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  1. Padgett

    Rm85 suspension is stiff

    Its been a while since I turned wrenches on a RM85, but I believe the stock sag is 95mm. Race sag is not a set it and forget it adjustment. You can really change the handling of a bike by playing with the sag. Try different sag settings until She looks comfortable on the bike, but I would not go pass the 105mm setting.
  2. Padgett

    Transmission Oil for rmx 250 1993- 1995

    Mix ATF and Rotell T 15-40. Example, if your bike takes 750cc of oil, use 500 cc ATF and 250cc of 15-40. The clutch will feel great and your transmission will shift better.
  3. Padgett

    Rm85 suspension is stiff

    My boy's 2006 and 2007 had good suspension front and rear. He rode the bikes hard and tested the suspension to its limits. You already put the stock springs back in (save the stiff springs for later). If your rider is not pushing the bike hard, then I would start with 14 clicks comp, 8 clicks reb on the forks, and for the shock High Speed Valve 1-1/2 turns from seated in, 16 clicks comp and 8-9 clicks reb. Set the forks at 10mm above the top clamp, and the rear shock sag at 105mm. Try those settings, bet she will like it better.. It takes some time to get the clickers just right, but two clicks up or down will make all the difference. Less aggressive riders need more rebound on the front and rear, and speed the rebound up as they get faster. Always watch the front and rear fenders, you can tell if the front or rear needs some adjustments by watching the fender tips for balance.
  4. When replacing a worn out OEM basket with a new aftermarket basket, you get a set of screws and nuts to replace the pins that you must grind off the ring gear. If you want to use the basket in the photo above, then I would suggest that you remove the old welded pins and replace the pins with a set of screws and lock nuts, with red Loctite on the threads. You can find the screws at any hard ware store, but get some good grade screws.
  5. Replacement frames do not come with vin numbers stamped on them. Many race bikes that have had the frame replace do not get the origanal frame number stamped on the new frame. If the vin has been ground off, you can tell by the shape of the frame tube. If the frame has been painted or powder coated, it mite just be a build up of paint covering the vin. The vin will be located on the triple tree stem, on the right side.
  6. Padgett

    08 rm105 top end rebuild help

    First before you spend any money, check the bore of the cylinder to see if it is still the stock bore. If not, then you need to call Wiseco and check if they will sell you a piston kit. If its stock bore, then order a stock piston kit. Next, with the plate, you do have a stroker rod in the bike. You can replace it with a full after market crank kit to get the bike back to the RM85 specs, or you can pay a shop to replace the rod with a rod kit. I would just order an aftermarket kit and be done with it.
  7. Padgett

    240psi too high?

    Your going to need more than pump gas to run that thing. It will rattle more than a rattle snake and destroy the head and top of the piston with detonation. Your in the repair stage to get it back running on available gas in your area. Running high end race fuel is a pain in the rear end. I suspect that you have a lot of over worked machining in the top end parts. No one knows why someone would build a compression monster like that. You need to get the compression back to around 180psi at the most. 170psi would be better for you.
  8. Padgett

    1993 RM125 Seized

    I would slit the cases and check the transmission gears. Sounds like you have a wheel gear stuck to the shaft.
  9. Padgett

    Bottom triple clamp question??

    The difference is 1mm, but you cant stretch or squish 1mm on the fork tubes. You will need the triple tree off of a 2001 - 2003 RM250. The three year models came out with KYB forks. In 2004 the RM250 came out with Showa forks and it wont work on your 2003 RM250.
  10. Padgett


    I believe its a photo illusion that makes the inside o-ring grove look like a sleave on the top, but I'm not seeing a sleave sticking up out of the cylinder. If a magnet sticks to the cylinder walls, then its a steel sleave, if not then its plated. I did some thinking about this last night and I'm almost positive its a stroker crank. The big problem is you didn't get the built over bore cylinder and machined head for this bike to be a RM105 or RM112. Without knowing who built the motor, none of us have any ideal of the specs used. My bet is someone took the over bored cylinder and head and left the stoker crank in the bike, then slapped on a milled base, stock bore cylinder with a stock head. Using the plate under the cylinder with two base gaskets will get it back up and running with out any head work. Or you can take the head to any shop (even a lawn mower shop can cut the relief from the outer edge of the head), they just need to be able to mill a straight spark plug head. Milling the head mite be the easy option, but the shop doing the job will need to take their best guess on the degree cut of the squish in the head. Or you can replace the stroker crank and replace it with a stock crank and use the cylinder and head you have to put it back as a RM85. If it was mine, I would do the plate under the cylinder and that way if it ever chunks a rod bearing, you can replace it back to a stock crank and just remove the plate you built. Now your back in business with no top end parts to buy.
  11. Padgett

    03 250

    You need a #7 carb slide. Some trail riders even use a #8 slide. The higher the number the leaner the slide. You should have a #6.5 stock slide unless someone has changed it out. The 03 RM250 jetting is a bear to jet, unless you install the leaner slide. Lots of info on this page about it, just use the search at the top of the page.
  12. Padgett


    Ok, here is what you can do to get it going. The right way would be to have a machine shop dress the dome of the head. However, they will not know how it needs to be done unless you tell. Or send the motor and all the parts off to a builder who knows whats going on. Now, this may not be the preferred way to fix it, but its something I would do in a pinch. You need to shim up that cylinder to use the stock head and get to riding. You will need a sheet of aluminum (preferred) or sheet of steel (less preferred) and cut it to the shape of the base gasket. You will need a base gasket on bottom and on top of the plate, so two base gaskets. This is not a new thing, we do it all the time to increase the port timing on a two stroke, but in your case we are just getting you back on the bike and not blowing o-ring. It will take some time to cut the plate out and make sure its a straight plate and not warped. You need to mic from the top of the cylinder to the edge of the piston. That is the thickness of your plate, if its a little thicker, then it will still work fine. Good luck.
  13. Padgett


    That is not stock. It has a stroker crank in it or the cylinder has been shaved. Ill put my money on a stroker, because that is an excessive about to mill the base of a cylinder. You need the matching head for that cylinder. If your trying to put a OEM stock head on, then it will never hold a gasket. If you have the machined head for it, then you need to re-figure the squish and machine work. Your building to much compression.
  14. Padgett


    You can put new head o-rings in all day and they mite blow, if you don't torque the head bolts correctly. The RM85 does not use a so called head gasket, it uses two o-rings. You must torque the head bolts in the correct pattern or it will leak. What year model is this bike? Some had OEM flat top pistons and some had dome pistons. Are you sure you have the correct piston installed?
  15. Padgett

    Need help

    Runs fine one day and no compression the next. I bet you got it hot and stuck the piston rings. Two strokes are simple, pull the cylinder and look it over.