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  1. lil200

    regearing 04 cr 250 for trail riding

    +1 only think I do different is 14/48 gearing but a little clutch work is required in ROCKS....and that goes against all others wanting a instant loop out wheelie and uncontrolable power and Im a little older JUDO so I cant remember how I rode 3 years ago.....lol FWIW this is from a slow AA rider 13 years ago....now a B rider IMHO I ride more open/woods/some technical rocky and slight elevation change with this bike and have it geared for some speed sections where I don't want to give it up to 450, listen to the guys riding your conditions Axiom below is right about a G2...and if you kill it all the time a Rekluse Pro would be better than the flywheel weight....get the jetting right this is all just an opinion your results may vary....enjoy the CR what is it with all the old guys riding CRs again? did we all drink the Orange Kool Aid the last 10 years(still sipping a little)....maybe its my inner kid going back to what I rode 30 years ago....
  2. its a pair....order 1 and its a set 1 set left and right #plates 1set L and R shrouds
  3. lil200

    2005 Cr250 Project finished Pics

    WOW! I thought I had a sweet CR......mines a turd....lol
  4. lil200


    jar...I am following this on ktmtalk too....I love your project bikes....my first was putting a XR 200/210 in a 86 CR250 chassis back in 87.....I don't know why....but it turned alot of heads : ) dig the clam shell wrist breakers!!! times were different back then....I still have a new set if anyone would like them lol
  5. lil200

    19" Trials Tire?

    HDR. The Vee rubber tire actualy has the tall sidewall like a real 18" trial tire. That's why I like it over the Shinko which like you say has a short sidewall. A 18 would be my first choice too but with a 19" wheel I didn't want to spend any money except for the tire. And the Vee really seems to be pretty good. I have used Dunlop Perelli and Michelins to compare too with on my Ktms
  6. lil200

    19" Trials Tire?

    I have used both....the Shinko is not very good IMO, it really has too much sidewall flex, when cornering it feels like you are drifting or doing a power slide(squirrly) and is smallish size compared to the VEE. I really like the VEE VRM 308 http://veerubberusa.com/motorcycle/viewsize.php?Pname=vrm308 if there were a Dunlop 803 for a 19" I'd be using it.....But of the 2 19" available use the VEE........I have a barely used Shinko I'd sell CHEAP!!! Shawn- Moderator....Im using one on my CR250....Ive never been on a MX track what do you do there ride around in a circle?.......Just Kiddin......
  7. lil200

    ktm 200 flywheels

    2K3 came stock on 200SX....some said it was too heavy and broke crankshaft ends....I never saw it actualy happen. I think all 200EXC,MXC,XC&-Ws came with 2K2 the 2K2 is great(IMO) unless you want more lighting power the TT is some good stuff.....used it on a bunch of RFS bikes......
  8. lil200

    whats best to clean motor parts

    Eagle One mag cleaner ( for cast wheels) works great on bare aluminum engines....BUT USE IT AND RINSE SOON I have had KTM bolts start to rust after prolonged use, it has some acid in it,,,.... but it makes engines look new, works on calipers, bottom of forks and KTM cast swing arms too ...keep it off your fork tubes or anything anodized... who knows where I can get black plastic and skull graphics.......
  9. lil200

    This '03 CR250R is FUN!!!

    no kidding...and its not just at Wal-Mart,Target or such, I can't go in a mom and pop store and its not made in China...KTMs new engine cases made in India I believe OK Im going to stop now....this post has got off track...... sorry letitsnow
  10. lil200

    This '03 CR250R is FUN!!!

    I do not like the fact they donate to the Sierra club.....but it is hard to know the donars and quit using all products that some dumazz in one department does when it comes to contributions...kind of like when companies donate to both dems and republicans to make sure they can get their lobbyist in no matter who is elected......
  11. lil200

    This '03 CR250R is FUN!!!

    Drunk at the keyboard....that explains how anyone could possibly like a 9 year old bike that is slow, handles like crap RC valve is stupid,and has a bad carb that cant be fixed by any means possible:smirk:
  12. lil200

    This '03 CR250R is FUN!!!

    I better just keep and live with my bad decision.... and stroker...my garage has started to change from all Orange to a blend of Kool Aid flavors...I really like the Cherry now too and the change in my pocket
  13. lil200

    This '03 CR250R is FUN!!!

    OK...I should says ALL CRs ARE TURDS DON'T BUY ANY OF THEM:smirk: Buenas...I can't I would feel guilty about ripping you off with my POS : )
  14. lil200

    This '03 CR250R is FUN!!!

    +1...Clarke tank, tried Rekluse EXP 2.0 (took it out, not for me on this bike) PWK 38, moose torque spacer. LOVE IT but we are driving the prices up....these need to be talked about the piece of crap non running turds they are. everyone only buy up to 01. the 02-07s are non-running turds. only worth $600-900.
  15. lil200

    02 250 RC valve mod?

    I would like info too on this as I like the way mine is but always looking for more. off topic...ulmanb.....I wonder how many of us orange kool aid drinkers are sneaking a sip of Cherry? I really like it!