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  1. MT43 on the rear of a 450 seems to go everywhere well enough and wears like iron. On the front I have a Kenda K777F knobby and been the best I have experienced so far for Dual Sport with trail riding focus. They seem really stick, are DOT, and only after a whole lot of trail/pavement mix miles am starting to see some of the side knobs break off. The M12/S12 on the front types did not last nearly this long. Walker in particular is hard on side knobs for me. I have had to look hard for the K777Fs though, a few obscure places seem to list them as in stock now.
  2. My standard time between Moab and Woodinville is 18 hours. Stopping for gas, occasional food stop, maybe a rest stop with short nap added when solo. 2nd driver for a few hour break and skip the longer rest stop. Some trips solo or in a camper we have taken the time to stealth camp roadside or overnight in a rest stop in southern Idaho or northern Utah, timed to rise early and beat the morning Salt Lake City traffic.
  3. The quarter turn screw. It should be held in place by the washer on the bottom side. I assume that is what you are having trouble taking off? It should pry off with some persuasion as I recall. On one of my seats I broke the bike side of the fastener trying to bend it up slightly to account for a thicker seat and washer - it is very strong but brittle.. I drilled out the rivets and put in a threaded aluminum plate and used a stainless socket head and washer.
  4. The vapor comes with a coolant sensor that you will need to insert into your radiator hose (cut a small section out). I put mine right where the upper right rad hose passes through the frame on the 450/510. You can use your existing speedo wire. RPM has options for wrapping a wire around the spark plug lead, connecting to the coil primary, or connect to the bikes ECU tach signal if the model has one and it is of correct signal specs. On my 450 I only use the Trail Tech coolant sensor module, on my 610 I use the Vapor. The sensors are the same. You need to purchase the right kit to match your hose sizes. I use 12V panel mount LEDs in orange, green, and red varieties for fuel low, neutral, right and left turn, and high beam on my 610.
  5. The seat bases on the 2006 and 2007 TE450 are the same, the foam shape on the 07 is more rectangular is all. On my 06, which was more round edged to start with, I got a new Guts Racing grippy cover and put a 1/4" layer of dense blue foam over the existing foam and of course shaped it. The grippy cover material is also stretchy. It does pose a challenge to keep in place at the rear fastener. I find that as the temperature warms up the grippy gets grippier :-) Sometimes it is too much, other times when heading up a steep bouncy slope I am still finding myself sliding back. So overall I think it is fine in cooler weather areas at least. A good quality non-grippy cover will also not slide excessively. My Renazco vinyl seat was great, got better as it wore in a bit. I have a Seat Concepts on my TE610 and that is much better than stock and has the grippy cover.
  6. Alta Lakes in Colorado. Just a camp stop on the way between the many 13K feet elevation passes in the area (SW CO) that made for some new favorite riding. Hit this after several days in Moab. I plan to go back.
  7. Devils Backbone east side of Entiat River Valley. Storm Mtn (7K ft) at the southern end of trail shown in one of the pics which has a peek-a-boo view of Lake Chelan, unfortunately the camera battery died before getting to the top. Foggy Dew, and really most all the Lake Wenatchee to Methow area is my favorite in WA. Idaho, Oregon, and Moab trails are tops too. I guess I do not have a favorite after all so please ignore this post :-) Top of the World Moab. Got to get through this to get to this
  8. I will be headed out from Woodinville area for the Saturday ride. One open trailer spot. Leaving either Friday afternoon or wee hours Saturday AM. Tenting or back of the Jeep if overnighting. Edit: open trailer spot is now filled. - Mike
  9. I added a fan with a 200F thermo switch in line with the 12VDC to the fan (200 on, 190 off). Documented in another thread. Look at http://www.cafehusky.com/threads/cooling-fan-on-a-06-te450-with-4g-ims-tank.13372/page-2 for one example with a rad guard and IMS tank on. My 2006 TE450 has rad guards with front slots and no louvers. Also have a 2007 TE450 that is stock. The 07 does boil over once in a while but is hard to do at least up here in the PNW. The stock louvers make a big difference. If you have a radiator guard on and no louvers, you will want a fan for sure. Even with stock louvers, I would still expect a boil over periodically, at least in temps comparable to here in the Northwest. Not too bad. I recently installed 7602 rad guards (some minor mods had to be made on the left side) and modified the stock louvers to fit back on. I only had the cross bars on the front of 7602 guards, no optional front grill. On my 2006 mentioned, I also installed a TrailTech coolant temp sensor in the upper crossover hose to ensure the fan was doing the job, and it does. I have partially obstructed airflow due to the rad guards I have and cannot fit the louvers so the fan runs frequently and temps reach 223F but the fan seems to control it. I run a stock rad cap and Engine Ice. Also your carb jetting might be on the lean side. Both of mine are jetted richer than stock. I am also running 3.2 gallon oversized IMS fuel tanks on both which do not help. Last point, fans are hard on your battery if you stall al lot and use electric start :-).
  10. KLR650, KTM 990, DR650, and even R1200GS bikes on the Saturday rides for sure - just about anything can be seen out there. For the race on Sunday not so much.
  11. Check out http://www.britanniacomposites.com/index.php/products/lynx16. I have one on my 07 and love it. There are threads on this and lots of pics if and when needed for mounting tips and wiring.
  12. Tough to tell how much of the original metal is still there and in what critical places. I have had good success with JBWeld and it is quite possible this will be fine. I would consider beefing it up a bit more possibly for insurance. I put a case saver on mine to help prevent this and it is probably still a good idea on yours. The arm rotate a long shaft so the force is distributes along a significant amount of metal. I would just keep an eye on it and build up you confidence in it. If it starts to let loose, show excess play, catch it early. The alternate is either a new case or maybe a complex well and drill repair. The impact of it failing in the field is usually not earth shattering though certainly inconvenient, unless you are doing tight single track stuff. I bet it has a chance of working fine for a long time.
  13. In WA, you can apply for an "Ownership in doubt" title. You produce what paperwork you have and they do a lost and stolen search in the State Patrol DB, then if title and stolens search are clean, they cut you a title that is branded with "Ownership in doubt". Then if no claims are made in 3 years, the branding is removed and it is your free and clear. You can sell the bike with the title branded, the new owner assumes the risk someone makes a legit clam though, possibly losing the property. You might have something similar there in PA.
  14. My daughter is living in an apartment in Colbert just off the 395 highway exit. She has attended Gonzaga law school for over a year now so has been making the drive downtown via 395 summer and winter. She gets there in about 20 minutes and has no complaints. She used to commute from Woodinville/Monroe here to Seattle U downtown. She prefers the Spokane commute. She is in a relatively new apartment complex on the top of the hill that gets a good breeze. Nice in the hot summer. Modern retail strips and a mall are close by. She has been happy with it there. It has a bit of rural feel but is still well developed area with some green space around. We shopped around for some time including possibly buying a house, but decided the apartment n Colbert was the best place, value and location. It is a stopover for my Idaho/eastbound travels since I am paying for it :-).
  15. Was at the lookout on Mt Revelstoke (in BC) last Tuesday afternoon. Nasty skeeter swarms. Fresh rains and late meltout same as down here. Keep moving or else.
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