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  1. Acmesalute76

    Nutrition Plan For Cutting

    Take this guys post to the grocery store with you and you will be all set Count your calories and you will lose weight. Good luck, just takes dedication and anyone can do it.
  2. Acmesalute76

    Nutrition Plan For Cutting

    If you gained that much weight in three months it is probably not very good weight. I recommend you learn as much as you can about proper diet. Most importantly learn about macronutrients and focus on eating good, clean food, like lean chicken. For cutting you will need to restrict calories and do some cardio. Lay out each day's meals and total up your calories and macros. Add in some cardio if you are not doing it already and adjust as necessary. Make sure you continue to lift heavy if you want to retain muscle mass.
  3. Send me a KnobbyKnife! My <Bridgestone M404 > needs more hook! I race NETRA harescrambles and run the 404 on the rear. I get about 2, maybe three races, then flip it around, and get maybe 2 more. After that it looks like a dog turd. With sixteen races in the season that's a minimum of four tires. And obviously I'm compromising traction racing against guys with newer tires! Send me a knobby knife!!
  4. Acmesalute76


    Yes, definitely make sure your credits transfer. My community college was really good and had a partnership with several schools where you knew your credits would be accepted. Also, I think another poster said it too, make sure you get good internships or co-ops. Part of my problem getting a job out of school was I didn't have much real world experience in engineering.
  5. Acmesalute76


    I went to RPI for civil/mech engineering. I would recommend going to community college for 2 years, then transferring. That's what I did and it saves you a boatload of money. Not to mention there are a lot of kids who go into engineering and then realize they can't pass calculus...not saying that's you necessarily but if you do decide to switch majors it's not such a big deal when tuition is 3500 bucks versus 17 grand. Also, I thought my community college teachers were better than RPI, where most of them were foreign with a thick accent and liked to teach at a theoretical versus practical level. Oh, and if you can, find a good engineering school that also has a lot of hot women...some engineering schools (RPI is one) has 3 guys to every girl. And if you've seen the girls in engineering...let's just say your standards will go down after a couple years
  6. Acmesalute76

    Ohio Nat'l enduro video

    Dwight, it makes me feel better knowing that even you spode out once in a while! Thanks for that.
  7. Acmesalute76

    Rattlesnake National Enduro

    I realized yesterday I have a broken handguard. I'm guessing there will be plenty of vendors there in case I have to pick one up at the last minute?
  8. Acmesalute76

    WNYOA Knobby Acres HS July 24th

    Nice finish! I know it isn't as satisfying when you didn't ride your best. If you ever see me around, feel free to stop and say hi. I'm thinking of going to Thunder Ridge next month instead of the NETRA race, if it's going to be as fun as this ride was! Maybe I'll catch you there.
  9. Acmesalute76

    WNYOA Knobby Acres HS July 24th

    The course was way fun, and the dust didn't really cause any problems. How'd you do? I got second in the big kids class (250C, 23+).
  10. Acmesalute76

    NewYork WNYOA Knobby Acres HS July 24th

    Anyone going? Anyone know what the course is like? I might be going alone this weekend, wouldn't mind meeting up with some fellow tt'ers.
  11. Acmesalute76

    Rattlesnake National Enduro

    I will be there with two of my friends from upstate NY! For two of us it will be our first enduro and the other it will be his first National! Only a five hour drive! We are on row 70.
  12. Acmesalute76

    Mud Trouble

    I had the same problem when I first started riding because I was running old tires with 20 lbs of air in them. Get some nice new sharp knobbies and put 10-12 in the back and 11-12 in front. I would stay away from cheap stuff like chen shing. You shouldn't be having as much trouble as you are.
  13. Acmesalute76

    Good at riding, bad at racing

    Uhhh, yea. Anyone here that has gone through this? I talked to an A racer's mom yesterday who said her son used to get terribly nervous but finally got over it. Maybe I just need to get more experience racing.
  14. Acmesalute76

    Good at riding, bad at racing

    I wish I could do this. I just can't put it out of my mind. I know it's a race, I'm there to compete, and I can't trick myself into not thinking that way.
  15. Acmesalute76

    Good at riding, bad at racing

    Sounds exactly the same! Except add in the fact that it is Monday, and I'm already nervous about the race next Sunday!