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    twisting grip & squirrel hunting (snowmobiling for those who don't know)
  1. drtbkr

    old school off road trail riders

    Those guys were nuts! Must'a been the non-filters...
  2. drtbkr

    CRF 450X TT Member's pictures Database.

    They're all sweet if you ask me...
  3. drtbkr

    450X..Brake Pads...recommendations please

  4. drtbkr

    Moab in Nov

    durangoman............nice hypnotic avatar..... I....can't....stop..... watching.....
  5. drtbkr

    pics of tough situations

    DAMN!!! TOTAL CARNAGE! Glad he walked away...
  6. drtbkr

    Rampart suggestions

    Hmmm............. get behind me, Satan!
  7. drtbkr

    Steamboat Springs - favorite trails?

    I apologize now for not reading where 'exactly' you all were, but, I rode Big Red this weekend with a local. First time I'd been there and it was EPIC! Great stuff! It was one of those rides that you don't forget........EVER! Especially that one trail with the lack of rocks/roots/ruts with the berms pointing you to the side of the trees you WANT to be on.... EPIC! braaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry....Gotta go wack!
  8. drtbkr

    Rampart suggestions

    Word. It's a totally 'go-when-the-goin's-good'-type trail system. You have to ride 'smart' and not drag the bars in the corners when you don't know what may or may not be coming at you. ALWAYS be cautious when you can't see what's coming at you in order to make a safe 'de-cel'. Like Wilford Brimley says, "It's the right thing to do". You just HAVE to know there will probably be someone there when you don't expect it. That's the rule. It's a great trail system (which I thank God for quite a bit, btw) and the more people know and respect, the better off we will ALL be! Now....... go twist!
  9. drtbkr

    pics of tough situations

    THAT is a bad situation!
  10. Word. (Don't forget the safety-wire!)
  11. drtbkr

    Motivational quotes

    I'm not reading 50 posts, so, if I am restating...sorry. "DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY!" --- Yoda