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    Mainly ride moto, some trails but not too often
  1. motoscotty

    2018 Honda 450R oil capacity?

    I just bought a 19 Jim...and now I’m scared to change my oil!
  2. motoscotty

    450 2014 clutch spings

    Yes you can, the 14 springs are softer as the 12's are stiffer so go soft spring stiff spring soft spring and so on. That is the setup I'm using in my 14 currently, not quite as good as PC or Hinson springs but much better than stock.
  3. motoscotty

    Anyone remember these places near Oscoda, Mi.

    So you were there in Oct 88 when then plane crashed. That was crazy I need to go back for a visit
  4. I have the same problem... One less pizza every week is my solution! And no more 5 guys!!
  5. motoscotty

    Back to Red

    I would say the Yamaha is at least 20lbs heavier than the Hondas..
  6. motoscotty

    Back to Red

    Even after all the testing and getting the bike to turn which I thought was good, just wasn't happening. Very slow turn due to size I think, when you get to the corner you are going so fast you need to work hard to make it turn. Big and heavy and a bad decision and I lost a bit of money dumping it. It's funny.. The Honda is slow compared to but I'm so much faster on it.. The last few weeks I had been riding my 12 Honda. The difference between the 12 &14 is quit noticeable. Really likn the air forks!
  7. motoscotty

    Anyone remember these places near Oscoda, Mi.

    Nice, I grew up off of River Rd across from Aldersgate apts and rode all over the woods and the trails that follow the AuSable. The power lines, those were the days!! 7 mile was a blast, That's crazy you can still ride the track on the base!!
  8. motoscotty

    Back to Red

    After a short stint on the 2014 Yamaha 450 I picked up in September I had enough. I picked a 14 Honda 450 the other day after spinning a few laps on a friends.. It's not nearly as powerful as the Yamaha, that bike is a rocket ship... but I turn quicker laps times on the Honda. It is just so easy to ride for a extended period of time and corners with almost no effort I had my Yamaha working excellent, greatly improved over stock and then I rode a new Honda and it was clearly evident they are not even comparable. I do see some mapping needed and maybe a pipe (Jeff) but that's it. Prior to Yam I was on a 12 Honda 450 Cheers and Merry Christmas to all!
  9. motoscotty

    2013 or 2014? HELP

    I improved the handling of the Yamaha 100% with the testing we did and the results we achieved. The previous year owners of the Yamaha (10-13) think the 14 is the best bike ever. I really really liked mine until I rode the 14 Honda. I really like the Hondas and the way they handle, no there not as fast as the others but who cares... I turn faster lap times on the Hondas and it is just easier for me to ride, maybe I'm crazy who knows! Can't wait get my 14 Honda
  10. motoscotty

    2013 or 2014? HELP

    I'm picking mine up this week, just sold my 14 Yamaha. Had Hondas since 09 and stepped out of the box to try the Yamaha... Cost me $2k!
  11. motoscotty

    Anyone remember these places near Oscoda, Mi.

    Yes I did. I grew up in Oscoda and rode all those place summer and winter
  12. motoscotty

    2011 CRF 450 box content when buyimg new?

    I have never received anything other than a manual and the spoke wrench with any of my Hondas.
  13. The track at the bombing range The MX track on the Air Base Bultaco Hill 7 mile hill These are all place I rode growing up when I lived on the Base Wurtsmith Air Force Base
  14. Jeff- I tried the link and felt it did not have the same effect as my current set up, nor feel as stable as the super sag. Maybe cause the link changes the angle of the shock?? I have a link laying in the garage you can try for your self if you'd like. I don't think it's a clamp issue, the ass end is just way too high, I think the front brake could use an oversize rotor definitely.
  15. Just try running your sag at 112 or even more, I know it sounds crazy cause that is what I was thinking when it was suggested, this bike works well with lotsa sag! Win all the testing we did with sag #'s I found the bike way way high in the rear at 100 and kicking violently. I found there to be an area between 104-108mm where the front end started pushing, then thinking outside the box we tried 110 which I thought was nuts, it was way better so we went to 112 and it got even better ans was starting to carve so we went to 114 and by now we had lowered the rear an inch and a half. Traction became way better under acceleration and braking and cornering became so easy. All we have done with the forks is raise them 8mm to level out the bike sue to the lower rear. I am currently runnin 116 mm now and using a 6.3 shock spring which allows the excessive sag but still supports me With both wheels sitting on the ground the tip of rear fender is 38-5/8" above the ground, stock it was over 40. This bike reacts so differently to adjustments unlike any other I have owned, I have no idea why 116mm makes the bike corner so much better, don't be afraid to think outside the box! I've gained a few over the last few weeks due to my birthday but currently 210 lbs and running stock fork springs and a 6.3 rear spring. As far as the rest of the bike it is bullet proof like any other Yamaha, power is unreal on this bike. I have not touched the mapping and have a 4.1 slip on which I'm not at all impressed with (it was free thank god!) Currently I'm running the stock silencer Feel tree to hit me up with any questions.