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  1. woods_weapon_2

    Keithsburg Christmas weekend

    I am out for today - some of us have to work Woods_weapon_2 mod edit-riding posts are fine.trolling is NOT!
  2. woods_weapon_2

    Illinois area Woods riders???

    and lose about twenty pounds of extra un-needed weight in the process......
  3. woods_weapon_2

    Iowa area Woods / Trail riders????

  4. woods_weapon_2

    Keithsburg Saturday 12/9?

    I wouldn't even think about a piston yet, the KTM four strokes are extremely reliable. If anything I woud throw a timing chain in it - and it probably doesn't even need that. The valves might need adjusted but even that I doubt, if it is starting hard that is a sign the intake side has tightened up. Plus don't forget it was the extended warranty on it............. Didn't you pass UW153 at Aledo ? or was that somewhere else :smirk: :cry: W_W_2
  5. woods_weapon_2

    SAT. K-burg ride??? 12-16

    It ( K-burg ) would be the last choice for me .............. W_W_2
  6. woods_weapon_2

    Keithsburg Saturday 12/9?

    :smirk: Don't have him mess with the suspension . . . :cry: Why are you taking it to him ? W_W-2
  7. woods_weapon_2

    Illinois area Woods riders???

    Yes, Mr.Smudge come on over small but fun area can be challenging at times depending on what obstacles we tackle. Get something going for this weekend - where has everyone gone ? ? W_W_2
  8. woods_weapon_2

    Iowa area Woods / Trail riders????

    I am very impressed with the exceptional amounts of politeness in here now, but where is everyone Myself and Baja went for a pleasurable ride on Saturday it to was frozen terra firma but it was still fun. W_W_2 :smirk:
  9. woods_weapon_2

    Cycle USA?

    They were at the local M/C shop on Friday it had three shots on the cover, but I didn't look to see who they were. W_W_2
  10. woods_weapon_2

    Keithsburg Saturday 12/9?

    To much snow and ice for me - I'm a fair weather rider..... W_W_2
  11. woods_weapon_2

    Vintage indoor MX

    I ran across this from awhile back and thought it would a good post since the midwest is all indoor MX now. http://media.putfile.com/Hardcross
  12. woods_weapon_2

    WFO/Rekluse banquet tonight

    The forecast shows 32 degrees for the high thru next week That ain't going to be enough to melt all that, plus every night it will freeze and the bottoms of the whoops will be solid ice. I'm out until it get's 40's + W_W_2
  13. woods_weapon_2

    District 22

    Fremont is a excellent enduro ( all off road ) but that would be quite the haul for you Smudge. Atalissa is a harescrambles and it wouldn't be about 1 hour more than going to K-burg for you. You should hit the Geneseo enduro it is a fun one to ride and it would be closer than the 'burg. W_W_2
  14. woods_weapon_2

    District 22

  15. woods_weapon_2

    District 22

    Atalissa and Hale are most excellent followed by Fremont, the Fremont enduro is all off road so no headlight or license plate required. W_W_2