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  1. WR_Jason

    4TH Annual TT Hillbilly Trail Ride Announcement

    Catty corner, 40 miles North of Philly in Green Lane Pa.
  2. WR_Jason

    99 WR caliper spacer?

    Anyone know if I can just use a stock 426 caliper mount? Is it the mount or the calliper itself acomadates the larger rotor dia?
  3. WR_Jason

    4TH Annual TT Hillbilly Trail Ride Announcement

    99 WR 400. You might consider a set of bark busters and a smaller counter sprocket. Other than that no worries. The crew I was down with we had some MX bikes, a CR 250, YZ 450, and CRF 450. The CR and YZ had bigger flywheels If I recall correctly but they ride Paragon alot too wich is tighter with more slow rock crawling.
  4. WR_Jason

    '98 wheels on newer WR?

    I dont think the stock 98 axle is smaller. Check the part numbers on http://www.bikebandit.com/partsbandit/oem-nav~submit_from_stage~3~section_dept_id~1~model_dept_mfr~Yamaha.asp to be sure. Its sounds like your moto wheels however like most street bikes axles are smaller. I ran into the same issue when I was looking at fitting up a set of Ninja mags I had laying around to my 99 WR. I would have had to drill out or make some adaptors to fit the sprocket and eliminate the cush drive, bush the axle and thats about it. As far as spedos go, whats wrong with you? Get an $80 trail tech electronic pickup computer and keep the cockpit and the bike lean. Even a bicycle computer works but the trailtech setups are much more beffy and set up for motorcycles. Cool features like maint and oil preset intervals and corse milage adjustment, I just stuck one on my WR and hucked like 2 lbs off the front of the bike between the hudge stok odo head and the cable.
  5. WR_Jason

    When you replace the chain

    They should be changed as a set if you have he $. If not you will wear the new chain quickly to what ever the condition of the sprockets is.
  6. WR_Jason

    99 WR caliper spacer?

    I have a set of 03 WR rims I just picked up and they have larger disc than my 99 rims. My 99 disc rotors are both warped a bit so I would rather get a second set of larger newer disc and space the callipers out. Any one know of a good kit for a good price?
  7. WR_Jason

    any news? wr450f street legal

    True. We can only hope.
  8. WR_Jason

    any news? wr450f street legal

    http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/gohuge/0,20859,1329021_1606396,00.html looks nice. I agree it needs to use the 450 mill in the US.
  9. WR_Jason

    WR Supermoto

    Lots of people have. I just picked up a second set of stock wheels so I can mount street tires on it and swap back to dirt mode in about 20 mins. There is a super moto class where bikes have to have stock rims and suspension travel if your looking to race cheap. A set of super moto rims sell for about $1200 with disc rotors. You still need tires and brake upgrades and you will have to cut down the suspension to be competitive in the mod classes.
  10. WR_Jason

    What did I do wrong?

    You have to run the bike to get the oil up into the tank after you fill it.
  11. WR_Jason

    4TH Annual TT Hillbilly Trail Ride Announcement

    Cool, anyone got a link? do you think maybe we should arrange for a few sites next to one another? I can work on it if we can get an aproxamate head / site count. Do we perfer water and power?
  12. WR_Jason

    Grease on Forkseal??

    Also, most seales with springs around them to hold presure advise packing the seals with grease to prevent a hard shot from dislodging the spring. On a dirt bike, I belive water is as big a threat to the fork oil as dirt is to the seal. A good water proof grease is a great idea. JG
  13. WR_Jason

    any news? wr450f street legal

    Fat chance. The WR is a stripped down Enduro race bike. The bike has to be competitive in that market, DOT legal would ad at least 30 lbs to the bike, most of that in tires, and dirt bike riders are like women when it comes to weight. They will live or die over 10 lbs. Look maybe to see a WR based bike with a different frame and cheaper suspension to be the road pig. Yes, if you want a true Jap dirt bike to ride on the road, you will need to find a street titeld frame and go from there ;-). The best Factory Jap dual sport out there IMHO is the DR. That being said, there are not to many people out there, cops or inspection shops that can tell you the differance between an XT or a WR. XT's with street titles are a dime a dozen. You see what Im saying?
  14. WR_Jason

    Which Generation WR Do You Have?

    99 WR 400 Pa street plated with a second set of street rims/tires and an extra sprocket. 20 mins from main street brawler to back woods crawler. I will never give up the 99. At least not the VIN. And yeah its dialed in. Starts in the summer, winter, hot or cold with or without the baffle in. Dont post much anymore but come to check out the group rides.
  15. WR_Jason

    Fork Seal Drivers Questions??

    Ditto on the PVC. Or use a socket, just make sure you drive the outside of the seal. Pack the inside with Vasoline if there is a spring in there. If the PVC is not the exact right size you can use the old seal as the face of your driver. I have also been know to cut a groove out of the PVC pipe and use a hose clamp to squeez it down to the right size or a rag to expand it out. Just keep it all clean and make sure you measure the fork oil, work the fork to work all the air out of the system. Oh and lets not forget the outragously priced Yamaha fork oil that you will need just over one bottle worth of for the job