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  1. Z06PSI

    2006 CRF250x lower fork tubes

    Ebay. That is where I bought my upper tubes.
  2. Z06PSI

    !!PLEASE HELP URGENT!! 2005 crf250x

    It goes under the rectifier actually. They use the same bolt hole.
  3. Z06PSI

    Service Honda out of business?

    I remember sometime in the 1989-1990 being at Casey's racetrack and seeing an aluminum tanked cr500. It was a one off bike from what I was told. Same guys?
  4. Z06PSI

    Back from the dead CRF250X

    So the wheels are interesting. They look like blems from Warp9. The front wheel is black on the left side and a bronze color on the right side. The rear wheel is bronze on both sides. It literally looks like a horrible, horrible anodizing that went way wrong. But it looks good.
  5. Z06PSI

    Back from the dead CRF250X

    Thanks everyone!!!! It took me 3 weekends to do it all. I took the forks all the way down and other than the fluid they (seals and bushings) looked pretty good. The dust seal was obliterated but internally they looked o.k. I just went ahead and replaced everything anyways.
  6. Z06PSI

    Back from the dead CRF250X

    Anyone ever see forks do this? I am guessing the bike was stored outside and this is just the salt air attacking them.
  7. Z06PSI

    Back from the dead CRF250X

    Aftermarket stuff already on the bike when I bought it. Pro Circuit pipe Warp 9 wheels and hubs (Look like blems) Pro Taper bars and mounts Scotts damper Boyssen power valve Carbon frame guards Scotts rear disc fin Aluminum skid plate Radiator guards Just a bunch of parts that just needed to be cleaned.
  8. Z06PSI

    Back from the dead CRF250X

    Bought this 2005 CRF250X last month for 1000.00. Bike was in rough shape to say the least. Looked like at one time the bike was taken care of with a lot of aftermarket parts but the last guy didn't do anything to it. Engine checked out fine but the clutch was slipping, back brake didn't work, header was smashed, and all the plastic was broke in some way. Tore the entire bike down and cleaned the motor and the frame and got busy. All bearings replaced in the suspension and wheels Chain rollers all replaced Forks rebuilt with seals, bushings and new oil as well as the damper and upper tubes replaced due to corrosion. (I will post a disturbing pic of those tomorrow) Wiring harness replaced. (They had spliced into it so much) Header replaced. All brakes bled, coolant replaced, and oil. Clutch and clutch cover as the stock had a crank in it. Chain and sprockets replaced. Carb disassembled and cleaned. Plastics replaced. Seat cover replaced. Graphics added. Put another 1000.00 into it and it came out quite nice. My kid will ride it. Before and after below.
  9. Z06PSI

    Ripped open clutch cover

  10. Z06PSI

    No fire 1998 XR250R help please.

    I picked up a well used 2005 CRF250X for $1100.00 for my son to ride. He is stoked and I didn't like him throwing his leg over my XR anyways. Need to put about 500.00 into it to make it reliable. Wife looked at me and said "You are going to sell the XR now right?" I said...."Yes" knowing full well I will never sell it. Lol
  11. Z06PSI

    No fire 1998 XR250R help please.

    Replaced the igniter and the coil. Still nothing. I am going to take a bunch of resistance measurements and voltage readings and post them up. The entire electrical system is brand new now.
  12. Z06PSI

    No fire 1998 XR250R help please.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Spark plug = new and multiple ones at that. Plug boot = I am getting continuity between the coil and the plug contact Kill switch is completely disconnected Good idea. I need to clean all the connections and put some grease in all of them while I have it apart. Good idea as I have restored this frame but it has been a few years.
  13. Z06PSI

    No fire 1998 XR250R help please.

    So I wasn't getting any voltage (.7V) at the CDI box. Ordered the Ignition pulse generator. The bike is going on 20 years old. It was all good money spent as the entire electrical system will be new. Lol
  14. Guys, I would really appreciate some expertise here. I have no fire so I troubleshot a little bit and I was reading good across the coil at .3 ohms, and then 375ohms across the stator. I bought a new stator and a new CDI box. Installed both and still no fire. I still have .3 ohms across the coil and 190K ohms from both sides of the coil to the spark plug wire electrode. I now have 320 ohms across the stator (Ricky stator) and a new OEM CDI box. Can someone give me a hand with this?
  15. Z06PSI

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Not bad for a 10 year old RFS.