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  1. Or dont be a child and do it by hand which takes 2 seconds on a 4 stroke with only 1 compression ring.
  2. rubbersdown

    Fan in air box IDEA

    Yah that makes sense, rejet for $15 or remap for $200. CARB FOR LIFE!!!!!
  3. rubbersdown

    Blow by

    It's possible although if he was a good mechanic he should have measured the cylinder for wear before ever putting a new piston in the first time.
  4. rubbersdown

    05 rmz 450 smokes on start up

    Shouldnt be a problem from oiling the piston. Did you replace the valve seals as well? Usually smoking only on start up is a tell of bad valve seals.
  5. rubbersdown

    06 kx450f blowing oil

    it is NOT normal for a crankcase vent to just blow oil out all the time. There is a problem somewhere.
  6. rubbersdown

    06 kx450f blowing oil

    could be rings, best way to tell is to do a leakdown test, If the rings are bad you will hear air rushing out the vent tube.
  7. rubbersdown

    06 CRF Repair

    you can find a free download or just check ebay
  8. rubbersdown

    Questions concerning '06 CRF450r

    Just depends on how much its been ridden and what type of riding. If the bike gets ridden every weekend you can plan on replacing the top and bottom end every 18-24 months or so. If its raced hard, you will (or at least should) be replacing it every season.
  9. rubbersdown

    05 crf450r valve help!

    shim them first, might as well get as much time out of them as possible.
  10. No real way for coolant to come out of that. Its Prolly that the head gaskets leaking coolant into the oil and the valve cover gaskets letting oil mixed with coolant leak out that hole
  11. rubbersdown

    dual spray venturi jet, any good? usefull?

    it doesnt really bog at all sense i did the ap mod, i just like to upgrade stuff lol
  12. anyone tried the dual spray venturi jet kit? Does it really work to help throttle response, power? http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATHENA-DUAL-SPRAY-VENTURI-JET-KIT-KEIHIN-FCR-CARBURETOR-/120768298622?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item1c1e59fe7e
  13. rubbersdown

    A/P Nozzle Plugged?

    haha cool cool, u posted while i was typing lol
  14. rubbersdown

    A/P Nozzle Plugged?

    yah sounds a lil stopped up. they are quite hard to clear, can try taking it apart n soaking it overnight. or upgrade to a dual sprat nozzle for $85.
  15. rubbersdown

    How to fix this little leak?

    Well the check bolt sucks, DO NOT trust it, oil will start to run out after about 500ml or so which is too little oil. Leave the check bolt in and put in about 650ml.If you put in the amount using the check bolt you will notice that the kickstart idler gear has a high pitched whine to it because it is under oiled. 650-700ml in the trans side and you should be good to go.