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    What tires crf250x?

    I have two sets of wheels and i had a new 120 mitas so i put this on one set and i race the 110 set i prefer the 110 i dont notice any real advantage with the 120 unless i ride in deep sand and even then i am generally happy with the 110 .I ride cross country races so i have a lot of ground to cover with usually tight muddy root type of terrain ,wet mud ,hard pack ,sand so i feel the 110 which does help the bike to turn a touch quicker and does'nt push the front so much is the way for me but i keep the 120 until it wears out then it will be replaced with a 110
  2. twigster

    What tires crf250x?

    i have recently started to use the goldentyre up front ,i have since buying my crf x had issues with washing of the front end the GT fatty has eliminated some of them but not all i know on the silty worn out sand i will have to take care or dusty hard pack but i have yet to find a perfect tyre which really does everything so i have settled for the doing 90% of my riding with some degree of confidence and the loose stuff 10% to take care on .!
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    CRF250X carb screw

    haynes manuals are pretty common in the U.K and are full of all th relevant info for servicing needs and should not be more than 15 u.k pounds mine covers most of the models and gives the changes between years ..
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    Crf250x mechanical spedometer?

    Is this what your looking for ?292584102357 ebay uk 10 pounds
  5. twigster

    Crf250x mechanical spedometer?

    I think there would be a few available but the one i seem to remember was the small chrome round basically just a speedo type most of the custom bike makeres utilised this type as it fitted everything you can find them on- line pretty cheap i will have a look and try to put the link on here ..if it helps
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    Neighbors bike

    my 04 250x only had receding exhaust valves the bike ran then it didnt start ..Head off new valves and guides and seats never even think about it now ,it just starts and runs ..Honda has to be one of the best bikes to invest in yes they have a few issues but you resolve those issues and she will be good to go ..
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    I have a 250 x again with all the mods ,and my friend has an 09 crf 250 r to be honest not much in it power wise except mine is a more plush ride and a sofer hit .Mine is better almost everywhere ,except , mx tracks but i have electric start which is well worth the extra few pounds ..
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    My new, or new to me, 2000 CR250

    I have the 00 since new , great bike ,get yours done and you wont be sorry .. A sandwhich plate on the power valve will improve the power band into a more useable engine ..Good luck i had mine for 18 years same cylinder 3 x pistons and still bloody quick ..
  9. twigster

    Best budget tires?

    I have had great results with the goldentyre front and a mitas rear they work well on most types of terrain and seem to be lasting ,The goldentyre fatty is a little expensive but seems to work better than most of the other tyres i have bought .. the mitas both front and rear are super grippy ,cheap and last ..
  10. Hi all, i find myself drawn to what looks like a nearly new 2015 crf 450 r .. In the pics the bike looks like new ,the price is around the 3k (u.k pounds) ,he wants a little more but i am hoping to bring it down to 3k !!!!! I am really looking for some good intel on this model. I have never used KYB suspension let alone an air fork so i would like to know if they will hold up in both versatility i.e different tracks can they adapt, ? also will they last ? I hear when hot air forks get stiffer? I ride for over 2hrs at a time i dont need to be worrying about the forks .. Also the power i doubt i will be dissapointed with the power of a 450 i am though wondering about the usability of the power i am looking for bottom to mid for the most part i dont want the thing stalling through rock sections etc ,so any feed back would be good .. Lastly i intend to change to a 18" rear wheel mayby a bigger tank (we shall see ),and all those wonderful things i may need to make the bike more durable ..One other thing is mapping, as this will be my first dabble into efi on a mx bike i really have NO exerience with anything efi so some help there would be super ..I have been looking at all the reviews and trying to find out all i can but very few offer a set up for me or give me the info i need .Most talk all about the positives how this bike is better than the last years model blah blah ,i am sure the crf 450 rx of 2018 would be a better bike but over here they are over 7k and whilst i am prepared to wait for them to start being used and sold cheaper, i have to realise i am NOT A PRO will i ever really notice the difference for 4k more ??? SO any info about your 2015 will be helpful problems, fixes ,upgrades ,you know the drill appreciate your help thanks
  11. twigster

    rekluse clutch

    Hi all,i have a new in box Rekluse clutch its the first edition and it comes with the cable adjuster also new too .These things are pretty rare now and i am thinking i am not going to use it so i would like to sell it to someone who may use it i am thinking of selling my crf so it will be surplus to requirements. as i have stated new and unused ..
  12. twigster

    rekluse clutch

    Hi undercover poe,it must stand me is about 300 u.k pounds so somewhere around there would be good for me ..
  13. twigster

    Any European riders?

    poland by way of the u.k
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    Hi all , first ride of the year is here and with the sun shinning and temps rising i ventured out .Over the winter i changed suspension bearings, greased the bike throughout fitted an o/s radiator and a higher boiling rad cap ,changed some plastics and most importantly tyres .... The front mitas i have used is a good front tyre for most surfaces but the front still washes on some terrain when pushed hard and subsequently does'nt inspire confidence ..So i have been searching for a solution for some time, Yokes,tyres fork heights ,sag stabilisers ,etc ..So i now have gone with a goldentyre a fatty 216 , had this tyre on the bike since january but since we have been under snow since then i did not venture out ! From the very first lap (on a sandy track) the tyre performed well and such was my enthusiasm in riding again i was hammering the wee X but to my joy the front end pushing was a bad memory that i have to admit i forgot about quicker than a cheating ex girlfriend ..I would like to add the tyre made the front feel softer ,plush on the sharper edges too.. This was only my first time out but i am happy with it, at least on the sandy stuff .. The rear has a new soft Mitas its a 120(normally i run a 110 /100) which is as wide as i would want to go and was bought for a deep sand track i was due to race at ,the fit was tight so i had to move the end can over 15 mm so to avoid rubbing . Again super amounts of grip with the confidence to drift it when neccessary, though the terrain is partly responsible for the ease at which this tyre goes from grip to slide it is still a confidence boost which allows me to push hard .. Overall the bike was tracking very well it took me little if any time to adjust to !!. The bike felt good from the GET GO with a predictable,planted feel and very stable ride i have to think this is my best combo up to this time ,i ran 12 psi front and rear if i rode sand this would be my first choice ..p.s with the o/s radiator and the higher 1.8 rad cap my bike acheived 170 ish internal water temps the day was still a little chilly but it bodes well as iwould be in the 190's and higher befor ...
  15. twigster

    Rear shock 2011

    Thanks he has the linkage too but its all adding up to over 240 u.k pounds and i want to sen the suspension of for a pro to service and adjust ..I have done my own and i think its ok it tracks well ,But sometimes i feel i am getting a little worn out too quick now that could be my lack of fitness (though i work hard at that ) i would like a comparision ..I have a spare set of forks so if i can match them to a shock i think it could be interesting..thanks for the help appreciate the good advice
  16. twigster

    Rear shock 2011

    High all another silly question .Are there any differences in the 04 and 2011 rear shocks ..Some body is selling what looks like an unused pair (seperately) for 150 u.kpounds he said they have been since 2011 and they look new i was thinking of buying one to get it all set up for c.c.c. revalve etc if needed ..I dont have the time now to send my standard one (just spring) and would like to have a comparison any how would it fit ...! what is the spring weight any internal differences between them both ..thanks
  17. twigster

    2015 crf 450 r honest reviews

    Thats interesting thanks and what would say about the shock ?
  18. twigster

    2015 crf 450 r honest reviews

    Thanks slowngreen but the blame good or bad stops with me !!! I am sure the testers are somewhat critical of any and all inadequencies which they deem reportable ,as they may make a difference to chad reed or dungey etc .. To me i probably wont notice any thing and in all fairness if i had not read every single review in which it was highlighting the suspension and their problems i probably would never think about them being an issue ,i am just spooked about them ..but thanks for the input ..The suspension is top of priorities for the most of us and can make or break a good bike i will try and get some more info or wait until i can afford a 17/18 rx
  19. twigster

    Which honda crf 450 c.c.c

    Hi all,i am thinking of buying a crf 450 r i am on a budget of around 3k +/- for around this money i have seen 2015's which i can get almost locally .. I want this bike for c.c.c ,not really mx mayby a little woods riding but not a lot .The racing here is very hilly open straights 10-12 kms of tracks in quarrys and country side etc.the terrain is rough /sandy /muddy etc at any given track usually all three includung roots and rocks ..I currently race my modded out crf 250 x which equips itself very well but i still feel more power would work for me from a riding point of view i like to ride in the meat of the power not rev the thing to death, i like the way the suspension works better when ridden smoothly ,also maintenance will be less of a concern as i wont be riding the bike so hard ..My question is i have been looking at the 2015 crf 450 r because of its linear power but am really unsure about the suspension i think the kyb may be a good way to go for me no big hits /jumps but have heard they are unstable at high speed ,so if anyone could help out with a model / year in which a certain crf 450 r may work better in the perameters i am using it in, it would help ...I know there are better bikes i could use but i have been riding honda for too long to change and i think with some changes i can get a bike which will work for me and retain the familiarity that i know ....thanks ..
  20. twigster

    2015 crf 450 r honest reviews

    Thanks for the input .The engine mods were as i was thinking so i am ok with that ,the testers do seem to be happy with the power of the bike one said it felt a little lazy which for my type of racing would be ok ..(i dont want a bike i have to fight for 2 hrs ,that wont help me at all ).It's really the suspension which i have doubts i have never ridden kyb which for me i probably wont notice a difference but with the addition of an all new air system i am a little worried ..Did you ever do any work to the forks & shock ,i heard lots of things about hard to adjust temperature changes the feel etc ,though i cannot verify any of the things i read it still casts some doubt ...
  21. twigster

    Which honda crf 450 c.c.c

    there is one here for sale a little tired looking but i dont see that as problem cue the A-TEAM music ..But i was looking for something a little up to date with efi and myby soem maps to play with .Whhere i live we have elevation and temp changes so i was thinking an injection model may be better but i am open to all possiblities ...thanks
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    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    I have an 00 cr 250 r and a kx 100 great bikes
  23. twigster

    Recommend me a boot

    I had gaerne a while back they rotted away,buckles broke but i was genuinely happy with them ,I also had an early pair of sidi's and with some care they lasted very well ,fox didnt last very long not the top of the line but i was not impressed by them ,my acerbis boots i still have over 12 years and i love them thought i would have them forever good price and very robust but they are a tired boot now ,so onto my newest boot ,i looked around for something that would be good for woods and a little mx something with a little style i want function but i like a little bling too though it must be understated i dont want anything vulgar or loud ..I came across a review in dirt bike magazine about how they make a boot called tcx ,i laso started to look at some of the pro extreme riders seeing as they live in their boots all day and sure enough a few of them were sporting the tcx .I bought a pair not the top model but 1 down, from the moment of putting them on which i always do at home and wear them for a few day to bed them in with this pair it was unecessary really comfy of the bat i have worn them for nearly 2 years now i think and i think they are holding up really well they have a sole made by the guys at michellin i think and its replaceable but mine is still good to go ..These may or not be a boot for you but give them a look at least i thik they are worth that ...
  24. twigster

    O/s radiator

    Hi all, i think i have just finished the crf 280 build, a friend swapped an oversized radiator with my standard one and i bought a 1.6 rad cap as i will be sand riding for my first race this season and i think the build is done ..True i would like a set of plastics and a custom graphics kit (which is somehow hard to find )????but this wont make the any faster .. Any hoots i now find myself loving the bike it has been a cool journey the bike flies and handles well it's running along side newer bikes and in certain conditions dare i say doing rather better than expected !!My dilema is i now want a crf 450 rx ..If i were to sell my crf i would have to strip all the special parts and sell them independently to stand any chance of recouping any cash as the bike would be just to expensive you can buy so many newer models for what mine is worth to me ! I started this project with a budget and to be fair i bought everything either used or at a discount but even so i think i would have a hard time convincing someone of its worth ..So if like me you have a plan a budget a goal ,be sure you want to keep the bike or at the very least you have a plan to either sell it on and will be happy to get what you get .I cant fault the bike it does everything pretty well but for c.c.c events i think more horses is needed ..though that being said i intend to use it this year and go as well as i can and enjoy the bike i built and have fun along the way .....Thanks for everyone who contributed to this project i truly appreciate it i could not have got as far as i did without your help and advice ....
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    twisted engineering handlebars

    i am so sorry to hear that but in all honesty i had a torrid time just getting them to confirm my order i waited for over 4 months with little or NO communication ,(though my checque was cleared) i eventually at a cost to myself rang them multiple times to ensure the deal was done ! I cant up to now fault their product i seriously have even stopped carrying a spare set of bars to races i have that much confidence in them and the flexi nature has helped with fatigue (arm pump)my riding skill is that i know i will crash i push past the laws of NO or little talent which inevitably ends in a crash sometimes minor sometimes very spectacular but every time the bars are still good i should have bought two pairs DOH !!