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  1. These guys were fasst.. fun watching you guys out there
  2. EricW835

    Creatine and riding...

    Okay, well I was wrong on the time on the gym I went this morning and was there and out in about hour and 20 minutes... I really appreciate the help I stopped taking the creatine as of today and will just focus on taking whey protein and cardio. Thanks for all the replies! I will post an update to see how things are working out. I am going to start running and riding the stationary bike.
  3. EricW835

    Creatine and riding...

    I actually dont have time to do my legs..I mean with all the stuff I listed above I am at the gym for two hours....mon wed and friday.... I honestly dont have any issue with my legs while riding...
  4. EricW835

    Creatine and riding...

    Okay, I am currently working out 3 times a week. Ill give you a quick run down of what I do.. I can only use machines due to an arm injury. I do shoulder presses 3 sets of 10 I do a sit down style bench press 3 sets of 10 I do butterfly's for 3 sets of 10 I than do curls and triceps for 3 sets of 10 I do lat pull downs 3 sets of 10 I finally do a row machine for 3 sets of 10 For cardio (just started the cardio) I do ten minutes on the treadmill.. I guess my basic question is, Is this a good work out to get a little stronger and in riding shape? I also supplement with creatine and whey protein. Is there any effect on arm pump with creatine? Thanks guys!
  5. EricW835

    Old pre-mix oil

    Tight...I am using it tomorrow. Ill let you guys know!! haha
  6. EricW835

    Old pre-mix oil

    The oil had a cap on it? Is that sealed enough?
  7. EricW835

    Old pre-mix oil

    Perfect! I guess I just needed some reassurance... Thanks guys !
  8. I just got back into riding after about a year and half hiatus... I found some silkolene comp 2 premix oil and I know its about a year and a half old (un mixed) Do you think it is still safe to use?
  9. EricW835

    Drz400sm Into Drz400

    I Have A Buddy That Im Trying To Get Back Into Offroad Riding That Has A Drz400sm. I Have Him Convinced Just As Long As I Can Figure Out How To Put A Set Of Dirt Wheels On His Sm. Wanted To Ask You Guys If You Have Seen Or Heard Of Anyone Doing It. Thanks Guys
  10. EricW835


    Sounds kind of weird, I also feel kinda dumb if its true. Could it be stuck in gear? And feel like the valves are hitting the piston? If it is true i probably didnt notice because my sprocket and chain are off. hmmm its got me thinking.......
  11. EricW835


    All my timing marks are set in the right position. When the bike turns over into the intake stroke it seems as if the valves are hitting the piston. Is there anything i should know? What could the problem be? thanks!
  12. EricW835

    ran bike out of coolant

    Sorry about my honda logo guys I just switched and It was a good one haha. Well I smashed the Rad. on a big log sticking out in the trail, I didnt fall it just made me come to a complete stop haha. I checked the valve clearance and it is still within spec so im hoping it will be ok. Thanks guys!
  13. EricW835

    ran bike out of coolant

    This weekend I smashed my rad. and I ran the bike out of coolant. The valves tightened up on me a little bit and I was wondering what other things i should check before I rode this bike again thanks
  14. EricW835

    CRF exhaust need input

    I have a stock Muffler for a 2004 CRF250R and I was wondering if it was worth anything to anyone? or do guys only go for the full system?
  15. EricW835


    Hey I was there with you guys at the Lafferty school, I was riding with fellow TT member and didnt even realize it. That was awesome guys Im glad I met you and maybe we can get together and ride some other time!