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  1. cman60

    Woods Poker Run Oct. 7 Bixby, MO

    Can you say if the ride is generally a easy ride. Or do you need to be pretty accomplished. Thanks Cman. [ wanting the wife to ride with me.]
  2. Been riding on the street 37 years, 2 100,000 mile pins, plus a bunch more since I've quit documenting 10 years ago, and have yet to have a street bike related accident. Be safe. Be aware. And a MSF course would be a good idea.
  3. cman60

    stripped head bolt

    I have a 03 DR 650se with one of the 4 head bolts stripped. I really don't want to pull the head and cylinder to do the repair right now. My question is will the other 3 head bolts plus the 2 nuts that also secure the head to the cylinder be enough or do I need to pull everything and do a heli coil repair. Thanks, Cman
  4. cman60

    Looking to get into dual sporting

    DRZ 400s would do you fine. And if and when you feel the need for more power there is a bunch of after market available. put a Big Bore kit in mine.
  5. As a owner of 2 DR200se, DR350se, DRZ 400s, and 2 DR 650se, I truly feel the DR 650 would fit the bill. My wife loved hers and wasn't too happy when I sold it. Very reliable and not too bad when riding two up. We ride almost always forest service type roads, some trails and pavement connecting the trails.
  6. As a owner of 2 DR 650 se's that bike would be fine for your attended purposes. Good after market support, very reliable. Very linear power. Common sense will go a long way as far as it being a 650. Maybe a MSF course would also be a good idea.
  7. Suzuki DR 200se are bullet proof bikes. My girls put about 8000 miles on a pair of them. No issues what so ever.
  8. cman60

    The Call of the Mountains

    Nailed it.
  9. Did you buy the bike ???
  10. Wife and I are both 58, riding KTM's 350 & 500 exc's. And having a great time.
  11. Got the Pro Bends on our 2 KTM's, and they have done a great job protecting in a crash.
  12. Use it our Jeep, truck, and the last 5 years in our DR 650's and works great. Also looks pretty darn clean at 2500 mile changes.
  13. By no means an expert for that area but my wife and I took our 350 500 exc dual sports on a lot of the dirt / gravel roads that run thru the Ouachita . Had a great time, nothing challenging, just some good forest FR type roads. Going back this October.
  14. cman60

    Harley ADV bike.

    Glad to see H - D jump in.
  15. cman60

    2016 KTM 350exc wont start.

    Pulled the tank so I could get to the spark plug. have good spark when cranking. Pulled the fuel filter and at least to the naked eye it looks clean. New battery and have also been using a battery charger in aid of cranking. Still no start. Even pulled the black knob out for cold start and the bike refuses to hit at all. Don't know what else to do other than take it to a dealership. Maybe Wednesday night take the tank off again and completely drain all the old gas and refill with 93 octane. Any ideas would be great, thanks, cman.