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  1. lourencom

    2008 CRF450 is it worth it

    Buy IT! the '08 was a great bike!
  2. lourencom

    Guidance requested!

    Also, If you didn't drain the carb of fuel when you last used it, more than likely it's going to be clogged. If it's a FI bike then check the fuel filter and injector. Lube the chain and you should be ready to rip!
  3. lourencom


    Suspension!!! That should be first thing you do. You’re going to need to re-spring for your weight for sure. Find a local suspension guy in your area and they can help you re-valve and re-spring both forks and shock. It will run you about $600-$800, but it's the well worth it.
  4. lourencom

    2014 Honda crf450r problems

    Never trust your dealer to do your own maintence. Read the manuel and do it yourself it's not that hard just follow directions. If you have qeustion ask here, it a price you pay of ownership.
  5. lourencom

    cutting the subframe to lower seat height

    before you try to cut your subfram, wich I wouldn't recomend. I would try to lower your race sag and front forks. Anothe alternative is to use a lowered shock lingage. http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/DeVol-Lowering-Link-Black
  6. lourencom

    Hi all

    Yeah, if it gets hard to start usally means your exhaust valves need attention. I would record both intake and exhaust measurements now, then periodically check them against your first measurements. If you see them starting to move, you can re-shim again or recut and replace them. The usaul recommendation is replace them with SS if you ever have to go down that route. Good luck!
  7. lourencom

    Hi all

    Keep a eye on your valves, since they have already been adjusted its a sign that they are starting to go.
  8. lourencom

    Going to Dunes what paddle tire?

    I run 8 paddle and it's a wheelie machine. I would recomend the cheng seng brand, I have at least five seasons on it and it still looks brand new.
  9. only difference is in weight! Unless your pro you probably won't even know the differences. I have the SS on my 12, and it made a huge imporvement in the power. The TI system is not worht the extra penny.
  10. lourencom

    Cracked stator cover

    JB weld it!!! I did the same to mine and it held up for years before I sold it.
  11. lourencom

    2013 crf suspension

    I would be worried too, it's not made to jump
  12. lourencom

    2013 Rear wheel has DIFFERENT offset!

    Was your buddy at pala last Sunday? I think I remember seeing a dude go down on a new CRF.
  13. lourencom

    Whip confusion

    So basically you can't do neither of them, but yet you still give out advise. Your not even close to being a expert, all your knowledge is just regurgitated from what you read on Internet. Give it up everyone see's the BS and those who don't are sadly mistaken!
  14. lourencom

    #22 REED gets his taste of the -13

    hydraulic clutch!!!
  15. lourencom

    I can't jump for $hit

    Exactly you don't know do you!!! So why are you offering advise when you really don't' know. For someone exploiting advise with only a few years under their belt is frivolous. I've been riding 2T for about 20 years, I went to 4T in 05. I didn't switch because that's' what I saw on TV I switch because there a easier to ride. As far as maintenance there a lot to be said here, but basically its' really not much of a difference. I owned a 05 450 for 6 years and it was a solid bike. But that's not to say my YZ 250's weren't, they were also solid bikes. So this is the reason I say it really comes down to rider preference. We can go back and fourth till the cows come home about 2T and 4T. I really don't think one is better than the other, they just offer different riding characteristics. I understand your just stating your opinions, but I think your going a little overboard. If the OP wants to ride a 4T then let him! He will discover for himself if it's right bike for him. Don't try to persuade him, just because your obsessed with 2T. It's hard for me to understand where your coming from because you have only owned a 2T. I have owned and raced them both. I think you opinions and views do carry some merit, but you seem to over exaggerate your points. In the end Riding should be fun, choose your weapon and ride. Let's not make this a Tye only recommendation.. Ciao!