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  1. sideseal24

    SM Jetting question

    Just an update...if anyone cares lol. I had to order some stuff from rockymountain, so I threw in a 170 main with the order. Installed it today and took a test ride. Now I probably don't have the best butt dyno, but I didn't notice any real difference doing some high speed wot stuff. I took off the airbox cover and made a run. No real difference. Same with taping a 3rd of the airbox. So, after all that, I went back to 160 main, blue at 3rd clip. That's my original setup and it's been working great for me the past year since I did the 3x3. My science experiment is over. Just gonna ride and leave it alone. Anyway, there ya go.....
  2. sideseal24

    2005 drz400sm rejet. Popping on decel

    Some popping is normal. Try another 1/4 turn on the fuel screw for a total of 2 3/4. Are you using blue needle and clip at 4 position?
  3. sideseal24

    Joined the club

    I try to do a wheelie now and then but I suck at it and then neighborhood kids laugh and act like this....
  4. sideseal24

    SM Jetting question

    I agree My yoshi is uncorked. When we get some decent weather around here I'm going to try the airbox door off and see what happens. I have to order some parts anyway so I'll probably add a 170 main to the order and try it out .
  5. sideseal24

    SM Jetting question

    Yeah the part of me that likes to tinker with the bike is tempted to buy a 170 main and try it. The other part of me is like if it's not broke then dont fix it. I'm surprised that after all these years and countless installs of the jd kit with tons of user reports that Jd now says the 170 is the way to go.
  6. sideseal24

    Jd jet kit quick question

    See this thread. The OP posted the updated jd kit instructions which shows the included jets. Looks like jd is now recommending a 170main with a open exhaust and they are including that 170 in the kit.
  7. sideseal24

    SM Jetting question

    Thanks for the update I switched over to clip 4 and went for a ride and the went back to 3 and rode the exact same route and speeds. The 3 seems to be the best for me. The 4 seemed to feel a bit sluggish around 1/4 throttle and a little above in 4th and 5th gear. I don't know. Could just be the placebo effect with me wanting to feel something different. Anyway, the second ride when I went back to 3 it seemed better. I would get a decel pop now and then with the 3 but it's always done that. Didn't seem to get that on 4. Who knows? Maybe my bike just likes 3 better. I'm going to leave it as is with the 160m and blue on 3. Keep me posted if you try anything else.
  8. sideseal24

    SM Jetting question

    Thank you sir! I'm not going to try a 170 as I believe my bike is already a tad rich. Interesting that they suggest that now. Just because I'm bored, and it gives me an excuse to play with the bike, I'm going to go try the needle on clip 4 again.
  9. sideseal24

    SM Jetting question

    Interesting. Would you mind posting a copy of the new instructions? I'm just curious to read it.
  10. sideseal24

    SM Jetting question

    Interesting. Just went out and checked the instructions for mine. It's dated 9/5/2018. It's the same as its been. 160m, 3rd clip, etc.... Let us know what they say.
  11. sideseal24

    SM Jetting question

    Yep I'd uncover the 3x3, set everything to JD settings and tweak from there. Keep us posted on the progress.
  12. sideseal24

    SM Jetting question

    When I installed mine, I figured I'd try it per the JD instructions just to get a baseline and then try the 4th clip per the posts here. Well, it ran great so I didn't mess with it. Then I got bored one day and figured I might as well try the 4th clip. Went for a ride and didn't notice much, if any, difference. So I went back to the 3rd and left it alone. Bike runs great in both hot and cold weather. It hasn't gotten above 70 here yet but when it does warm up considerably, I'll tweak the fuel screw. I'm at 2 3/4 turns now and I'm guessing 2 1/2 or so will work for the summer. And like ptgarcia posted above-no issues with his setup Anyway, half the fun is getting it to where YOU like it. Don't know if you've seen the jetting spreadsheet. Gives you an idea of what others are doing. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HNSB3DrqJqHTInjVDKKS4HNSHZPbdK0ElbfNI5HxuZg/edit?hl=en#gid=1172546203
  13. sideseal24

    SM Jetting question

    My understanding is with the arrestor in, then yes, you should run the 155 main. You could always leave the 160 in and see if you have an rich symptoms as the weather heats up. I'm in North Texas at ~500' I run the blue needle on 3rd clip year round and have had no issues in the 90-100 weather. In answer to your needle clip position, I tried swapping from 3rd to 4th and back again. Personally, I didn't notice a difference. My setup for comparison: 2017 400sm Full yoshi RS2 (spark arrestor removed) Jd kit blue needle 3 clip 160 main 25 pilot stock fuel screw 2 3/4 (I'll probably tweak that when it warms up) Hope this helps.
  14. sideseal24

    2020 DRZ400SM release date rumors?

    I heard the 2020 will come with "Bold new graphics!" 😀
  15. sideseal24

    Silkolene Pro 4 XP @ Amazon

    Just thought I'd pass it on. Good price for 4L for those interested.... https://www.amazon.com/Silkolene-Pro-15W50-Engine-600989774/dp/B071VJ49FT/ref=asc_df_B071VJ49FT/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=241970175828&hvpos=2o4&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10706017497968547925&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9027223&hvtargid=pla-605837800059&psc=1