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    Cush drives are one method of isolating torsional vibration spikes from damaging driveline components. There are other methods of accomplishing the same thing. One alternative method is isolating this via the clutch hub. I forget if the DRZ has a sprung clutch hub or not, but that's something to consider. Also, gear mesh spec's like transmission angle, surface area/load, clearance and oil viscosity all are factors. The DRZ-S is a street bike, like it or not. The durability testing this bike had to pass was very similar to other Suzuki street bikes. Adding (and more importantly, tuning) a cush drive is beyond the ability of most amatuer mechanics. I'd spend your time and money elsewhere. Just my two cents.
  2. AndrewQ

    Tire balancing....holy crap!

    Pretty accurate? Yes, good description. Its a pretty good method. Especially considering you're probably running knobbies. Dynamic balancing is definitely better, but most people won't feel the difference. Also, if you're picky enough to feel the first order imbalance, then you'll want to re-balance the tires as they wear. The next generation tire balancers include a method to correct for tire sidewall force imbalance, which will make a very big difference. But, again, if you're running knobbies you really shouldn't care. And yes, dealers suck.
  3. AndrewQ

    Cycle World's new article" Dual-Sport done right"

    There are some cool things about the motoczysz, but if anyone doubts him being a gearhead, check out his kid's names...he named one of his kids Enzo
  4. AndrewQ

    OT: Vancouver Ride 11/26/04

    Jay....I may be able to make it. It depends on if my g/friend goes on a wine tasting tour. I may not know until Wednesday or so, but I'll let you know.
  5. AndrewQ

    Another TT member coming to Hawaii

    Well, I've been following this thread from day one, and have decided not to say anything since I don't know any of you and didn't want to dilute the thread. But....by this point a few things are obvious. The TT members from the northwest are awesome. Some of the funniest posts I've ever read. Some things you can fake. Other things you can't. Obviously these are good people. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best thread EVER on TT. Good luck Loynz!! Have fun in HI and I'm sure you or Torture or Punsai will post some pics. Just know that it's more then your normal group of friends cheering for you! Have fun and post lot's of pic's!! We're all jealous here, even if we don't make it obvious
  6. AndrewQ

    what cam and $$

    I've tried the Hotcams intake cam based on advice of those here on TT. I forget the price...got it here on TT for somewhere around $150....pretty damn cheap for a cam. It provided a nice increase in low end and midrange. More noticable in the midrange then the low end on my bike. I have an "S" with the stock carb and stock exhaust, so that is a factor. The install is simple if you're comfortable inside of an engine. Or pay someone if that works better for you. PS. If you're serious about avoiding expensive mistakes then leave the NOS off of your DRZ. It sounds like fun but the reality is that its not a great match.
  7. AndrewQ

    no back brakes

    Is your rear brake lever (pedal) traveling the normal amount? If so, and the caliper piston isn't moving then you have a leak in the hydraulic circuit. If your pedal doesn't move when you apply force and the pads don't move either then your caliper is probably siezed....or possible your master cylinder. Take another look...shouldn't be too hard to diagnose
  8. AndrewQ

    Ride Vid: Now only 30 MB!

    Truly an awesome video! Very entertaining. Thanks for spending the time editing and for posting here on TT. That makes me want to get out and go ride
  9. AndrewQ

    103 mph anyone else

    OK, most of these guys have already cleared it up for you, but just in case you missed it, here's a summary: If you want to consistently ride above 100 mph buy a different bike. The front end rake, front fender, ride height, and general aero properties make it a bad idea and an unpleasant experience. Personally, I've run every single vehicle I've owned up the top speed once just to see what it would do. But some of them, like the drz, aren't fun at high speeds. It's a dirt bike! Or, in the case of the S model, it "wants" to be a dirt bike. 140 mph on a drz is stupid. No drz motor is going to make that kind of power and nobody could ride it if it could. The difference between 100 mph and 140 mph is enormous. If you're really addicted to the triple digit speeds (nothing wrong with that) buy a street bike.
  10. AndrewQ

    Question for FCR converts....Are you one?

    FCR39 is 39mm pumper carb that comes on the dirt models. BSR36 is 36mm CV carb that comes on the street legal DRZ for emissions reasons. The difference is mostly in throttle response
  11. AndrewQ

    OT, pls advice , important

    I was just thinking, this post is really rambling, even for one of rookie's post's PS. As far as advice...its obvious....sell the car and get another DRZ
  12. AndrewQ

    UFO Tailight-Best Price

    Nothing is immune from crashing. The ufo does take some skill/determination to break. Just make sure to update the turn signal bulbs so the blink rate is slowed to normal and someone behind you can actually see your turn signals
  13. AndrewQ

    Fall Color Tour Hey Mutual Bill.........

    Looks like fun. Are all your trails that wide or is it just the pictures?
  14. AndrewQ

    Ebay is your friend!

    Here's a great way to raise some money for the DRZ fund...sell some of the stuff collecting in your garage on Ebay. I've never done it until this past week, and my first item sold for over $3,000. Now, I admit that I have more car parts and stereo equipment lying around then most people, but I have crunched some numbers and I should be able to bring in at least $10-15 grand by the time my garage is cleaned out. So, if you have stuff lying around just in case you might possibly, maybe be able to use it (packrat), why not try to sell it on ebay? For me, the clincher was that I just moved and realized how many times I have moved these same engines/turbo's/transmissions/ etc.. Give it a try and you can spend some of your profits here on TT
  15. AndrewQ

    seattle area?

    If you don't get any responses here then try the Northwest forum here on TT. There's more then a few guys with DRZ's in the Seattle area or at least guys who used to have DRZ's. Good luck