nzd later and some fun labour it seems to be working well. Although I believe this a txc design weakness and may require a repeat operation in the future. Going for the starter button and the kickstart was always a good fail safe.