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  1. twigster

    What tires crf250x?

    I have two sets of wheels and i had a new 120 mitas so i put this on one set and i race the 110 set i prefer the 110 i dont notice any real advantage with the 120 unless i ride in deep sand and even then i am generally happy with the 110 .I ride cross country races so i have a lot of ground to cover with usually tight muddy root type of terrain ,wet mud ,hard pack ,sand so i feel the 110 which does help the bike to turn a touch quicker and does'nt push the front so much is the way for me but i keep the 120 until it wears out then it will be replaced with a 110
  2. twigster

    What tires crf250x?

    i have recently started to use the goldentyre up front ,i have since buying my crf x had issues with washing of the front end the GT fatty has eliminated some of them but not all i know on the silty worn out sand i will have to take care or dusty hard pack but i have yet to find a perfect tyre which really does everything so i have settled for the doing 90% of my riding with some degree of confidence and the loose stuff 10% to take care on .!
  3. twigster

    CRF250X carb screw

    haynes manuals are pretty common in the U.K and are full of all th relevant info for servicing needs and should not be more than 15 u.k pounds mine covers most of the models and gives the changes between years ..
  4. twigster

    Crf250x mechanical spedometer?

    Is this what your looking for ?292584102357 ebay uk 10 pounds
  5. twigster

    Crf250x mechanical spedometer?

    I think there would be a few available but the one i seem to remember was the small chrome round basically just a speedo type most of the custom bike makeres utilised this type as it fitted everything you can find them on- line pretty cheap i will have a look and try to put the link on here ..if it helps
  6. twigster

    Neighbors bike

    my 04 250x only had receding exhaust valves the bike ran then it didnt start ..Head off new valves and guides and seats never even think about it now ,it just starts and runs ..Honda has to be one of the best bikes to invest in yes they have a few issues but you resolve those issues and she will be good to go ..
  7. twigster


    I have a 250 x again with all the mods ,and my friend has an 09 crf 250 r to be honest not much in it power wise except mine is a more plush ride and a sofer hit .Mine is better almost everywhere ,except , mx tracks but i have electric start which is well worth the extra few pounds ..
  8. twigster

    My new, or new to me, 2000 CR250

    I have the 00 since new , great bike ,get yours done and you wont be sorry .. A sandwhich plate on the power valve will improve the power band into a more useable engine ..Good luck i had mine for 18 years same cylinder 3 x pistons and still bloody quick ..
  9. twigster

    Best budget tires?

    I have had great results with the goldentyre front and a mitas rear they work well on most types of terrain and seem to be lasting ,The goldentyre fatty is a little expensive but seems to work better than most of the other tyres i have bought .. the mitas both front and rear are super grippy ,cheap and last ..
  10. twigster

    rekluse clutch

    Hi undercover poe,it must stand me is about 300 u.k pounds so somewhere around there would be good for me ..
  11. twigster

    Any European riders?

    poland by way of the u.k
  12. twigster


    Hi all , first ride of the year is here and with the sun shinning and temps rising i ventured out .Over the winter i changed suspension bearings, greased the bike throughout fitted an o/s radiator and a higher boiling rad cap ,changed some plastics and most importantly tyres .... The front mitas i have used is a good front tyre for most surfaces but the front still washes on some terrain when pushed hard and subsequently does'nt inspire confidence ..So i have been searching for a solution for some time, Yokes,tyres fork heights ,sag stabilisers ,etc ..So i now have gone with a goldentyre a fatty 216 , had this tyre on the bike since january but since we have been under snow since then i did not venture out ! From the very first lap (on a sandy track) the tyre performed well and such was my enthusiasm in riding again i was hammering the wee X but to my joy the front end pushing was a bad memory that i have to admit i forgot about quicker than a cheating ex girlfriend ..I would like to add the tyre made the front feel softer ,plush on the sharper edges too.. This was only my first time out but i am happy with it, at least on the sandy stuff .. The rear has a new soft Mitas its a 120(normally i run a 110 /100) which is as wide as i would want to go and was bought for a deep sand track i was due to race at ,the fit was tight so i had to move the end can over 15 mm so to avoid rubbing . Again super amounts of grip with the confidence to drift it when neccessary, though the terrain is partly responsible for the ease at which this tyre goes from grip to slide it is still a confidence boost which allows me to push hard .. Overall the bike was tracking very well it took me little if any time to adjust to !!. The bike felt good from the GET GO with a predictable,planted feel and very stable ride i have to think this is my best combo up to this time ,i ran 12 psi front and rear if i rode sand this would be my first choice ..p.s with the o/s radiator and the higher 1.8 rad cap my bike acheived 170 ish internal water temps the day was still a little chilly but it bodes well as iwould be in the 190's and higher befor ...
  13. twigster

    Rear shock 2011

    Thanks he has the linkage too but its all adding up to over 240 u.k pounds and i want to sen the suspension of for a pro to service and adjust ..I have done my own and i think its ok it tracks well ,But sometimes i feel i am getting a little worn out too quick now that could be my lack of fitness (though i work hard at that ) i would like a comparision ..I have a spare set of forks so if i can match them to a shock i think it could be interesting..thanks for the help appreciate the good advice
  14. twigster

    Rear shock 2011

    High all another silly question .Are there any differences in the 04 and 2011 rear shocks ..Some body is selling what looks like an unused pair (seperately) for 150 u.kpounds he said they have been since 2011 and they look new i was thinking of buying one to get it all set up for c.c.c. revalve etc if needed ..I dont have the time now to send my standard one (just spring) and would like to have a comparison any how would it fit ...! what is the spring weight any internal differences between them both ..thanks
  15. twigster

    2015 crf 450 r honest reviews

    Thats interesting thanks and what would say about the shock ?