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  1. Considering buying a local 2011 450 sx. Bike has 106 hours. Piston and rings changed at 80 hours. It seems these past few days some buddies of mine have shared horror stories about this particular year 450sx. From stators burning up and oil failure issues causing the engine to seize. Anyone heard or encounterd these problems on theirs. Thanks.
  2. antfizzle

    Camelback shirts

    Anyone ever use one of these while riding/racing offraod? Wondering how well they work compared to the traditional camel back
  3. antfizzle

    Jr50 owners

    Anyone know where the plate is that needs to be removed by the carb??? Thanks guys!!!!
  4. antfizzle

    Jr50 owners

  5. antfizzle

    Jr50 owners

    Sweet thanks man,
  6. antfizzle

    Jr50 owners

    Just bought an 03 that runs like a champ. Kind of confused on a few things. Do i fill the clear plastic tank all the way up with 2 stroke oil or half way? Looked to take the washer out between the pipe and engine but I guess it was already removed. Drilled the four 1/4 holes in the air box and it seems the bikes a little louder? Is that normal. Also removed the second pilot jet. Where is the plate by the carb that needs to be removed? Thanks a lot guys
  7. antfizzle

    What's my bike worth?

    Whoa, gross man. A bike with black plastics lowers the value extremely. I'd give you like 33.00$ for it. Good luck
  8. antfizzle

    2010+ 450 starting for scrambles

    Man I would be willing to bet he starts in second gear, if you watch close, he'll kick then take off with both legs off the pegs while he is leaning far forward,
  9. yea, I have seen plenty of that, most our courses range from 8 to 10 miles, I did however run a 6?mile HS, with 300 bikes, needless to say that track got beat down in no time, lol, still a blast tho
  10. antfizzle

    2010+ 450 starting for scrambles

    Check into the Vortex ignitions, I know whibs has that on his Yamaha, and hell, he's been holeshot king all year at GNCC
  11. Okay, I have a new brake hose on the front, I see no signs of anything wrong on the caliper, but I have went thru a whole bottle of brake fluid bleeding these front brakes, what gives, im not letting the MC ever run dry, and I am still sucking out bubbles and air in thru the hose, just for kicks, I bled the rear the same way, and as soon as I cracked the bleeder open a full hose full of brake fluid came out, no bubbles what so ever, thanks guys, these front brakes have me pulling my hair out. ...... - Anthony
  12. and dont forget the lappers who enter just becuz they own a diet bike, they are just a blast to have to mow a new line up an off camber gnarly hill becuz they are too tired to move their bike, but you can also run them over too, hehe
  13. im clueless as to where you guys are getting that a gncc is a mellow race till the end, yea maybe when David Knight first came over, but that crap went out the window, Those XC1 guys basically race a full on 3 hour Moto through the woods, those days of pacing, then dropping the hammer at the end are long gone, Kailub Russell is one of em who is balls to the wall as soon as the green flag drops, until the checkered flag waves, some of the XC1 guys actually train doing 2 hour motos non stop,
  14. antfizzle

    if this wasn't sketch... (video)

    Ahhh, come on now, we can still be friends,lol