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  1. bigbob

    KX450F appropriate trails?

    Stood there boldly Sweatin' in the sun Felt like a million Felt like number one The height of summer I'd never that strong Like a rock I was eighteen Didn't have a care Working for peanuts Not a dime to spare But I was lean and Solid everywhere Like a rock My hands were steady My eyes were clear and bright My walk had purpose My steps were quick and light And I held firmly To what I felt was right Like a rock Like a rock, I was strong as I could be Like a rock, nothin' ever got to me Like a rock, I was something to see Like a rock - Bob Segar
  2. stage at China wall, 8am. ….
  3. bigbob

    Jawbone Spanksgiving

    so is don't lose, the anvil?
  4. bigbob

    KX450F appropriate trails?

    the Boy, is Da Man
  5. bigbob

    KX450F appropriate trails?

    My earlier point was you can have fun riding the easy trails all day long and get seat time too, which helps you ride better and enjoy more.
  6. bigbob

    Random Music Thread

    Aerosmith was formed in 1971, first LP was 1973 though
  7. bigbob

    KX450F appropriate trails?

    Yup it’s all there and then some +++++
  8. bigbob

    KX450F appropriate trails?

    It’s called a switch back not a hairpin turn. God are you sure you got rid of those blue jeans and hiking boots ?
  9. bigbob

    Bull Ranch Creek ride 11/17

    Dude, you are rushing it. Hookers don’t care a hoot for you. No matter how sweet they kiss you, They just want your money. Living ugly is no way to go. Go ride trail 7 and 1 at Foresthill and float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. If you keep rushing it you will crash that KX450 boat on the reef This is a lifetime passion. Do your self a big favor and Ease in to it
  10. bigbob

    Random Music Thread

    Joni Michell’s Blue was 1971 too
  11. bigbob

    Bull Ranch Creek ride 11/17

    ride report?
  12. the trail is already there, they had us walk about a mile of it, in two directions for a total of maybe 2 miles. We cut in a little trail benching here and there, where the trail was off camber or was barely visible, just to help define the trail better. No worries we left 98% of it pristine as you see it. It needed little work Rain looks like is non stop late next week, if we get a break on Sat or Sun, I'm go for riding the upper loop including these new trail sections
  13. Ya heard it here first: “The New California Trail” We ride it 11/24. After the rain
  14. bigbob

    Random Music Thread

    Also in 1971. Humble Pie released Live Rockin The Fillmore
  15. bigbob

    KX450F appropriate trails?

    Stay on the FH lower trails till all of them are easy for you including rocky loop 4 which is actually easy. There is nothing for you on upper loop 5 nor 6