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  1. spdfrks

    engine problems with with my 06...

    Time for another crank.
  2. spdfrks

    09 Engine Destroyed Pics

    So what did you end up doing with it Charlie??
  3. spdfrks

    1998 Foreman 4x4 not charging

    You need to test the charging voltage with a multimeter. Test it at the battery with the engine running and hold the throttle to 3k-4k rpms. If the voltage is under 14 you probably need a stator and or voltage regulator.
  4. spdfrks

    Do I need a case splitter?

    You really shouldn't need one. They'll come apart with little effort...
  5. spdfrks

    New ring feels gritty when...

    You really need to clean that cylinder before assembly. I recommend dunking the entire cylinder in hot soapy water. Wash as much of the grit away as you can. Blow the entire thing dry. Once it's washed and dried get some clean rags or paper towels and some clean ATF. Wipe the cylinder bore with ATF repeatedly until the rag no longer shows dirt. Alot of guys don't realize a fresh bored and honed cylinder needs alot of cleaning. All of that grit you just washed off would have been in your fresh rebuilt engine.
  6. Put it on and tighten everything down. Let it set overnight before you start it up or ride.
  7. My guess from the pics is your oring was leaking coolant into the cylinder.
  8. Ultra Copper by Permatex is the best I've found. Should be able to find it in any auto parts store..
  9. spdfrks

    Broken Bearing in Oil!!!

    I have also seen this bearing fail. The three small pieces at the top of the pic are all I found.
  10. spdfrks

    oil rings install??

    The piston is not the problem. I installed about 100 Wisecos last year alone. Don't cut anything off of the rings or reuse the stock ring either. Start over. Take a step back, deep breaths..... Remove all of the rings from the piston. Re check the end gaps on all of the rings. If this check out, reinstall the rings on the piston. Be careful not to overlap the expander. If you still can't get them, you need a ring compressor.
  11. Put them in the freezer. It works. If you wash them and let them dry they'll be stinky again in no time flat.
  12. spdfrks

    2010 valve cover leak.

    I would clean the sealing surface and the rubber gasket and apply a little Yamabond in that area. I never had problems with the Honda or Yamaha valve covers but the Suzukis would always leak. I started using Yamabond and never another problem. You may also want to check for a pinched or blocked engine breather. It may be pressure pushing the seal out of place.
  13. 17500-HA7-750 is 238.96 new from Service Honda. Thats for a new factory tank. It looks like their still available. You could try to find a shop with an Ultrasonic large enough to dunk it. That worked pretty well for old rusted tanks. Too bad I don't have access anymore.
  14. spdfrks

    08 Jetting CRF 450r

    How does it run?? Are you just rejetting because of the black plug or does it have a running problem?? Does it start up and idle ok?? What size pilot jet is in it??
  15. spdfrks

    Help!!! 1987 YZ 261 Top End

    The old piston looks like a Wiseco. There should be numbers stamped into the top of the piston. You may need to clean some of the carbon to see them. This will tell you for shure what size you have. It sounds like you will need to order the 70mm piston and take it to a machine shop to bore and hone to size. The new piston will have all of the specs needed for the machinist to set the piston to wall clearances. Make shure the machinist is familiar with two strokes and chamfers the horizontals on all of the ports.