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  1. Thanks ,appreciate the help
  2. Thanks i appreciate the help ..
  3. This is how i understood it the parts fische numbers are the same so i thought all good !But a few buddies have cast doubt citing tank changes through the years ,so i thought i would just ask befor buying .Thanks for the reply i appreciate it ..The seller is not much help ....
  4. Hi all, just a quick silly question as i have two differing answers for this question ! Will the rad shrouds for a 2017 crf 250x fit my old 2004 ? I have a chance to buy some dave thorpe new rad shrouds and seat cover and sticker kit with a front mudguard and i am wanting to pull the trigger but am finding it difficult to get a solid answer of fitment so any help would be appreciated ....
  5. My 2004 which i have owned for a few years now ,started to have starting problems actually during a race, i re-shimmed but the vale seat and the valve were toast .I sent the head away 2x new ex valves and seats some polishing of intake 500 quid .I ride this bike hard in practice and i race it c.c.c i have over 25 hours on the bike since re-fitting the head and it has not missed a beat i am good with air filter maintenance even more so now after spending 500 pounds i grease the edge of the filter for a better seal ..I think the wr is a great bike but i would go with the crf as i think its better made and with some simple changes air box ,jetting ,lithium battery your bike will be a good all rounder ..
  6. I ride a crf 250 x it an old 04 but its like new in the sense that i am on top of the maintenance etc ,i have an athena 280 BB ,cam multi map ign,etc etc....she is a great bike but i am on the heavy side even with the suspension dialed in she does everything but i have started to race cross country some hard enduro and as much as i love this bike, it was not in all fairness designed for that use. I think i would like to try to buy a more purpose built bike ,the 450 crf rx ? may be for me but i do like the sherco i have never heard the handling on the 450 as being sloppy if anything some say for woods etc its a great bike so i will dig deeper into trying to get a test ride if i can befor buying .Thanks for all your help appreciate it
  7. There some how to videos on youtube which explain the process really well .Some start from the top some middle ,so take a look and go with what make sense ,its all pretty straight forward some guys do it in 5 mins but i would take my time and it still takes me 20 mins ,the good thing if your not happy take the staple out and do it again .I think the most difficult part is keeping it straight ..
  8. That interesting i am finding it hard to find real info on the 450 lots on the 300 but i dont think i want a 300 my 280 crf has all the bells and whistles and i still feel like i need more .Not sure a 300 would give me what i want ,thanks for the info
  9. Hi just wanted to say the Twisted engineering carbon flexing bars which i installed a couple of years now (i think), are still straight ..I have had quite a few minor spills which have not affected them in the slightest ,but just as if to prove they could handle bigger and harder crashes i had at least 2x seriously big ones (crashes)..I was a little worried after the 2nd of the two as the bike went down real hard as did i ,i honestly thought my race was over and in all fairness it should have been .They have up till now with stood everything i have thrown at them and even considering the hefty price tag the price of postage etc i know i would have bent two mayby three lesser bars and we all know the cost of bars is in the 100,s now so one more finished race or another big crash and they are paid for..So even though the investment is high ,the nature of the bars are to flex and remain straight i feel they are paying for them selves and whats more they look good if asthetics are your thing check them out i hope they are going to be the last bars i ever buy and if in fact that is the case then i would have save a lot of money
  10. Its for a honda crf 250 x 2004 i would think it fits more years ..
  11. Hi all,i have a new in box Rekluse clutch its the first edition and it comes with the cable adjuster also new too .These things are pretty rare now and i am thinking i am not going to use it so i would like to sell it to someone who may use it i am thinking of selling my crf so it will be surplus to requirements. as i have stated new and unused ..
  12. Hi all i have a crf 250 x 2004 ,i have an acerbis disc cover for the front disc it works great it comes with the spacer pressed into the mount all good ! I also have a set of excel wheels which also are great the same 270mm o/s disc but due to the size difference of the hubs i am unable to use the acerbis disc cover because of the different type of spacers used and the gap being less any one else had or found a solution for this
  13. I totally agree with the front tyre i can live with a less than performing rear tyre ,the front is a totally different ball game ..With confidence i am more likely going to ride faster and with less fatigue as i wont stress over will it wont it hold the line ,berm etc .Even if the front does start to wash i would like some predictability so i can at least try to counter it .. i hear the GT does let go with NO warning which is not what i want to hear but it has to be pushed quite far to get it to give (reading reports) i am going to find out i guess ..Good luck with the snow mobile have fun take care happy xmas to u and your family
  14. I too hail from an mx back ground so i am learing as i go, thanks for all your info i am hoping to get out on my bike soon just waiting for a good opportunity (weather and wife). i will leave a description of how the tyre performed ,obviously i am no expert so i will try to be accurate ..
  15. thanks makes a lot of sense sticking with the honda but i can buy a 450 ready to ride without the hassle of building one.I have a 250 2T how about the ktm 350 ,how about an old air cooled lump yz 465 could be fun simpe wiring no water problems ..ha ha i will sleep on it the guy still has the frame he wants more than i want to pay but i will let him stew and think of a plan .thanks again