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  1. The landowner at PPIR has given us permission to switch the direction of the track, fix or route around bad sections, and properly mark the trail. The track is in desperate need of help, and with enough people we can make a big improvement. If you aren't able to help, please help us spread the word and also notify everybody that there will not be open riding on Saturday due to the machinery and workers on the course. If you would like to come and help preserve one of our best winter riding spots, please bring any supplies you have access to including tape, arrows, staplers, shovels, chainsaws, etc. We will begin at 10 am. Thanks for the help!
  2. I have a set of 2010 forks off of a 450 xcw (stock .46 springs). They have only been used 2x. I am looking to trade for 09 or 2010 closed cartridge forks. If any of you are interested please email me at bryceabingham@gmail.com! Thanks! Bryce
  3. Bryce250f

    Nationals were awesome !!

    You guys are all haters!!! Do you all dress like your parents? Who cares???? The racing was awesome!
  4. Bryce250f

    RMEC Hardrock Enduro Canon City

    Just remember that the promoter put on this race with very little help. That terrain is so rugged, I think it was a challenge to find lines that were rideable, let alone an alternate easier line. I think we should all be thankful that we have had two difficult races right before the national, and we will all be better prepared because of it. Thanks again to the Penningtons and the rest of the volunteers that made this race possible and allowed everybody to test their limits!
  5. Bryce250f

    Shane Watts Dirt Wise School - McCoy, Colorado

    I'm signed up and will be there!
  6. Bryce250f

    Best Price Of An 09 150f In Colorado?

    Hey Neil, I just sent you a pm, there is a great deal on a very lightly used bike at Sun Enterprise (303) 287-7566. Talk to Mark Kite (Dave is out this week) and tell him you are interested in the bike Bryce looked at on Thursday!
  7. Bryce250f

    kyle summers gets 10th in first moto!!!!

  8. Bryce250f

    PPIR Hare Scrambles

    I was just at the race site. I missed the practice but it seems like everybody really likes the course. I walked a lot of it and they re-routed around the really rough sections and put in some awesome trail! It should be a great time tomorrow!
  9. A week and a half ago I hurt my knee at a race in Texas. My suspension was compressed and I caught something with my foot while on the peg, it pulled my toes away from the bike and backwards. It hurt when it happened, but felt a lot better after a day or two. Now it feels fine when I'm walking, but if anything happens when I ride and I have to "dab" it hurts again. The problem is that I am leaving for ISDE in less than two weeks and I want to be 100%, and don't really want to miss out on my training program. Am I slowing my healing process by not staying off my leg, and do you guys have any suggestions for speeding up my recovery? I have a friend who did something similar and it was diagnosed as an MCL strain, which sounds like it might be what my issue is - the pain is on the inside of my knee. Thanks!
  10. RDP has done several of my bikes, KTM's and YZ's. They all have come back great, and then they go to the track and help me get it even better. Plus they're always friendly and seem to care which goes a long way for me.
  11. Bryce250f

    250 sxf mods

    Here is an awesome Ron Schmelzle (U.S. Trophy Team rider!) quote- "I just figure they put the clickers in that spot from the factory for a good reason":applause:
  12. Bryce250f

    ISDE fund raising.

    I'm in the same boat. I'm gonna go even if I have to take out student loans and put some on a credit card! I hate asking for money, but I don't want an extra $12k of debt when I graduate, so I'm going to do as much fund raising as possible. Do you guys think we would have more luck looking for support as a team (ie if we were on the same club team) or individually? Thanks for the ideas!
  13. Bryce250f

    07 125SX problem

    The only things I can think of are: Water in the gas/Bad gas Maybe a jet came loose or fell out in your carb Clogged intake or airfilter CDI might be going bad, but I doubt it Good luck, that is a sweet bike!
  14. Bryce250f

    YZ 250 Offroad Setup

    The suspension will amaze you, I've had 4 KTM's, and my '06 KTM 125 was re-valved for enduro. The yz blows it away!
  15. Bryce250f

    06-07 yz250 suspension for dezert/woods/mx

    There are several AA riders in the RMEC that are using stock yz suspension with the clickers softened almost all the way out. I can't comment first hand because mine was re-valved before I ever rode it. I know everybody says that suspension can't be set up for moto and still be good off-road, but mine does both very well and the YZ will be far easier to set up than the KTM. Like most bikes, don't judge the suspension until about 7-10 hours of use when it has broken in.