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  1. sorry if its a repost... but who could get tired of this...? its awesome watch it.
  2. 2006yz125

    Your Best Jump

    i have like a 50ft double at my house.... but i have jumped bigger b4 roughly 60-65 feet at my friends ranch...
  3. 2006yz125

    Armmmm pumpppp

    i sometimes have a hard time with arm pump... what can you do to prevent this from happening? and my fingers sometimes feel like they are locked around the bars and become very hard to open.... ADVICE
  4. 2006yz125

    de-powering a 125 for my gf???

    a 125 will run work awesome... however depending on ur GFs weight you may have to switch up so suspension settings... they come relatively stiff from factory and most ppl dont change them due to the fact that most guys are heavier than girls... and this will make it much easier for her to lear because there wont be harsh bumping out of controlness if you get what im saying?
  5. 2006yz125

    03 yz125 40:1?

    most people think its dumb... but if you really want you can run 50:1 and it will run crisp... well that is if your jetting settings are already rich... if i really wanted i might even be able to run 70:1 but im not guna take that risk : )
  6. 2006yz125

    de-powering a 125 for my gf???

    fly wheel weight... dumb down the gearing so its not as snappy. maybe throttle stop.
  7. 2006yz125

    fuel injected 2001 yz 250

    i definetly will! i might have to put off doing my 125 till summer cus i dont have a job right now...
  8. 2006yz125

    fuel injected 2001 yz 250

    it was a fun project... but pretty confusing/frustrating at times.
  9. 2006yz125

    fuel injected 2001 yz 250

    his dad builds custom banshees for drag racing... and there is a box of fuel injection parts that he had sitting around and so we had to cust build a lot of stuff... but he said he worked on it today and he said he has it working flawlessly right now... so we will see if it holds up
  10. 2006yz125

    fuel injected 2001 yz 250

    once we get all the sttings dialed in i am pretty sure it will be much more reliable than a carb.... and increased HP but the settings are pretty wishy washy and hard to figure out... but we are trying.
  11. my friend is in the process of building custom fuel injection for his yz 250... at this point it runs with it and works but is running very rich... so we are in the process of changing some things but i just thought it would be cool to see what other TTers think of a fuel injected yz 250 not EFI. no electricity needed it runs off his water pump... but with both of us being 17 it is sometimes hard to find funds for such projects... but once we get his bike all set up... we are movin in on fuel injecting my 2006 yz 125! when i get the chance i will take a few pics of his setup as it is... it looks pretty sweet and the fact that it is almost fully functional is awesome! especialy being hand built by a couple of 17 yr old kids! he also built some sweet billet footpegs i will show you all to!
  12. 2006yz125

    lol is this really worth it?

    beware young grasshopper of our chinese piles of crap.... they are sold in walmarts and sporting goods stores in america to make small ammounts of american dollhairsss but bewareeee if this bike decided to fall of the stand and break trying to fix them is pretty much freakin impossible since i dont think i have ever seen aftermarkets for whatever bike that was alder or something?
  13. 2006yz125

    mountain view mx

    yeah i try and go mostly on every saturday or sunday but not many tuesdays.... i work till 4 and miss out on a lot of the practice times tuesdays
  14. 2006yz125

    mountain view mx

    there is a company called jj and a racing... based near here and a guy who works there goes to mtn view... and i saw the jj on ur name and decided to ask you.
  15. 2006yz125

    mountain view mx

    i would miss it to! im so glad i will be going a lot this summer! man im soooo excited!