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  1. OKDinosaur

    Lightweight adult bike

    The only full size bike that weighs 200lbs ready to go is a 125 or a ktm 150. The 200s and 250s are 220lb+. The KTM 150xcw would be the only one with a wide ratio transmission, unless you like vintage bikes. The japs stopped making enduro 2ts a long time ago. FWIW the regular yz125 six speed is plenty wide for my woods riding. You’re probably going to have to give up one requirement, either Japanese or wide ratio.
  2. OKDinosaur

    YZ250 woods AND MX machine - possible?

    The 18” tires have a taller sidewall, so an 18” wheel w/ a 120 tire is just about the same outside diameter as a 19” / 120 combo. The taller sidewall gives you more flex for hitting obstacles, but in high speed turns (esp on hardpack) the taller sidewall is more squirmy and doesn’t give as much feel, so the MX guys like the 19”. It’s like how track cars run big rims and low profile tires for max handling, and street cars run smaller rims with taller tires for better comfort and pothole absorbtion. I wouldn’t worry about your new tire being taller. You can always run a few mm more sag to make up for the slight change in geometry, might be worth trying if you notice a change in the handling. 13 tooth is a bit low for my personal taste, I feel it makes first gear too jumpy. But try it out and see how you like it, and then go from there. I like 14t front and 51t rear, just a little bit shorter gearing than stock.
  3. OKDinosaur

    Yz125 vs ktm 125sx

    It’s still setting the standard suspension wise, if I could buy a KTM 150xcw with the same KYB suspenders the YZs come with I would have bought one years ago, before they porked it out with estart and a battery - I mean it’s a 150 come on, I can start my yz125 with 1 hand it doesn’t even need a kick.
  4. OKDinosaur

    Tired of reading the same old threads?

    Rotella. Haha good one bro, as if anyone would run diesel oil in a bike!
  5. OKDinosaur

    Tired of reading the same old threads?

    You were shredding bro, what kind of oil makes your bike run so smooth???
  6. I woulda sent it full throttle, launched off that sweet lip and cleared all the rest of the whoops, then rode back to the truck and banged my smokin hot big titty wife. It’s a good technique you should try it. I’ve also hit a log going 30mph like you describe, PM me for details on that technique it’s too raunchy for the public.
  7. There is plenty of modern research (mostly from this decade) showing how the other types of fiber have their own beneficial effects on gut flora - there are beneficial bacteria strains that rely on fibers other than resistant starches. I’m not going off what the Irish guy from the 60s said. Gut flora is something that wasn’t even discussed until the 90s, and hasn’t been seriously studied till just recently.
  8. Resistant starches are a type of fiber... and fiber being a 60s myth? Most of the studies showing the benefits of fiber have been done between 1990 and now. That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve read online. And I put “no carbs” in quotes for a reason...
  9. OKDinosaur

    Did anyone here really vote these idiots in.

    Using cell phone while driving - $1000 and 3 year license suspension. Seems legit. The emojis let you know it’s real, and not just bs typed up by some stooge.
  10. Have you tried measuring the volume of each? Plug one end, fill completely with water, then dump it in a measuring cup and see how many cc’s each pipe is.
  11. Yes, it would be unreasonable for a 16 year old to finance a brand new 2019 then trade it in the next year (losing thousands and paying sales tax twice) on a 2020, which would also be financed. If you’re that interested in having e-start just buy a used 250x and wait for estart (better be patient). Or buy a used euro 2t that already has estart. Idk why you’d want a monthly payment at 16, it’s not like a 2019 250x is any different from a 2016 250x, other than those gay trendy colored hipster wheels (I have an 18 I’m allowed to say it).
  12. OKDinosaur

    YZ 250 transmission shift issue

    I was always wondering why they swapped the lower 3rd into the 250x, now it makes sense. You’ve saved me from making the mistake myself, thanks!
  13. OKDinosaur

    Humboldt county

    Those damn pot heads, all the same, they ruin everything!
  14. OKDinosaur

    250x head

    Haha I did the same thing, I bought an NECJ when I first got the bike then rode for 60 hours without trying it because I was pretty happy with the Yamaha needle. I ended up losing that first NECJ I bought and had to buy a second one. It works really well with the 40 power jet.
  15. OKDinosaur

    250x head

    Try the Suzuki NECJ needle, only $10. I was running that same setup and thought it couldn’t get much better, but then it did. It got a lot better. 45p, 168m, necj 3rd clip, 40powerjet Another +1 for the RK head from me. I felt a little more bottom end, and the motor feels and sounds crisper with a bit snappier throttle response.