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  1. So after doing a 23 hour day the past three times at DILLA, I'm thinking of sleeping at a hotel. There doesnt seem to be anything in the immediate area that i pass, the area is pretty impoverished. I dont need pools and frills, but i do want a CLEAN place to lay my head for the night. I have a few people coming with me so i'd rather not wing it with the hotel choice. We are coming from the NYC area. I'd like to grab a hotel within an hour of dilla if i can help it. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. warrior86

    First time at Unadilla Tips

    Hey, been a long time since on this forum (very unfortunately). This will be my fifth year going and knock on wood, every year has been great! Some of my older buddies have told me the stories about the craziness back in the day. I feel like those who were lucky (or unlucky depending on your perspective) are part of some inner cult circle. Kinda like the older guys telling me about street drag racing virtually everywhere "back in the day" in NYC. Anyways, every year I've brought a girlfriend who I'd say is pretty impressive on the sexy scale and I never had any issues of anyone being disrespectful and using crude words. I mean, yeah, f bombs get thrown, especially as everyone is drinking all day (including me), but it was nothing inappropriate....although im from New York so I might have thicker skin than other. As stated by others, get there by 8AM, the latest. Definately get a pit pass, makes the day go by pretty quickly. I personally never stay in one spot, but move around every ten min or so. Bring hat / sunblock and yes, the traffic leaving is about an hour if you dont leave a lil early. Enjoy the day though, it really is a great experience i look forward to every year. If you plan on buying a t shirt, buy it early because if you wait too long they wont have your size most likely....but, you can always go to mototees.com to buy it after the races. have fun, take lots of pics and vids.
  3. warrior86

    transmission problems

    maybe a dumb questions since ive been somewhat outta the scene for the past year (working like a slave) but.... How does one use the check hole improperly. I just fill it up til the oil starts coming out. To be safe, I take the bike off the stand and use the Triangle stand so that the bike is leaning to the left a bit, away from the hole. That way I get some extra oil in there!
  4. Hello, I posting this question for a buddy of mine that just bought a 2001 cr125. Bike is in good condition for an 01 but theres just one problem, bike is DEAD on the lower rpms. Now ive pretty much been a four stroke guy for the past 9 years so my knowledge doesnt really help him much however I do have some ride time on two strokes and although two strokes arent known for their bottom end, something doesnt seem right. Bike has a 50 T rear sprocket and fmf SST pipe with stock silencer. Other than that, its bone stock as far as I know. Motor seems to run crisp and once the revs hit the mid range, the bike definately moves, but down low, bike falls on its face. What should we check to find out the issue? Im assuming this is an issue and not inherent of the bike. Either way, what can we do to give this thing some bottom end balls back?! Could the sst pipe be the cause of this? My friend is thinking a bigger sprocket is the answer, which, it would help, but I feel that that would only be band-aiding the issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. So, can going a step up to 20w-50 be a good thing? yey or neh?
  6. warrior86

    MRP Tire Changing Stands??

    I actually just got one two weeks ago...man!, I shoulda bought one years ago!
  7. very interesting stuff. Which side is more vulnerable to too thick oil? Tranny or motor side? Basically, which side should I be more cautious of putting too high of a viscosity oil?
  8. warrior86

    MY 450 wears me out! help

    OK thanks for teh advice. I dont take anything when working on except protein. Im not "built", im just in "shape". My problem is mainly when sitting down. Like others said, I do try to hold myself forward with my feet pushing against the pegs and I do try to grip the tank but still I seem to wanna slide back on the seat. I was looking into the SDG step seat but a lof of people seem to be complaining about the fit being absolute garbage!.
  9. hmmm. Ok, so basically I shouldnt deviate from the manufacturer's recommended oil viscosity for the motor. WHat about tranny oil. With all the abuse from the clutch, is there ever a point where 20w-50 would be too thick? btw, im not trying to go cheaper here or anything, just wondering if people have "better" solutions. I hope this didnt come off as a newbie question, but more of a question where I can hear different oil use strategies and the reasoning behind it. I know all about the non energy conserving which is why I run synthetic motorcycle oil, usually Amsoil or Maxima.
  10. warrior86

    MY 450 wears me out! help

    yeah lol, i mean, its not like I'm some out of shape lard ass. I typically go to the gym a few times a week, I eat right, but still I feel like im just battling the power of the bike. Dont get me wrong, I love the power, but if I ride a 250f (which used to feel fast before I got a 450) I feel like I can ride for hours at WOT and never get tired.
  11. warrior86

    MY 450 wears me out! help

    Been riding MX for about 6 years with some time off for an injury. THis is my second 450 and Im fast enough to ride in the amateur/expert session on practice days but sometimes I accelerate so hard and its just my arms holding onto the bars that keep me from flying right off the back of the bike. Now if im standing its not really an issue because I naturally keep myself in a neutral position..forward during acceleration and rearward during braking. Plus im gripping the bike. But if im sitting down, I try to hold myself forward with my legs/feet, but when it comes down to it, it feels like my arms are the only thing preventing me from sliding right down the seat and off the bike. This constant issue definately contributes to my arm pump and overall arm fatigue. Any tips? Would a step seat help?
  12. Even though Ive been riding for 8 years, I'd like to hear the opinions on this. I ride an 08 crf450 Im using synthetic motorcycle oil in both my motor and transmission. Now, the manual basically recommends 10w-40 for both based on the typical temps I ride in 50-90 degrees. Now, some of us riders are rebels and chose not to go by the manual either because they'd rather go the cheapest route, believe its not important what weight to use, or believe that their logic supercedes whatever craziness the manufacturer is trying to convince us of. Since I'm not an automotive/motorcycle engineer or chemist, I personally would be inclined to follow the instructions to the T, however ive been around many people who have "been around the block" with motors and they all have their own theories. Quick example: my uncles blazer recommended 5w-30 year round, he put 1040 in the spring and fall and 20-50 in the summer. Motor ran til 405k miles all original parts and didnt burn oil. He lead me to believe that thicker oil protected better than watery thin oil, especially on long 80mph trips we would frequently take. The Lucas oil additive basically reinforced this idea with the thick, gummy oil. I did that same thing with my 4.6l mustang until a few strongly warned me against the higher viscosity could blow the motor because it was too thick to reach the bearings and such properly. So, whats the deal with my CRF450? Can I run Amsoil 20-50 when its 90 degrees? 60 degrees? 40 degrees? 20 degrees? Is thin oil better or thick? I would think that the thicker oil would be better in the motor/valve due to the constant high revs of my mx riding, and the thicker oil in the tranny would be better due to the clutch abuse that I give it. Can someone please set me straight???
  13. warrior86

    de-powering a 125 for my gf???

    im just not sure if oil would leak into or out of things it shouldnt be???
  14. warrior86

    de-powering a 125 for my gf???

    Well thank you all for the replies. I ended up getting her a cr85 big wheel/expert. It was a good price and although I think the 125 fits her better, she felt much more comfortable with the size of the bigwheel 85. Plus, the power is still a lil intimidating for her, so im glad I didnt go with the 125 yet. Were planning on going to the track tomorrow. I have the torneau cover still on my truck and I was transporting my bike with a hitch carrier. You think it would be bad to transport the bike(CR85) laid on its side in the bed of the truck? I cant take the torneau cover off without having two other buddies with me. Guess I have to make two separate trips to the track