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  1. On on 2014 and im guessing the 2015 they changed the shape of the light so if you use a universal sm fender, you need to use something like a L bracket but you will have a small triangular gap between the fender and light. Im thinking that is the problem he is trying to avoid, I can tell you now I havnt found anything for the 2014, only option I found was to either use a L bracket and have a small gap or use another dirt fender and try to cut it to size.
  2. My enduro engineering seat has a gap down one side between the pan and plastics of the bike, which exposes the airbox.
  3. I think in Australia they came with 4.25s. I have a ktm 500 exc motard and I run a standard chain (no xring/oring etc) for extra clearance. Also becareful with what tyres you put on as some are alot wider, eg dunlop 160 q2 are close to 180. I have a sava/mitas sportec with afew mm of clearance between the tyre and chain, no chain slap on the tyre, perilli sc are apparently around 165 so they should be ok, goldspeeds are fine. You could also buy this chain block. http://www.toxicmotoracing.com/shop/crash-sliders/65-toxic-moto-chain-block.html
  4. You can get 14mm triple clamps off an old sx125, I think around 2003/2004 had the 14mm clamps and im pretty sure they bolt striaght on without any modding where as the xtrig need a longer axle, spacers for the rotor etc.
  5. My 500 exc has been running full synthetic since it left the factory. Dealer said it doesn't need to be broken in with mineral oil aa they are sold ready to race.
  6. When I did research before buying my 2014 500 exc I found people on ktmtalk and another adventure forum running 300-400 hours + without any issues, this was running the bike as a dual sport not as a race bike.
  7. Well it hasnt gone kataboom which is good but I dont think that would happen when im not riding it. My friend sold his dirt bike so I havnt been riding much, I did go once by myself but I realised its not worth it incase something bad happens offroad. I am currently converting it to SM but ive had afew small issues which im working on fixing, hopefully ill have it running in the next couple weeks. How are you going? did you end up selling your beast? who said rangas cant be hot
  8. new drz coming out next year http://www.bikesales.com.au/content/news/2014/ADR-approved-Suzuki-RMX450Z-46825
  9. Should that front brake line be moved to the outside of the fork? Looks scary on the inside.
  10. The speedo is powered by a battery so it turns off if the front wheel isn't moving. Once it starts moving it will automatically turn on.
  11. Mine was bought locally in Australia, they are cut by a local company. http://www.geinhart.com/ I will probably have to grind a MM off the adapter on one section to stop the disc hitting the adapter. I think motomaster make a 320mm brake kit with adapter, check out motostrano.com, you can also buy a 310/320mm disc + adapter from KTM but in australia its very expensive. You could also check out warp9 if you want something cheap. If youre buying the wheels new the company should be able to provide you a disc. With the sprockets people say 14/48 will do 100mph but like always the speedo probably isnt 100% accurate and would be out so the smaller rear sprocket will give more top speed but less acceleration. I want my bike to be able to easily cruise at 110km/hr so I thought it be safer to go 14/45. I havnt finished the conversion so I cant say if thats a good combo or not, for me it was between 14/45 and 14/48
  12. I havnt finished mine yet but this is what I got 3.5 inch front, 5 inch rear from a local wheel builder 14/45 sprockets and a rk gold non o ring race chain for extra clearance 320mm rotor with adapter, these were cut locally Kick stand from a fs570 motard Front and back crash sliders Magnet for disc Bolts for the front and rear rotors Bolts for the rear sprocket Loctite Havnt found a front fender for the 2014, looks like you either have to cut the stock one or buy a Sm front fender and make a L bracket so you can bolt it up as the stock headlight on the 14 is a weird shape. I think that's about it. From what I've read 14/48 should be able to reach 100mi/160km per hour but I decided to go a smaller rear just to be safe.
  13. 5 inch will fit its just alittle tricky to put on, if you go from above the swing arm and drop the wheel in from the top right it should go in fairly easy, you may have to remove the caliper, this is for my 2014 500 im guessing the 450 would be the same. The issue is more the tyres and not the rim, some tyres will be to wide and give you lots of chain rub but running a non o-ring chain will give you alittle extra clearance. Stay away from dunlop as their 160 is like 172 wide and you should be ok, perilli seem to be ok from what I see on SMJ, goldspeeds are fine, conti attack sm are fine. This is how I see it -If youre going to be swapping constantly between the dirt and sm setup maybe get the 4.25 as it will be alot less easier to put on -If you want to do alot of track riding get the 5 inch for the extra grip -If youre only riding street get what ever it doesnt matter as much
  14. when I type the SXS12450550 into an australian part site it says its been superseded by 78105909000, in australia all three part numbers are going for 1599. Id be guessing because its been superseded maybe they have it cheaper to get rid of the old stock? just a guess, otherwise to be honest I have no idea.
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