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  1. cman60

    1971 Honda Mini Trail Resto

    Nice. More of a ct fan, but dang nice resto.
  2. Awesome write up. Long time Suzuki owner of various dual sport sizes, never a problem. Just curious, what octane gas have you been running ?
  3. cman60

    What the AMA is doing to MX

    Lifetime member of the AMA, seen the good, the bad, still think we a better for having them then not. My 2 cents.
  4. cman60

    Vintage Trials Video Crazy Rocks

    What video???????
  5. cman60

    Need some help/advice

    Look at the hoses and the clamps for weeping or cracks. A fine spray on a hot motor will produce the same smell with little or no noticeable drop in coolant tank.
  6. Good job. Another 1000 miles is another 1000 miles. And for how I ride and no need for ultimate traction, big deal, that would work for me also.
  7. Coming off a DR 650se all I can say is I have never looked back. 2015 KTM 500exc and WOW, what a change in just the weight, let alone the handling and power.
  8. cman60

    flattrack Jeff Ward

    Pretty cool seeing Jeff Ward coming out of retirement, even if it's for selected flat track races.
  9. cman60

    Flat Track Racing Series-

    Speaking of the movie, Jeff Ward in going to do some flat tracking this season.
  10. Lower foot peg mounts. So much easier on my knees, when going from sitting to standing, and back. This is one mod I do every time now.
  11. Been riding dirt bikes for a lot of years. Finally bit the bullet and bought a new KTM 500exc. Loved it so much I bought my wife a new KTM 350exc. Now we wished we spent this kind of money for great riding dirt bikes a long time ago. We have been riding the 40 years we've been married and before that as kids. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would spend that kind of money, but damm, we wished we would have ponied up alot sooner.
  12. cman60

    1986 Honda ATC200X Project

    Just saying, not a racer but a long tie 3 wheeler. Great looking trike. Got a a few myself, and been riding them since 1982. Daughters 23 & 25 years old and can't think of riding anything but 2 or 3 wheelers.
  13. cman60

    Anderson! What A Fluke!

    Go JA, too funny how the subject changes.
  14. cman60

    Chadwick Open During Gov Shutdown?

    Hell YES.
  15. cman60

    ALL IN ORANGE - Bagget!