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    New 2010! :-)

    Thanks for the info guys... Yep, already got my grease from the shop and I'll be doing that really soon! That along with chain and sprocket kit, radiator braces and maybe some grips for now.. I haven't even ridden it yet, except for like 10 seconds behind the dealership - I can't wait! :-D

    New 2010! :-)

    Hey Guys, It's been a long time since I posted on this site, but I just bought a brand new 2010 RMZ 450 today! I'm super pumped because just over 2 years ago, I had sold my CRF 250 to buy a new 450, then I lost my job... and pretty much everything that I owned. Needless to say, today was a good day and I'm a very happy man - I haven't ridden for almost 2 years and my motivation was going to the Daytona Supercross with my buddy and realizing that I really missed riding. So, I did what had to be done and got one! lol Anyway, I'm reading through the forums right now but just wondering if there's anything major that I need to do right of the bat? Good and bad points of the 2010. Also, I'm about 215... how long is it going to be before I'm looking for suspension mods - I had MB1 on my CRF... am I gonna be bummed on my first ride?? ha ha. Anyway, just saying hi and hope I can get some good advice on this forum as I've done with the others... Can't wait to ride! :-) SD

    Suspension Lowering Questions

    Even better than lowering your rear shock, my buddy would get some of his subframe remove and welded back together. he has done this for all of his CRF's.... much like the GOAT, RC. then you could shave the seat, as well and not lose any handling characteristics. I had a Kouba lowering link on a 650R which didn't handle well to begin with, but got worse with the link. I have a 30" inseam and I just learned to live w/ the height because I need FULL travel on my suspension. good luck!
  4. I have an '06 CRF 250R w/ the standard JD jet kit set-up. I am still getting a little bog on landings on the gas and cracking the throttle open quickly on turns. This is Las Vegas elevation of 2000' and temp now is 70's/80's, but i do ride sometimes at night in the 50's and starting to get colder I was thinking of moving the clip down 1 position to make it richer, would this be the right move? I have the recommended settings for sea level to 6000 ft. I believe they are the following: 180 main jet 40 pilot jet clip in the 5th from the top position red needle thicker o-ring mod 1-1/2 turns out on fuel screw ( not sure, but I turn it in while running until it starts hesitating, then about 3/4 turn out) what do you recommend to elimate the bog, or do you recommend a Boyesen type Quickshot? Thanks!

    Oversized Rotors, Are they worth it??

    based on everyones responses, it sounds like I would love to have an oversize rotor!! thanks for the replies. It will now be an upgrade to my soon to be purchased '09! That thing is going to be sweet!!

    World Premiere - 2009 CRF 450 - It's HERE!!!!

    you can always take it off... that's way cooler, anyway!
  7. How many of you guys have oversized rotors and recommend them? Is this a must have item? I would say I ride 99% MX. Is this a good upgrade?

    Wrist/thumb tendinitis - Dequervain's?

    Dr. Mark, Could this possibly a broken scaphoid bone and have the same type of pain at the base of the thumb?
  9. I have always had wrist/thumb pain in both hands, but over the last few weeks, I've developed chronic pain in my right (throttle) hand. I have seen a hand specialist and I'm now in a thumb spica splint 24/7. PT w/ iontophoresis (sp?) 2x/per week. I have an MRI scheduled for next week. I am definately off the bike for a few weeks. Has anyone else had this? Any recommendations? How long could this take to heal and would surgery be a good option if I've always had this?

    06 yzf to a crf. What do you think?

    I don't know if I would say the CRF turns better than the YZF. I had an '06 450 and could never get my front end to turn like I wanted it. I had ordered offset Triple clamps, but the shop went out of business and I never got my money back... so I never got to try that set-up. Anyway, I rode my buddies '07 YZF and that thing turned on a dime - I could point the front end wherever I wanted, even in mid-turn. I decided to trade the 450 for a 250 and that thing corners like nothing else, very stable and I usually can be found passing alot of 450 in the turns. But I do miss the power quite a bit. the 250 forces you to be a better rider and there is no margin for error when you weigh 220.... Needless to say, when the '09 comes out w/ FI I will trade back up to a 450 and learn to deal with the cornering... who knows, maybe the new 450 will corner like a 250:ride: we'll have to wait and see.... all in all, you can't go wrong w/ a Honda.
  11. Here's what I got: I was at 5000' elevation, now at 2100 '06 CRF 250, WB dual carbon pipes - everything else stock current set-up 162 mj 3rd clip 42 pj 2 turns out What do you suggest for the new elevation change? Thanks!

    Tyler Evans shows off his bullet holes

    He has a career?!

    Am I to big for a crf250

    I'm 225 and just switched from a 450 to a 250 and love it. It just depends on your riding ability. I'm a Vet novice, fairly decent. I just like the flickability of the 250. I'm geared down to a 52 in back and It's pretty snappy. the only difference I notice is that I do 2 downshifts if I'm coming out of a corner and then uphill, otherwise it will bog down. if you keep the revs up, you'll be fine. worse case you don't like it and then put a big bore kit in it. good luck

    250 vs 450

    hey, I just switched from a 450 to a 250 and couldn't be happier!! way more nimble and flickable. I'm a Vet Novice (not the fastest, but not the slowest) and I'm 225 and very happy w/ the power. I've got a 52 tooth on the back and it's pretty snappy. the only time I notice much difference is when I go into a corner w/ a loamy uphill exit. I will have to downshift twice and keep the revs up or it will bog if I only do 1 downshift. it's still a learning curve - coming off the lazy 450, i've only had 2 rides on the 250 but I love it... only you can make the choice and unless your a superfast racer (i'm a weekend warrior) I'd stick w/ the 250. IMO!

    Hell if I know anymore

    I talked with Ron Hamp from RHC and he suggested his cam and valve springs and an Athena Big Bore 280 kit - he said that would do the trick....I'd much rather have a more nimble bike - but if you're a fast expert maybe you need a 450...