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  1. Hey you look like me. I had surgery 25 June. Healing just fine. Still working on my range of motion. Heal up...
  2. White Knuckle - Not even a option. Used to ride there back in the day. Small track that I can even ride. Cycle Ranch - Best dirt around for south Texas. Been through many owners over the years. Seems to struggle from time to time. Would required major upgrades to handle traffic on race day. Zars - Huh? It's all single track trails. I ride there quite often. ADVMX - I like this track in Austin. Again IMO not really fit for a pro race without major mods to the track. Not sure about the others My brother used to ride MX and I will say North Texas probably has better tracks. Keep in mind, pros used to run Freestone years ago. AMA pulled the date for various reasons. Peak months to ride. I guess it depends how tough you are. I would say October - May(ish). After that is gets pretty hot and the humidity kicks in.
  3. Good luck with the Gran Fondo ride. They had a inaugural ride in Fort Worth (TX) this year. I missed it. Mostly because I wasn't in shape. No fault buy my own.
  4. Nice ride. I hate riding against winds like that.... ugh.
  5. He looked good, real good. Right up to the point...………… Guess it runs in the family.
  6. Haven't posted in awhile. Rest assured I'm lurking. Good to see everyone still riding. I was out riding last Monday and it finally happened. Got hit by a car. The knucklehead turn right in front of me and I T-boned him. Basically fished tailed into the side of his car. First and foremost the bike sustained nothing but cosmetic damage. Me well this 52 year old body don't like taking hits like that anymore. Nothing broke. I will heal. Probably be off the bike for a couple of weeks. Here's the pics. Be safe out there guys.
  7. Meh... A-1 is over. Can we start the MX season now?
  8. That's a good pace. Guess the new bike is fitting you well. Group rides are the best. I try to hit one every weekend. During the week I'm a lone rider.
  9. How's the bike feel? IIRC you are running the ultegra grou set, right?
  10. My bike runs hydraulic too. However only downside is the stupid hydraulic "pump" mounts right in front of my bars. Making it hard to put a Garmin on the bike. Going to have to find a way tho.
  11. Looking sharp. I'm liking the disc brakes. Mechanical or hydraulic?
  12. Couldn't agree more. Even KR was better than RD.
  13. That was kind of my point. Just didn't make it very well.
  14. Like ET or not. The man can ride a bike. KR looked good and will only get stronger. MM.... has got to feel bad. Had the lead all moto and ET caught and passed him like he was missing a cylinder.
  15. Joined another group training ride. Snacks at mid point were not that great. Anyways, first leg I did pretty well stayed in mid pack. Second leg... Ugh. Legs failed me. Didn't finish as strong as I wanted.
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