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  1. cman60

    We seem SO close now...

    Just curious, what kind of ride time does that equate too. ???? Really looking forward to this e-bike thing.
  2. I agree with being a little upset. I have always tried to support those who are in our sport. I also try to give a second chance. That would leave a bad taste . Shame Zip Ty doesn't reply. At least maybe to the OP. ??? LOL a set of free decals would go a long way.
  3. Yes , I have a problem letting go.
  4. cman60

    500 people’s comments

    Perfect quote. " I don't think and 500 belong in the same sentence. "
  5. The 500 EXC with a Vortex mod.
  6. I think the new Triumph Scrambler would make an excellent bike provided the end user rides it like it was intended for. The XE has a little more off road chops, at least going by the the write ups I've seen so far. And still not too shabby of a street bike.
  7. cman60

    Large Adventure Bikes

    How do you guys like that new Triumph XE 1200 Scrambler ? Looks like it could handle some off road riding, at least within it's limits. 21" front tire is nice.
  8. cman60

    Bike Chocks

    I use a flush mount wheel chock. Cut a hole in the floor, drop then screw the chock into place. Flush to the floor when not in use, folds up to provide a wheel chock when in use. pretty sano.
  9. Any 1996 and newer DR 650 is bullet proof, super low maintenance plenty of support. Parts readily available. We have put a combined 25,000 miles on 2 a 2003 and 2005 with zero problems.
  10. cman60

    Bent subframe

    If you dont mind me asking. how much for the sub frame??
  11. cman60

    Woods Poker Run Oct. 7 Bixby, MO

    Can you say if the ride is generally a easy ride. Or do you need to be pretty accomplished. Thanks Cman. [ wanting the wife to ride with me.]
  12. Been riding on the street 37 years, 2 100,000 mile pins, plus a bunch more since I've quit documenting 10 years ago, and have yet to have a street bike related accident. Be safe. Be aware. And a MSF course would be a good idea.
  13. cman60

    stripped head bolt

    I have a 03 DR 650se with one of the 4 head bolts stripped. I really don't want to pull the head and cylinder to do the repair right now. My question is will the other 3 head bolts plus the 2 nuts that also secure the head to the cylinder be enough or do I need to pull everything and do a heli coil repair. Thanks, Cman
  14. cman60

    Looking to get into dual sporting

    DRZ 400s would do you fine. And if and when you feel the need for more power there is a bunch of after market available. put a Big Bore kit in mine.
  15. As a owner of 2 DR200se, DR350se, DRZ 400s, and 2 DR 650se, I truly feel the DR 650 would fit the bill. My wife loved hers and wasn't too happy when I sold it. Very reliable and not too bad when riding two up. We ride almost always forest service type roads, some trails and pavement connecting the trails.