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  1. 04kx250fnj


    good lord.. my worst nightmare! at some point u gotta realize your bout to eat s**t and bail!! hope the guy was alrite looked nasty
  2. 1.45 holy good jeez lol!! u gotta have some brazz ones to do that!
  3. 04kx250fnj

    sweet vid!

    video was very well put together in my book..
  4. 04kx250fnj

    Legit 2smoke v 4stroke battle at e-town

    my man did a superman and never lost a step lol.. looks like an 01 cr250.. ant it great!!!
  5. oldie but goodie.. .by mxptv http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUbdFmICBXE
  6. 04kx250fnj

    sweet vid!

    http://mxptv.com/video/video-tale-of-the-2-stroke-2-0-presented-by-boyesen/ i did not shoot vid, gotta give credit to the mxptv crew for an awesome vid as usuall!!
  7. 04kx250fnj

    Ride your MX bike legally in the pines (one day only!)

    ey pat this was the first hare scramble i did 2 years ago on my kx5 hundi. i didnt stop at all for fuel. very few sections to open it up. and i did finish the whole race in a respectfull place. ran the open c class. you should be fine but ill tell ya the 5hundi kicked my ass with all the whoops that devolope in the race. suspension wasnt cuttin it smh.
  8. 04kx250fnj

    NJ - English Town

    That pic sure does make me miss my 5hundy... Smh
  9. 04kx250fnj

    NJ - English Town

    that sucks pat, but sadly i know the feeling o to well. Yesterday turned out to be a great day of practice. Did like 5 motos, worked on my cornering speed more than anything. All in all couldnt have went any better. Maybe next time ill see ya up there.
  10. 04kx250fnj

    NJ - English Town

    BD is a nice track to. i do favor e-town myself mx wise. but i must say i went down to BD for a hare scrambe and was a great event. just such a long drive from where im located.
  11. 04kx250fnj

    NJ - English Town

    my bike was down i borrowed a buddys bike that day lol.. I should be there tomorrow unless something comes up which isnt surprising with 2 kids and the whole deal you know. But ill keep an eye out for ya man if i make it.
  12. 04kx250fnj

    NJ - English Town

    what class you running sat practice?
  13. 04kx250fnj

    NJ - English Town

    i hear ya pat. i have 2 kids,wife,an a whole lot of work myself. hard to find time these days to get a good day of riding in. gonna be my first ride of the year this saturday. i was trying to find time to get in contact with you and head down south jersey to get a ride in with you, but just ben retarted busy.
  14. 04kx250fnj

    NJ - English Town

    just got a call from a couple guys that will be heading up saturday. so ill be up there saturday. would be cool to meet a couple guys from the forum. like i said before im riding a kx250 smoker with white spokes an black rims. black and red gear white que ball helmet. maybe ill see you guys there.
  15. 04kx250fnj

    NJ - English Town

    Practice is.cool they break it down by class. Track can get a little dry at times but all in all a great day of fun. Its a hit or miss sometimes its packed sometimes hardly anyone. I should be there this sunday, well hopefully lol. Im riding a kx250 smoker with white spokes