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  1. timbuckets

    Need advice TT500

    Hi Mark, I have had a similar issue as Patuca mentions above, though it was on a much different motorcycle (70s Ossa 2 stroke). Symptoms were slightly different on the 2 stroke though, it would stutter and pop once it was warmed up, then foul the plug. I still think that the magnito could be the culprit for you! Curious if the the re-built bike was ever running good when warmed-up during your jetting and suspension tuning trials? Like pre-race 1 did you do any longer rides without issue? Also one more thing to check - does the seal between the header pipe and the exhaust pipe leak at all once warmed-up? This would cause a loss in back pressure and potential throw things off
  2. timbuckets

    Fitting Keihin Dual Carbs to 85 TT600

    I saw one picture once of the CR's on the TT600. They removed the stock airbox and used some pod filters though. I too would return them.
  3. timbuckets

    1984 XT600

    Only issues I could note are: - CDI ignitions are known to go bad on these yams. If it was inside or didn't get cold, you may be in luck. There are options for replacement or DYI's out there if needed - Carbs can be a bit of a bear, but once the carbs are setup she will be a beauty. Watch for the 2ndary slide carb sticking and getting the sync between them right. If you have not touched the screw on the sliding pick-up plate between the carbs, I would leave it (as it should already be setup). This is a PITA to play with once the bike is together and running Looking forward to some pics
  4. timbuckets

    1984 TT600 Build

    Well, talk about falling off the wagon. Here I am nearly a year and a half later. Busy work year and lots going on in the garage has kept me away from the TT. Well I should be back now (hopefully!), sorry for the absence. The best news is I have finally found a few minutes to work on the TT! I believe last time we all chatted I was in the middle of a few issues: Fitting my new exhaust - So the exhaust was welded up (home bent SS pipe to an CRF450R muffler with PBR spark arrestor). What stalled me out is when I put it on there was almost no clearance between the muffler and the tire. Worried about hitting the muffler, I needed to find a solution. Low on cash, I did not want to bend and weld another pipe up. So I was stuck Front brake issues - spongy front brake, so I bought a rebuild kit (the front end is from an 80s CR500). The new master cylinder piston looked very similar to the old one but the end was too short. I tried fitting it but the plunger would not compress enough to get braking. Also the end was too short for the lever to reach Carb/timing issues - the dreaded 4000 RPM rev wall. Tested with both of my CDIs and some woes messing around with carb tuning So now for the update: Fitting my new exhaust - I finally rigged up a propane burner under the exhaust pipe for 20 mins and got the metal nice and hot. It was enough to let me bend the pipe an extra 1-2 degrees giving me the needed clearance. Now all I need to do is seal up the header to tail interface a little better. I have a patch gauze that I will use for the rest of the season, then I will come up with something over the winter. Ya - One item down Front brake issues - I got fed up with tying to make the new piston work, so I switched back to the old one and moved the seals over. I will go to the wreckers some time soon and see if I can't find a decent master cylinder that I can fit on there. The brakes are still spongy but at least they work! Two items down Carb/timing issues - This is still the big un-known. I have made a special balance screw that I can access the carb balalnce with the tank on from the side of the road. This means that I can actually play with the balance without a 1/2 hours work for every little tweak Tank - I have also dyed the tank and the side covers with Rit dye. I made a nice strong solution and dunked them for a month. The tank turned out good and the side panels are a little purple, still better than before. I should get some pictures of this soon
  5. timbuckets

    86 TT350S carb woes

    No good source, sorry. I just cleaned mine very well, got a new bowl gasket. I did get a "jetting" kit off of ebay from some place in Arizona. It came with a few primary carb jets and some bits to drill out the secondary.
  6. timbuckets

    86 TT350S carb woes

    My guess is the carb still needs a good cleaning. Take it apart and soak all the metal bits in some pine sol (search pine sol on this forum) for a few hours. Pick at any really bad build up with a tooth pick. Rinse, dry and assemble. If its the same YDIS carb setup as the TT600 there is a primary slide carb and a secondary CV carb. The CV carb has an aluminum diaphram so it can't be torn (if its the same as the 600). The fuel out the overflow is likely a stuck float needle. The running good then running like crap is pieces of stuff breaking off and clogging jets/passages. Do a good soak and cleaning and it will fix the problem.
  7. timbuckets

    1984 TT600 Build

    The TT CDI has something like 1 connector and 3 loose wires the XT has 2 connectors and 4 loose wires (off the top of my head - I may be way off). Most of us start the carb tuning with the manual's method then tweak it from there. I have started work on the TT again - I will be posting up again soon!
  8. Did you come to my garage and take pictures?... same break, same rust same wear marks. I have seen one where the break was ground clean, a ~ 1/4" plate was welded to the back sticking down and back. Then another plate was welded on top of this new plate to line up with break and a weld was put in between. It wasn't pretty but it worked. No help on the paint sorry Whats up with the carbs?
  9. I use good old soap & water - Hose off with garden hose, Wash & soak 2x and rinse with plain water once. Use a green scrubber pad to clean up gunk. I also stone the mating faces between wash 1 & 2. Once your done, wipe them down with a paper towel soaked in oil and bag them till they are needed
  10. timbuckets

    Soda Blaster

    Smacaroni- You can improve your water issues by adding copper piping between the compressor and the receiver tank. Usually store bought compressors come with a short 6" section that goes straight into the receiver. Get a good 3-4' section and coil it around the receiver (away from the hot compressor) before entering into the tank. This will give the humidity in the air time to condense into water. You will have to drain your receiver tank more often but it keeps the water out of the air. You can also add a drip leg into this copper to remove the water before the tank it you want. Total cost is $15 for the copper and some thread sealant.
  11. timbuckets

    Wire Size & Connectors

    I'm just looking at getting some new bullet connectors for my TT600 to try to eliminate my blinker disappearing issue and improve the robustness. Questions: I'm having a brain fart- The wire size for the main harness is what? 18AWG, 16AWG? Is everyone content with bullet connectors still or is there something better? Is it worth the $$ to go posi-lock? My only issue with posi-lock is I would have to buy 10 different kits to get all the splices/taps/straights that I need.
  12. timbuckets

    TT500 Oil system

    It depends if something has been sucked through the pump. If everything is good, as you say, the pump should last a long time. All 3 of my TT600 pumps have scares from crap being pulled through.Could it be a line blockage or restriction?
  13. timbuckets

    1982 XT550J Build: let the fun begin!

    The crank bearing I am talking about is the LHS main crank bearing behind the cam chain sprocket. I think Smacaroni was talking about the big end bearing of the con rod. Personally, I would not do the big end bearing myself. Smacaroni is right in saying that it has to be balanced and perfect. Else you wreck all of your hard work in a hurry. As for the LHS main crank bearing I did this myself because I have the ability to make the tools needed (mill/ lathe). You could get a shop to do this for you but they would have to be willing to attempt the challenge. Its not a common part to replace. Most guys just buy a new crank. I figured it was good character building and <$100 for the tooling and the C4 class bearing. I can walk you through the process if you want to proceed but its not the easiest thing I did on the bike
  14. timbuckets

    Yam TT600 '86 Oil Tank breather

    You should be able to see it from the right side of the bike at the top. My project is still on hold. The weather is great but I have been sick with back-to-back colds. I will be heading to the states on a parts run soon, that should stoke the fire again Not sure on the kit. My bearings were all cleanable so thats the way I went.
  15. timbuckets

    1982 XT550J Build: let the fun begin!

    The coil in the 3Rd pic is what I have on my tt600. Not sure about your Gen of bike. As for the crank, the bearing comes out attached to the crank.ie the od of the bearing is moving relative to the case when you push the crank out. If you want to replace this bearing you can get it off but you have to remove the unkeyed cam gear... :-) it's fun but a big job